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Updated: Sunday, August 26, 2012: Wow, has it been 5 months already? Christ, I've just been so busy getting, and retaining my brand new job that I completely neglected my lovely little project. So much has changed in the world of Minecraft too...

Oh well. It's time I picked up where I left off, but instead of starting fresh like I always used to... I loved this world so much, I think I'll keep it; especially since the developers at Mojang allow me to upgrade my worlds instead of being forced to play my older versions! Huzzuh!

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I figured it was about time I created a thread to contain all of the screenshots of my newest Minecraft 1.0 world, Moraterra - The main focus of the world will be on massive megaprojects built on equally large terraforming sites. Essentially, I take a massive load of materials out of one localized location, and then proceed to use it for building materials in the exact same location. So far it's worked out in my favor, with a nice load of Diamonds, Obsidian, Cobblestone, Iron, Coal, etc.

At this point, I'm back at square one as far as mods go. Considering how little time I actually do have to play, I may just stick with Rei's Minimap Mod until I get some time to test/figure out the right mods for me. That's just fine, I'm going back to my roots!

Currently no mods are in use. Feel free to suggest one you think would fit!

Previously Used Mods:
Previously Used Graphics Mods:
The Minetographer rendered map of Moraterra (Done sometime in March)

All images will be categorized based on project, in each spoiler. All projects will be shown chronologically. I may also show the pre-finished screenshots of the projects so people can get an idea of how the projects evolve as I go along. (Everything is done on the fly, intentionally done without visual influence.)

The Beginning: A strip mine. (Completed. - First Terraforming Megaproject.)

  • I decided to go a different route this game. Rather than dig underground and set up an underground mining station, I decided to give strip mining a try.

  • The strip mine became the perfect site for a small enchanting library, a floor was added one level above the bedrock.

  • What began as a simplistic 10 x 10 strip mine for materials was eventually converted into a 30 x 30 strip mine.

  • The strip mine really begins to look big at this point.

The Farm Warehouse. (Completed. - First Base of Operations Major Project.)

  • With a massive wooden frame, a farmhouse is set up to act as a base of operations for upcoming megaprojects.

  • A tree plantation 6 x 4 is added. A 6 x 24 row sugar plantation is added. An automated 6 x 12 wheat farm is added. A cow/sheep/chicken ranch is added. That contraption on the top of the house is actually where I house a single cow for easy milking for cake making.

  • The farmhouse is also a massive warehouse. Housing 265 chests in total categorized in rows based on assumed capacity needed for materials gathered in massive terraforming clearances prior to megaprojects.

The Spire to Heaven. (Completed. - First Megaproject.)

  • The Spire to Heaven's base is made out of the old Enchanting Library, which remains, but is expanded upon.

  • The Spire to Heaven finally reaches about 70 blocks high! Two pairs of stone staircases spiral inside of it.

  • The Spire to Heaven is completed! 6000 blocks of obsidian went into it. Windows are 2 blocks central between the spiral staircases. Here are some views of the completed spire.

The Cathedral. (Completed. - Second Megaproject.)

  • The outline of the Cathedral is completed on the massive cobblestone plot I made after landfilling the neighboring ocean.

  • Two towers were added in the corners. The central dome will eventually contain decorations.

  • A glass ceiling with a wooden frame is added. 14 x 22 in width for the rectangles. 22 x 22 for the central circular window.

  • A wooden belltower is added. Eventually a gold block bell will be added in the tower.

  • The exterior of the Cathedral is completed. Arches on the top and arched windows looking in to the interior are completed.

  • Added pillars inside of the interior. Remodeled them so they don't interfere with the window panels. Pillars are spaced 11 x 11, and in the center of the top of each connected pillar is a piece of glowstone latched together by 6 wooden posts.

  • Added pews, complete with lamp posts based on glowstone.

  • Added a podium based off of stone, white wool and red wool.

The Black Sheep Inn. (Completed - Minor Project.)

  • Created a two floor wooden/brick building with a slate-stone flooring.

  • Added an interior to give it some life. The Upstairs (Not shown) has two separate bedrooms. The basement (Not shown) would be where the Innkeeper sleeps.

The Stairway to Hell. (Completed. - First Terraforming Teraproject.)

  • The bottom right corner is completed. Took almost four hours to do.

  • Finally finished the third part of the surrounding staircase. It's surprising how long it actually takes to clear
  • this many blocks.

  • Quadrants 4 and 5 are completed. I now have 2/3rds of the stairway finished. All I can say is, holy, epic, ****monkies this is taking a long time.

  • The Staircase to Hell is finally complete, after three... long... months of work. I want to cry.

Road and Rail Network. (Endless Project. - Last Updated: January 25, 10:00 PM 2012)

  • This is the first stretch of road and rail to leave the general vicinity of my works. I plan to put up a windmill, grain silo and a massive aesthetic wheat and mushroom farm nearby. If I ever find any watermelon, I'll also put one up here as well.

  • There are two separate rail entities that lead me to different destinations of where my projects are. I also hooked up a pair of Storage Minecarts on each rail to make transportation of goods easier.

  • The rails are essentially 7 normal rails by 3 powered rails for every 10 rails. This is so the carts move effortlessly at full speed. There are neat little bridge overpasses that have extra powered rails to keep the minecarts moving without effort.

Windmill and Silos. (Completed. - Major Project.)

  • Foundation laid for the Windmill is 20 x 20, with 5 tiles on each corner dedicated to rounding the building. Roadway and Rail extended to the hill. Staircase to windmill added, hill rounded out in a distending pattern.

  • Managed to finish the Windmill. I gave it a unique dome on the top.

  • Here is the interior of the Windmill. Later on, I may add two silos to the side.

  • The silos were set up with powered rails and normal rails, with a minecart throw into an automated loop. This gives it the effect of being a real grain silo. It's pretty fun to watch, and even ride.

Clinchamps-le-lac. (Dead Project. - Destroyed due to updating Minecraft.)

  • Finally earned enough for a wand to create my own town. I used it on a block of gold, and picked the Norman Artisan Village, or Village d'Artisans. Heres a first glance at the village now, right infront of my lovely Windmill.

  • Holy crap this village grew fast! It went from four buildings to eleven in no time at all! I've been selling a lot of wood, cobblestone, iron bars and wool to this village, which probably helps their growth. I've also flattened the landscape to make it more aesthetically beautiful. You can see in the distance the obsidian spire in this SS.

  • The town is complete. I even managed to get them to build me a mansion in the lower left hand corner of the town. It can't grow anymore from here, so it is officially completed!

Lava Smith. (Completed. - Minor Project)

  • Created three large rooms, a glass canopy, and three separate lava based forges with water filled cauldrons.

Carrack Ship. (Complete. - Megaproject)

  • Started off by clearing and filling the land high enough so that the ledges were uniform and even. Then added refined stone blocks to make it look good with the small barrier like a real port would have to protect against waves. I also laid out partial foundation for what will become a small Carrack for the port to hold.

  • As you can see, the ship's bed is massive, which means the ship itself is going to be gargantuan. The reason for this is because it's already 5 deep, and I started it off too wide. That's fine, I'm not using a reference to build this, so I'll correct it merely by making the ship huge! It'll be a Ship-of-the-line, not a Carrack!

  • Finished off what looks to be the first two thirds of the ship's hull. I'm slowly building it in layers, and filling in the water logged parts with sand. Any part under the sea level has been built in birch wood, while the top and main hull is layered in oak wood. Once I finish the hull, and begin working on the top portion, I'll probably use as many types of wood as I can to decorate this beastly project. Here's a look of what I managed to get done yesterday before work.

  • I renamed the project, since obviously the ship is the star of this project. Also, it's now called a Megaproject as I've officially added and excavated more than 14,000 blocks to make this project happen. Holy crap this ship got massive, and it's only going to get bigger. As you can see, covers have been added, as have decorations. I hope to finish the remainder of the hull soon, but I may work on the cabin first. We'll see.

  • I've got more than half of this beastly project done already. I added a pagoda like cabin, and increased the coverage size of the walls around it. You may notice that the front end isn't perfectly uniform. That's done on purpose, because the very tip is going to be raised. I hope it'll work out, but we'll see soon enough.

  • I filled in the remaining water logged areas, and started smoothing out the front end. I still haven't decided how angled I want to make the ship yet, but I know for sure that this shape is almost final.

  • The Carrack is done. I added three masts, five sails, two bird's nests, and a buttload of torches so I wouldn't keep getting attacked by creepers. I refined the port and the bow of the ship to look more uniform too. All in all, it took 22,000 blocks to complete, 2,500 of those were wool which had to be sheered by hand from an asston of sheep.

Heaven and Hell Helix. (In Progress. - Megaproject)

  • Since Minecraft has included a much larger building ceiling of 255, my Spire to Heaven doesn't look all that impressive anymore. I've decided to go back and add to it, so that it would once again tower over the rest of my world. I've also started on an additional decorative project, adding a uniform glass spiral around the spire. Once it's done, I think I might fill each side with Lava, and Water/Torches/Glowstone to give it a nice LED effect at night.

  • Completed the Spire, and I've begun work on the second helix. Got two more to do.

  • It's done! There are 12,000 blocks of Obsidian in this beautiful spire! However, even better, there is a massive amount of glass surrounding it, which I filled with water and lava. It looks absolutely gorgeous at night, it glows.

Small Port. (In Progress. - Minor Project)

Moraterra Glossary

  • Small Project: A project containing up to an estimated 500 blocks
  • Minor Project: A project containing an estimated 501 to 2,500 blocks. (eg. Most normal houses.)
  • Major Project: A project containing an estimated 2,501 to 10,000 blocks. (eg. Most specialty buildings.)
  • Megaproject: A project containing an estimated 10,001 to 50,000 blocks. (eg. The Cathedral)
  • Gigaproject: A project containing an estimated 50,001 to 250,000 blocks. (eg. A Massive Castle.)
  • Teraproject: A project containing an estimated 250,001 to 1,000,000 blocks. (eg. A megalopolis.)
  • Petaproject: A project containing an estimated 1,000,001 to 5,000,000 blocks. (eg. An entire MP server.)
  • Exaproject: A project that contains 5,000,000 or more blocks. (Not sure if this is possible.)
  • Terraforming Project: A large project focusing entirely on the excavation of blocks.
  • Base of Operations: A building used primarily for storage, sleeping, and the creation of equipment or food.
  • Endless Project: A project that will never be completed. (Will contain a "Last Updated" moniker)
  • Dead Project: A project that got destroyed due to upgrading Minecraft.
  • Completed: A project that is considered finished.
  • In progress: A project that has had it's foundation laid, but has yet to be completed.
  • Concept: A conceptualized idea that has yet to have it's foundation laid.
  • Norman Artisan Village: Village d'Artisans


  • All blocks are excavated by hand.
  • This map is not 100% vanilla. (See mods used at the top of thread.)
  • The Moraterra Glossary is the Glossary used for the map Moraterra. (Definitions may vary.)
  • This map is legit according to definitions used by the average SMP server. (Definitions may vary.)
  • There is no item spawning in this map.
  • There is no self-teleporting, or teleporting devices on this map.
  • There is no flight mod for this map.
  • There is no speed mod for this map.
  • There is no vision hack for this map.
  • There is no auto-excavating mod for this map.
  • There is no speed-mining mod for this map.
  • There was no map editing software used for this map.

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