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    posted a message on Bounding Box Outline Reloaded Mod for Minecraft

    This is super useful, I probably wouldn't be able to troubleshoot any iron farms without it.

    But could we please get options to turn certain things on and off? Even if it's just a text file. It's incredibly difficult to use when slime chunk borders are stuck on the screen, blocking what I'm trying to see. I tried just deleting SlimeChunkRenderer.class but that didn't seem to work.

    Keep up the great work!

    Edit: spoke before I read through a few pages of responses, didn't realize there was a config folder. (I don't typically use mods.) An in-game options menu would be nice though, and maybe some granular controls like custom color options per structure type, and more options on bounding boxes.

    For example, a menu that had a button that lead to options for "Villages". When you clicked villages, you could choose if they're on or off, which colors they're "allowed" to choose randomly, and then options for each part (doors, golem spawns, sphere, etc) to have a filled or unfilled bounding box individually.

    Again, keep up the great work!

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    If you don't know your graphics card, or how to get to it, I assume you don't have one, or you have a laptop with integrated graphics. Integrated graphics will not run SEUS. Go to start, open "run", type "dxdiag" and go. It'll tell you if you have a graphics card under "Device" when you go under the "Display 1" tab.

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    Weird, I remember having this issue as well. I think it had something to do with another mod, or I was using Java 8. Try removing all your other mods first, if it still does it, try it with Java 7. (You're gonna have to torrent it. They stopped releasing anything older than Java 8 to the public for some dumb reason.)

    Sorry if neither of these work. I had the same issue but totally forgot what caused it.

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    posted a message on Shaders Mod (updated by karyonix)

    Learned a few things you may want to add...

    While you can only run this with the D2 version of optifine, if you turn on antialiasing, you will no longer be able to play, the same things that happen with other versions happen. If you DO turn on antialiasing, you have to turn it off via the optionsof.txt in your .minecraft directory. Or just delete the file.

    Just a heads up. :P

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Quote from MJPlaysStuff»

    I can't believe someone of your talent would stoop to putting your downloads into links like adfocus where they attempt to trick you into downloading the wrong thing and installing adware. It's disgusting.

    "Someone of your talent" Well, if someone's going to put all the effort into it, I think they deserve getting some money off of it.

    "Trick you into downloading" Use adblock, or be smart enough not to click ads. They're really not hard to avoid. Not to mention, most browsers offer information on where a link leads you when you hover over it. Make sure it doesn't lead to anything suspicious. Simple as that.

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    I absolutely love this shader, I've used it for a few years now. I have a question though: Is there a way to remove the player's shadow? I did a quick "search for keyword: player" through all the files using Notepad++, and I wasn't able to find any options for it. Any help?

    I'm also having another issue:

    These weird specks keep appearing near water, and only in the chunk I'm in.


    Launcher Log (I use the normal launcher with forge)


    PC Specs


    This was on

    Java Version 7 update 79 (64-bit) (I uninstalled Java 8, installed Java 7u79, as the game wouldn't open with Java 8, an issue with Forge.)

    MC Version 1.7.2

    Forge Version

    Using ShadersModCore-v2.3.30-mc1.7.2-f.jar

    I've tried v10.1 Standard, Ultra, and Ultra-DOF, all have the same issue.

    Whatever you did between ShadersModCore-v2.3.30-mc1.7.2-f.jar and ShadersMod-v2.4.12mc1.8.jar fixed it, but sadly some of us are still currently restrained to 1.7.2, as some other necessary mods haven't updated. Using 1.8 would also fix my player shadow question with spectator mode, but again, I'm still stuck in 1.7.2. Any ideas on how to fix these random water specs?

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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Bullet Time Mod [Forge] [SP]
    Quote from Ballerdog»
    Whenever I install this it puts the "current speed 1.0" on the far right corner of the screen, and there are no buttons to do anything.

    I'm having the same problem, but I've discovered a little more.

    In full screen, you can't see any buttons.

    Fullscreen Windowed

    Bring the game to the default window size, and oh, what's this?

    You can see a bit of (usable) button on the left.Slight bit of button on the left.

    If you drag the game out sideways a few cm at a time (not all at once) you can find all the buttons.

    There they are

    I don't know java or anything, but your best bet (I think) would be to try to center everything (vertically and horizontally), that way no matter what, it will be in the screen, even if you make the window super small, super large, or in some funky shape.

    Not to mention, this mod needs to be updated, it's great! I can't seem to find another mod that does the same as this one. I'd really love to see it in 1.8! :D

    Hopefully it won't be too hard of a fix, or even an update. Keep up the great work on the mod!

    Edit: Forgot to put in here,

    Found a few bugs:

    - Breaking blocks at high speed makes them re-appear, and then later (sometimes) they will disappear.

    - Can't use the scrollwheel

    - Arrows and projectiles look like they're slowed/sped up at first, but then disappear, appearing where they landed (because they were actually flying at normal speed)

    - Redstone isn't affected by it

    A few ideas for the mod:

    - Changing the glitchy buttons to a either a slider bar, or some kind of area you can enter your own number (so we can be specific and add things like .25, .125, other things like that)

    - An "Advanced Mode" where you can choose what is/isn't affected (If that's possible)

    - Backward should be on the left, forward on the right. It just makes a little more sense that way.

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    posted a message on Macro / Keybind mod scripts!
    Is there a way to toggle commands? Like I saw that there was a sprint toggle, but you kinda have to type it out. Is there any way someone can give me some text of the toggle-ing on and off, so I can just make it toggle On=/god Off=/ungod?

    Edit: Never mind! I simply changed:



    $${TOGGLE;IF(flag);ECHO(/god);LOOP;ELSE ;ECHO(/ungod);STOP;ENDIF}$$

    Note: I am not exactly sure why this works, I don't know/know what language this is in, but I saw someone use "ECHO([words])" and so I thought I would give it a shot, and I got lucky. :)
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    posted a message on MAtmos - Environmental sound atmosphere simulator
    Recently, after getting a new graphics card, I figured it was time to step up my game, well, for the game to, at least. So, lately, I have been experimenting with many resource packs and mods that would just make the game less, well, like a game, and more "cinematic." (I couldn't find a better word to describe it) So currently, I have playing with the GLSL Shaders mod, using Sildurs Shaders. That mod requires optifine, which, when I tested, seemed to work fine with your mod. However, when I had optifine, modloader, MAtmos, AND GLSL Shaders, it would simply override your mod, the shaders would work fine, optifine worked fine, and (not that it does anything) modloader seemed to work fine. MAtmos acted like it just wasn't even there. So, I tried installing the mods in the order Optifine>GLSL>ModLoader (MAtmos isnt a mod you put in MC.jar, it was in the mods folder) In return, all that did was, upon launching, show the Mojang screen, and then go black.

    Anyway, if you could PLEASE find a way to fix it, or even find what the problem is, or possibly even who would fix the problem, you or the maker of GLSL Shaders, I would be very grateful! Keep up the awesome mod! :D

    Oh, and if you need my PC Specs, they're here:
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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    I've been playing with the FTB modpack, and I have to say, I LOVE all the awesome biomes. It really is a ton of fun playing with them.
    There is one, teeny, tiny issue, though. I;ve collected some fir saplings and when I grow them, they tend to destroy blocks. After building Foresty's Multiblock arboretum and using fir trees, I realized my mistake. Sometimes, if the tree grows a bit short, the leaves will replace and destroy some of the structures blocks, disabling the farm. I was wondering if it would be too hard to fix that, because its a pain to every now and then fix my farm. Anyway, awesome mod, keep up the good work! :D
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    posted a message on Thermal expansion ores
    Quote from JHoliness

    Look for this in the config, and you can mess around with it if you want; that way you can increase the spawn of whatever you like:

    # tweak
    tweak {

    Now, is this the thermal expansion config, or is this the BC config?
    And where is the config file?

    One last thing...
    Are all of the copper, lead, silver, and tin ores in the Mindcrack pack from thermal expansion?
    Thanks! :D
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    posted a message on Clean, Block-free, "Flatbuild" Map!
    Recently, I've been needing some nice, block free worlds. So I made this. I took time to make sure the spawnpoint is set to 0, 64, 0 and from there on there is air 600 chunks (9600 blocks) away in every direction in that point. Here is a picture:

    Anyway, if you do end up using it for a public creation, server, or whatever, just try to put my name at the bottom, so other people know where to go if they need a map like this.


    Hope you guys enjoy!
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    posted a message on Blank Canvas: A Completely Empty World
    Man, You have nnnnnooooo Idea how useful this is!! Thank you sooo much! Few questions, though. How far is it blank? Is the spawnpoint on coordinates 0,0? Please respond soon! Thank you soo much! :D
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    posted a message on How many chunks in normal rendering?
    If this helps, in far render distance, you can see (far lets you see past even what is rendered, so it renders about this much in front of you) approximately ~9.375 chunks away. Please note that I tested this on my bukkit server. all I did was have a huge strip of stone, and a glowstone wall at one end and backed up until I couldn't see it. I used World edit to measure it, and it was 150 blocks. Divide that by 16 (length of a chunk) and I got 9.375 chunks. So that's the distance from your face that it renders. So if we multiply it by itself, (I'm going to use 9 instead of 9.375) we get 81, so basically, it sounds about right. However, that is only 1 quadrant. I'm guessing it can probably load up to 324 chunks if we multiply 81 by 4. Please not that, like I said, this could all be untrue. But it sounds about right. Hope this at least somewhat helps. :)
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    posted a message on 3 input one-hot detector needed
    Quote from Cheppa

    If you don't have many inputs, you can just hook every input into and gates.

    A AND B
    A AND C
    B AND C

    If any of those is true, there's more than one input on. Of course if you have more than 3 inputs, using this is not the best option.

    Edit: Here's an example.

    One input on:

    Two inputs on:

    More images: http://cheppa.minus.com/mEBRl7v2L/4

    Here's a 4 input version using same technique:

    As you can see adding one input increases the size a lot.

    Okay, so, I'm needing this with yet another map, and this time I need one that has one input out of nine. Could you show me a picture of one, and maybe even how to create/decode them? I will probably need a LOT more in the future, so it would be awesome if you teach me a quick lesson on how to "code" these! (Like how you know where to put the redstone torches) Thanks!
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