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    hey guys! i just made an epic command wich add into the game the ability to
    erathbending! with 7 skills!

    hope you guys like it! i uploaded a video that explain about the command + how to use
    so check it out!

    grab the command here:

    if you have any idea:

    the video:



    give mt diamond/star if you like it :)

    if you dont want to see the video there is also a bunch of text here from my post from hebrew form.
    *the text below is translated from hebrow using google's translate - it might be not logical*
    Command will introduce seven new capabilities.
    First I will explain how to get them:
    The first thing, you need to build an altar with four blocks of coal, four stones from any kind, any kind from dirt 4, 1 obsidian and Armorstand.
    Then threw into the altar nether star star and you will get some 'earth source', which allow you achieve things.

    After that you have a fair amount of "earth source", threw nether star on villager to make him sell things connected to the ground (skills).

    1 - smash charge
    Every time you use it, you will get 3 charges (no limit) that will allow the use of any one charging capability. Whenever you fall from a height of two or more blocks and you hit the ground force causing the ground to squeeze down and mobs will 'fly' up - getiing dmg. As long as you have white trail it mean that you have charges.

    2 - ground ripper
    By the name you can understand, this ability to tear up the ground around you, when it destroys each block of soil or rock, once it reaches the stone is bewitching him so he will fly up and hit Bmobim area.

    3 - earth slam
    As ground only long-ripper bigger, much more damage to the area and Lmobim well with the strength and power to create heat which causes Lmobim area burned
    * Libyans also fly higher

    4 - stone bridge
    Even here by the name, this will create a path palaces stone + land by the position you look at it, the trail is created randomly and intermittently!
    * You may not want some time together because it created a less Random

    5 - Defence wall
    Seawall, use this capability to move the earth to create a wall that can protect from attacks / block Libyan / Libyan prison / move the ground beneath the building form and more ..

    6 - body push
    Your soil produces an image and move it quickly in the direction you look at it, all the hurt body can not move to 4 seconds + receive moderate damage.

    7 - single bump
    Used, you recognize all the mob around you, and throws under any other land like Mobb fly up + get damage + damage from falling
    * There Libyans will die in one shot has more influence on the part Mhmobim less.

    And .. that's all, I spent a full sound effects and particals

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    Hey guys this is my first post int he forums and this post is about my last creation :)
    this commands adds a new mob into the game, this mob is
    Robotic Minios
    the robot will help players out!

    (check out the video)

    the command:


    i posted the original post in hebrew and translated it so it might not be logical..
    (the video is better to understand but..)

    Robotic Minions w / Only1CMD

    So as the name suggests, this command adds a new Mauve game with five different modes,
    This sense is intended to help and serve the player.

    This time I created something quite invested and left him kind of AI (does not pay but ..)
    Well then, like dogs, the robot will follow the players if it is too far from them,
    Every object the robot will directly enter into your portfolio,
    The robot does not get damaged at all! Regardless of source
    And in addition it has the ability to block attacks (absorbing damage) and even return arrows.
    If the robot is in range of a pretty big player is Istgr random area near the player,
    Robots have the ability to climb on everything! No matter what his height!
    And quite sure the last, they can swim in her heart (not to burn / sink)

    Apart from the AI, there are five different modes robot mode can be changed easily with a command,
    Even if you do not have privileges can use this command!
    / Trigger SetType set ID
    The ID of this type robot, robots are numbered from 0 to 4,
    Once you do this command then the closest robot within five changes.
    1 valid
    4-passionate? (I have no idea what it's like Hebrew - miner)

    Hiller (healer)
    First a few seconds will give all players around 3 lives (regenration)

    Validity (killer)
    All how long he will switch to an attack in which he jumps on the random Libyans who are around him,
    It burns them, smashing them to the ground, causing them to walk really slowly for a few seconds.
    Capabilities of the objects causing any Hdrofim enter straight to your portfolio

    Shield (defender)
    Every few seconds to give added protection to players around him,
    Defense works like this: the defense is for 3 seconds, then there tonot of a second and then another 3 seconds

    Blocking (blocker)
    Blocks will call around (his term) rocks floating block almost any attack that she did not direct
    It says: arrows fireballs bombs and anything that actually fly ..
    NOTE: The things that make an explosion can damage the blast.
    Here, too, will return arrows.
    The maximum is four floating stones, each from a different direction,
    But there is a pattern of summons like there's about two seconds there because you could damage the cable
    Then there is a second everything is blocked (minimum two stones floating)

    And carves? (Miner)
    It does not make such a big way than usual
    But it has a slightly different behavior, as soon as he will be away for more than 10 blocks from you
    He Istgr to you directly because of the other robots do not "employees" under the ground,
    Once they move away from you, then Istgro random place it will be off the ground.
    This robot needs it because what it is to identify if the area around it has iron ore or diamonds.
    If around half iron / diamond He will smoke, as soon as it is also above 3 will sound!


    One of the world can be several robots you want,
    And can also be different from each other,
    But I made a "correction over OP" whatever it does is allow only one watch you at the same time.
    That is only one follow you while all others are not Izzo, as soon as he will come close enough range, the robot next moves and those ..
    But if you stay away from them if you have Istgro enough to place random from you.
    In addition, there are two robots that if they are really effective group
    These are the attackers and blockers,
    Once Shtkofim group, help each other if any one of them ever having skill, ie, they attack more quickly, and attack more targets for attack!
    Once that block the Group, by timing right, you can create a situation that you have protection around you all the time!

    As I said it is impossible to kill robots that they do not take damage,
    But there are a few ways to get rid of them:
    * Harmed every way by a player in creative
    * With the command
    / Trigger set one kill
    Of course there are some sound effects and stuff but it already will find yourself

    Prompt length: 28,008 characters
    Several commands: over 90 commands
    Working time: About 10 hours
    * Not tested multi! *

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