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    Hello, I have an adventure world I'm working on(it was built using creative so sorry no trophies:( but I wanted to get alot done). Its a modern city with jobs and pay and it's based around Philadelphia. The world is very welcoming, when you first start you are at the top floor of what I call the "Hipster Suites" and you are given some basic armor, tools, food, and a bed. There is even an ATM that gives you $1's. Speaking of which my currency system works like this:
    Bricks: $1
    Iron: $10
    Gold $100
    Diamond $1,000
    Emerald $10,000
    There is a building that list all jobs currently taken and jobs available, some of which are:
    City Planner
    Architectural Design
    Public Transportation Manager
    There is even a real estate market. I have single person houses up to single family houses. (Soon I will have mansions to buy, but since I am doing it all myself it's very time consuming.)I even have empty lots you can buy and build however you want. I am currently on everyday so play time should be good, once you message me I can give you my number and you can just text me and I'll open up the server if I am sleep or something.

    Please let me know if I have missed any details that you would like to know about. I also stream on YouTube if you wanna see the making of the city. (haven't streamed in a month so the city is much bigger now)

    My PSN is MasaKA_10 feel free to add me and join I'll give you the tour!

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