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    So a long overdue update...

    Galvin and I have been pretty busy over the past year and as such haven't had much time to work on Revival. I am currently on winter break from university so I am hoping to have some free time over the next few weeks to update the pack for 1.16.

    Currently, the 1.14 version of the pack from last October is still working on 1.16 (it says its incompatible, but it actually works perfectly fine). I am aware that the download link on the homepage is dead, I'll see if Galvin can update it. The current downloads can be found at https://github.com/Akenland/Revival/releases

    We are missing most textures from 1.15 and 1.16. Nothing super critical, but mostly the new blocks and mobs like bee stuff, nether stuff, etc... I have received a few textures from people and will be reviewing them soon. I do need to put together a list of missing textures so I will try and do that over the next few days if I have time. Might also be worthwhile to try and get a headstart on 1.17 if we get a chance.

    If you have textures you would like to contribute, feel free to email them to me directly [email protected] or post on GitHub (you can create an issue and add files). At this time I will likely not be accepting pull requests (unless its just for maybe 1-3 textures and nothing else) as there is some cleanup that I would like to do first,

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    Just a heads up - we've reorganized a bunch of stuff regarding the GitHub and official download links for the pack.

    The GitHub for Revival has moved to https://github.com/Akenland/Revival

    The 1.14 version of the pack is now the default version shown when you open the GitHub page. You can access the files for the 1.12 version by clicking "Branch: 1.14" in the top left, and changing it to 1.12.

    Downloads of the pack are now on GitHub. This will result in significantly faster downloads, than from my own web server (which is where the pack was before). Click "Releases" at the top of the GitHub page, use the direct links on the main page, or just go here: https://github.com/Akenland/Revival/releases

    There are 1.12 and 1.14 downloads available.

    I've also added "lite" versions of the pack (for both versions). These downloads exclude all OptiFine features, including CTM textures, resulting in a much smaller download, for those who are not using OptiFine.

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    Pack is now mostly updated for 1.14! Almost all block textures (except coral and a few other minor blocks) are in. You'll also notice some updated textures, such as the Oak Door (we've replaced the classic windowed door with the oak barn door), Chests, and TNT.

    The majority of these new blocks were done by SMP, the original creator of the pack! He did redesign a bunch of other blocks, but we need to look through and see exactly what's new, what we want to keep, and what we want to keep as alternate textures.

    We're still missing some new item and entity textures, but we're hoping to have those soon.

    Custom Blocks

    A few of the custom blocks are also back! To access them, take a barrel or furnace (or any other renamable block), and rename it in an anvil. This has the added benefit of being usable in survival mode AND placeable by hand - no need to use WorldEdit to set the blocks. If you ARE using WorldEdit, you'll need to specify the block using its new format - I think it is something like barrel[name="revival:black_stone_bricks"]

    This still requires OptiFine, with CTM enabled.

    So far, we have the following:

    - revival:black_stone_bricks (previously used as nether bricks in overworld)

    - revival:bronze_block

    - revival:crate (crate will all closed sides)

    - revival:apples_crate

    - revival:berries_crate

    - revival:carrots_crate
    - revival:fish_crate
    - revival:grain_crate

    - revival:ingots_crate

    - revival:potatoes_crate

    - revival:sugar_crate

    - revival:oxidized_bronze_block

    - revival:rusted_iron_block

    - revival:rusted_wrought_iron_block

    - revival:wrought_iron_block

    - revival:yellow_glowstone (natural yellow glowstone in nether)

    I don't have pics of all of these right now - but they were all in the pack previously, so they may be familiar. Will try to get pics up at some point.

    There's a lot more that need to be added - I'll be working through this slowly. Unfortunately I am pretty busy so I cannot give an ETA.

    These blocks do show up as the "base block" (typically a barrel or furnace) for users without the pack (or without OptiFine). They also have the base block's functionality - this can be useful sometimes, for example the crates can actually hold items, but might not be useful in other cases. Keep that in mind if you're using this on a server or custom map.


    My webserver is having some issues, so for now, download the pack at https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atzx6erlC23Vv5gNAn0_5d8ToZVIfg


    All pictures taken on Minecraft 1.14.4 with OptiFine and Sildur's Vibrant Shaders. I don't have great promotional pics right now, these were just to show off some of the new blocks (so disregard the debug screen!).

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    Also, here's some pics of the mod support I've been working on. Mostly Biomes o' Plenty woods and other natural blocks. Also has Thermal ores, but no machines or anything (at least not yet). No GUIs yet either. Everything is edits of SMP's textures. Still looks pretty good, nothing really sticks out.

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    Will check the potato. I did all the renames by hand for 1.14, but I'm not sure if I fixed that.

    Iron bars with no connections have been retextured as the Chain now (which was previously a custom CTM texture). Same with the glass pane - it is now the Rope.

    Here is the stripped wood that I came up with. Not the greatest, but it works. Behind it, you can see that I have the black stone bricks custom texture working.

    Finally, here's the new main menu panorama.

    We also have some exciting news on new textures... including some enhanced versions of existing textures, and some all-new textures! More to come on that.

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    I noticed when testing it that the villagers have default textures, is that due to them being missing from this version or the villagers already being made for 1.14 and not being backwards compatible?

    The villagers are in the pack, but disabled (there was some problem, we had disabled them, forgot what it was).

    If you want to turn them back on, rename Revival/assets/minecraft/textures/entity/OLDvillager/ to just villager (remove the OLD).

    I have not yet looked at the 1.14 villagers... we'll need to check that soon. Hoping to have a 1.14 release within a week or so. We are getting a whole bunch of new textures... more on that soon!

    Also... seeing as these forums are getting shut down, for the latest pack updates, please see the GitHub (https://github.com/KyleNanakdewa/Revival), the pack website (http://revival.akenland.com), or failing that, our Minecraft server's Discord (where both Galvin and I are active)


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    posted a message on NEW RELEASE | SMP's Revival | Fan continuation | 1.14 Compatibility

    Just a little update... I'm working on updating the pack for 1.14 now. Almost all existing textures (including some previously-missing CTM!) is working in 1.13 and 1.14, though we don't yet have OptiFine 1.14 to test.

    Now for the bigger news: I have found a way to add custom blocks! I am now working to recover all the extra blocks that SMP made years ago, and get them working in 1.13/1.14. Will post pics soon.

    The new method uses CTM (as before) and extra metadata on the blocks. A previous Minecraft update removed the old metadata system, which is what broke these custom blocks. Now, OptiFine 1.13+ supports name metadata on furnaces, chests, and several other blocks. This allows these blocks to have custom textures based on their name. This allows us to have an infinite number of custom textures!

    To place them, you put any nameable block into an anvil (or use any NBT/tile entity editor), and set the name to "revival:new_custom_block_name". For example, "revival:black_stone_bricks". Then, place the block, and it will have the new texture.

    Only two major issues: Players who are missing the pack/OptiFine/CTM will just see the base block, which could be a furnace, barrel, or other block. The block will also have the functionality (including features/GUI) of the base block. I can make a Bukkit (Spigot) plugin that will overcome these two issues though - more on that later.

    Other things I've updated or changed:

    • New main menu panorama. The old one now looks blurry because of changes to how the menu panorama is displayed, so I made a new higher-quality one that also shows off Revival's excellent CTM support, random textures, and a much wider variety of blocks. The pic is of a town (Sedriel, Eborin) on my server.
    • Added the old Chain texture (used to be cobweb extra block) as a single/disconnected iron bars.
    • Added the old Rope texture (used to be cobweb extra block) as a single/disconnected glass pane.
    • All extra blocks and CTM reorganized and cleaned up. Every single file was renamed and adjusted for consistency, both within the pack, and with the game.
    • Added Wither Rose, which was previously Black Orchid, an extra flower texture.
    • Added Lily of the Valley, which was previously Lily, an extra flower texture.
    • Several other small additions and fixes.
    • Dropped support for MCPatcher entirely.
    • Dropped support for Minecraft versions earlier than 1.13 entirely. I was originally planning to support both, but it's far too difficult. If anyone specifically needs the pack backported to an older Minecraft version, let me know.

    We still need more textures!

    See a list of missing items here: https://github.com/KyleNanakdewa/Revival/issues/67

    See a list of missing blocks here: https://github.com/KyleNanakdewa/Revival/issues/68

    We don't have a list of other missing textures yet, but I am working on that.

    See a list of other things needed in the pack here: https://github.com/KyleNanakdewa/Revival/issues

    Also, I've started working on basic mod support. Biomes O' Plenty support is partially complete - I have all the woods, leaves, planks, dirts. Also have all ores from the Thermal mod series. This is all unfinished, but is available from GitHub - let me know if you need to find it.

    Other unfinished things I'm working on:

    • New banners, that fit the pack style.
    • Custom items, like red gold (Blood Gold) - mostly for my server, but available for anyone to use.
    • Wolf clothing and armour.
    • Some pre-made skins in the pack's style - also for my server (NPCs) but available to everyone.
    • New birch log textures.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10 - 1.16.5]Sildur's shaders [PC/MAC/INTEL] Vibrant shaders v1.282 released! (January 18, 2021)

    I'm getting "page not found" on all of the Vibrant Shaders download links (the ones that use wirecellular URLs?). The rest are fine... not sure if it's you or me?

    Also is there any reason to use Extreme vs. Extreme-Volumetric Lighting? The setting for VL seems to be in-game, so I wasn't sure if there was any other difference. Is it just the default settings that are different, and they're otherwise identical?

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    posted a message on SMP's Revival - [October 20th, 2014] - 1.8 (sans CTM)
    Quote from Beiz»

    Will there be any updates for 1.13?

    Yes, we will be updating the pack to 1.13 around the same time as OptiFine updates, which could be days or even weeks. 1.13 is a huge update and will likely take them some time.

    I don't plan to update sooner, given how dependent the pack is on CTM, although if anyone wants, I can try to get a download up. Haven't really looked into all the details but I'm guessing that a ton of files need to be renamed. Might start in the next few days.

    We do need a lot of new textures for 1.13 - especially the new aquatic blocks, items, and mobs. We have an incomplete list of missing textures here: https://github.com/KyleNanakdewa/Revival/issues and all community contributions are appreciated. If anyone's familiar with GitHub, you can fork the pack and submit a pull request, or, just simply email textures to [email protected]

    Thread for our updated version is here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/2822930-smps-revival-fan-continuation-updated-may-20th

    GitHub is here: https://github.com/KyleNanakdewa/Revival

    A direct download link for the pack (although currently 1.12.2) is on both of those - always up-to-date with the latest changes as they're uploaded.

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    Quote from GalvinNerth»

    We are currently looking for around 16-20 beta testers for a new game being developed on the world, via a custom plugin and map. It is nearly complete we just need to rigorously test it out for any bugs or irregularities that may occur during game-play so we can sort that out.

    The game is not too dissimilar from things such as Risk and Capture the Flag. In the world you will find things called "Warpstones" which will be capturable and of course the point of the game is to capture and hold as many of them as possible. There are 4 pre-defined teams which you can join: Waramon, Eborin, Sholkingham, and Rhunnach.

    If you chose to join, use the above URL and ask for Kyle or Galvin when you spawn. Read the signs leading out from spawn to guide you to the world, we will of course be there to help guide you.

    We're just about to start another Capture The Warpstones Beta Test! Join the server NOW using IP Akenland.com (or Alt.Akenland.com) and follow the signs to get to the CTW world.

    The Beta Test will run from now, through Sunday night.

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    posted a message on Capture the Warpstone || Akenland Survival Server || Beta Testing

    If you have friends who would be interested, please invite them too - this minigame relies heavily on teamwork! We want at least 4-6 players per team, and there are four teams.

    A Discord channel will be provided for each team. We will not require that you use it, but it will be available to those who would like to use it.

    We'll be contacting everyone who is interested as we get closer to the start of the beta test.

    Also, please apply even if you are not available tomorrow - we will likely extend this beta test into Friday, depending on how it goes. If we run into major issues tomorrow (unlikely, but possible), we will likely do another beta test in the next few days, especially if this first test has to be cut short. So if you are available at all, please apply!

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    Quote from Azy_Wng117»

    Would it be possible to do a similar project/updating with SMP's 2263 pack? His sci-fi texture pack, that is

    If there is a download available (AFAIK SMP's own site is no longer up), I can definitely fix it to work on newer Minecraft versions (get the CTM working), and host both a GitHub repo and auto-updated public download. If you've only got a zip, email it to me at [email protected] and I'll take a look.

    Probably won't be able to add textures myself (we actually only did Revival because we use it heavily on our server), but I would maintain the public GitHub so anyone would be able to contribute.

    If you'd like to help with Revival, you can take a look at our to-do list at https://github.com/KyleNanakdewa/Revival/issues - we also need textures for new blocks/items added in 1.13, these aren't on our to-do list yet, but we're gonna need them soon.
    For submitting textures, easiest way is to just email them to me at [email protected] for now... if you are familiar with Git then you can also fork the pack, make changes, and start a pull request. If you want instructions to do it that way, I'll get that up soon as well.

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    posted a message on NEW RELEASE | SMP's Revival | Fan continuation | 1.14 Compatibility

    Just redid the Concrete. Galvin did this before, but the colours didn't come out well, so I redid it with the proper Revival colour palette.

    Still have to do the concrete powder.

    I also want to try and get the banners in the same palette... but I am not sure if it is possible to edit those colours. If anyone knows how to do that, let us know!

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    posted a message on NEW RELEASE | SMP's Revival | Fan continuation | 1.14 Compatibility

    We have some small fixes from actioninja, a better quality inventory GUI, and fixes to the compass and clock - they now appear in-game properly.

    We also have a number of textures from Maisa, including the world/server selection arrows (they were missing for a while), a new Armor Stand texture (plus a birch-colored alternate version), and some new wolf textures - more on that one below.

    We have added improved beds from 8BitArchitect - coloured beds look nicer.

    The wolves are what I'm particularly excited about! A long time ago, I disabled SMP's wolf textures, as I found they didn't look wolf-like enough, and they were also too dark or too light (the random textures were also jarring for pets). Recently we were discussing this on the GitHub, and Maisa sent us two new wolf textures. These were a huge improvement, but I still wanted to tweak a few things, specifically the eyes and muzzle.

    So, as a result, we now have six different textures available for wolves:

    • SMP's Brown (old default)
    • SMP's Dark (old random)
    • SMP's Light (old random
    • Maisa's Dark
    • Maisa's Light
    • My customization of Maisa's Light - new default

    The other five textures are in the texture folder, you can rename them if you prefer a different texture.

    Here are some pictures of the new tamed wolf:


    The new normal wolf:


    The new angry wolf, now with less laser eyes:

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed! if you'd like to help out too, check out our Issues page for a list of things that need to be done: https://github.com/KyleNanakdewa/Revival/issues

    As always, download the pack directly at http://wolfiamc.com/downloads/revival.zip

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    posted a message on Looking for Builders, Storywriters, and Assistant Staff for RPG-inspired server/project

    We are looking for talented volunteer builders, storywriters, and assistant staff, to help us complete a large RPG-inspired project. This project is known as Akenland.


    Our group has been working hard on this project since 2015. It started as a plan to reimagine our old survival server (WolfiaMC, started in 2012), as something new and exciting, to push our creative freedom that emerged with our first early "quests". These early quests were quite simple, nothing more than hidden books that pointed to locations of long-lost treasures. As we came up with more ideas, we started to accumulate very in-depth lore for this world. Thus, we decided to fully realize its potential by turning it into one huge project.

    Where we are now

    The Server

    This project is on a public survival server. One thing to note: Akenland is still a survival world. Most of the areas are still suited to playing Minecraft survival! While we have many customized areas, we keep the RPG-inspired elements alongside Minecraft survival, rather than replacing it. We are taking our existing survival world, and making it into a more believable setting for both survival and roleplaying - not building a whole new purpose-built world.

    Our server is currently quiet most of the time. This is partially by design, as it is very much a work-in-progress. As we complete more of it, we will be looking for assistance in advertising the server and growing our player base. More on that below.

    While this is primarily a building and lore-based project, it is also important to us to have a friendly community. Most of the server's players have gotten to know each other very well, and everyone is very comfortable around each other. This should be important to everyone who participates in this project - more so than the project itself.

    The World - Terraforming

    We are in the process of terraforming the world, to create a more believable canvas for our civilizations and stories. We have divided the world into continents with the construction of oceans, rearranged biomes, created all new biomes, rebuilt mountains and rivers, to the point where the original world (which was a vanilla world) is barely recognizable in many areas.

    Myself (Kyle) and Galvin are the primary people working on terraforming at the moment. We primarily use WorldEdit and VoxelSniper to terraform.

    The World - Building

    Once we have terraformed an area, the next step is building. We have building projects all over the world, both old and new (some date back to 2012, which we completely revitalize!). We have a small group of builders, known as Architects, that are building some of the small towns across the world, using both survival and creative modes. Working on large projects, is mostly just myself (Kyle) and our lead architect, Galvin.


    Another large component of this project is the lore. We've spent countless hours over the past years, writing our lore.

    The main storyline involves five tribes that originally settled the main continent: Aunix, Wargs, Ebori, Sholks, and Rhùns. Each tribe is governed by a Sage (judge), a Chief (warrior leader), and an Alchemist (king), and has their own ideology and history. Conflicts both within and between tribes led to a Great War, and caused tribes to divide into increasingly smaller tribes and factions, or even be wiped off the map entirely, bringing us to the "present-day" realms (more on that below).

    Most of our quests will involve discovering the history, artifacts, remaining civilizations, and magic, of each tribe.

    Galvin has developed a unique language (Dhurëdo/Thurèdo) and religion (Ethrynism) for these tribes. The language is used throughout the world for names, and religious artifacts, temples, and shrines can be found all over. Both are frequently mentioned in lore.

    Plugins / Gameplay

    In order to provide a more immersive RPG-inspired experience, I have designed a series of Bukkit plugins for the server.

    • Our CoRE roleplaying system is a unique take on factions gameplay. Join a realm, and receive a custom rank that identifies you. Realm leaders can recruit others, issue orders to NPCs, appoint leaders to sub-realms, and even place bounties on hostile players (which can be captured and taken to jails by both players and NPCs).
    • Permissions system that ensures everyone only has access to the right privileges, and only when they need them. We do not have a traditional rank system - the only ranks are for realms roleplaying.
    • Warpstones are our immersive fast travel system. Survival-friendly and requires no commands, warp between previously visited locations instantly with Warpstones and Warp Shards.
    • Quests and NPCs are brought to life with Project Story. Every character, location, and artifact is dynamic, and has their own story. Talk to NPCs, and they’ll tell you a little bit – but you’ll need to make a name for yourself before they’ll tell you everything. Players will complete interesting and dynamic quests as they learn about these stories.
    • Our unique Alchemy plugin lets you unlock four branches of magic, based on the tribes: Wargs, Ebori, Sholks, and Rhùns. Combine magic from different branches to create powerful spells that can assist you, manipulate the world, and bring fear to your enemies.

    Resource Pack - Revival

    We are also maintaining a 16x medieval fantasy resource pack, originally created by SMP, known as Revival. That has its own thread here.

    What we need help with

    We've been working on this project for years now. We have completed a lot on our own, but at this
    rate we will never be able to finish everything we have planned. Therefore, we
    are looking for volunteers to assist in the following categories:


    We need more talented builders to help finish towns, castles, temples, and various other locations throughout the world.

    Please note that we have high standards for quality and behavior. If you would like to assist us by being an architect, you will need to complete a building test, given by Galvin (our lead architect). If you pass, we will consider a project to assign you (or if you have your own ideas that we are interested in), and we may consider some builder utilities and cheats for you, such as flight, creative mode, and WorldEdit.

    If you are talented with terraforming, we would also like to hear from you. The same conditions apply as for building, although familiarity with WorldEdit and VoxelSniper is a bonus. Note that you will need to earn our trust and prove your skills before you will have access to those utilities on the server.

    Lore Building

    We need more people to flesh out and expand our lore. We are looking to add more characters to the
    lore, as well as flesh out smaller details and tribes.

    Please talk with us directly if you are interested, and we will discuss our existing lore with you
    (it's far too much to include here).

    Advertising (Reporters)

    We need help advertising and promoting the server. In particular, we would like "Reporters", people who can take an interest in what's new on the server, and write short blog posts to be posted on both our own website and various Minecraft community websites (such as these forums), as well as updating our social media accounts with pictures and short updates.

    Please note that we have high standards for behavior and professionalism - this is a project that we have devoted our time and ideas to, and our advertisements must reflect that.

    Assistant Staff / Community Assistants

    Most of our current admins use their time on the server to work on the project. However, since this
    is a public server, we don't want to neglect our community by having to choose
    between the project and the community.

    For this reason, we are looking for people to help out new players, give tours, answer questions,
    and possibly assist us admins with players who break rules or laws.

    As mentioned above, a friendly community is very important to us. Our current group is tight-knit
    and everyone is familiar with each other - this is something we definitely want
    to continue. We have very high standards for behavior, but if you feel you are
    up to the task, we'd like you to join us.

    Resource Pack Artists

    This one is minor, but we could use some help to add in a few missing textures, as well as some
    custom item textures, in the 16x medieval fantasy resource pack that we are
    maintaining. Details here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/resource-packs/2822930-new-release-smps-revival-fan-continuation-1-12

    How to join us

    If you are interested in a specific role, you can leave a message here. Please include:

    • Your Minecraft username
    • Your Discord name (if you are joining there, and have a different name)
    • The role(s) you are interested in
    • Examples of your work (if applying as an Architect), or previous experience
    • Anything specific you want to work on

    You can also contact us on the server itself, the IP is Akenland.com, Minecraft 1.12.2, however note that we are not always online. Please talk to myself (Kyle) or Galvin, or anyone else with a purple '+' in front of their name.

    If that IP does not work, try alt.akenland.com instead.

    We also have a Discord at https://discord.gg/8ZW9bpp - please @mention Kyle, Galvin, or Server Admins, otherwise we may not see your message.

    Lastly, you can contact me via email - [email protected]

    More about the server

    If you'd simply like to learn more about the server and project so far, take a look at the following
    pages (note that these are on our old website, and will be moved soon):

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