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    posted a message on [14w17a] Custom World Generation Presets! (Post your Best ones here)
    What is the average load time for a custom worldtype? I have tried three times now to create a custom world and I seem to get stuck on "Building terrain" I started this latest one at 11:25pm my time and it still hasn't loaded.

    The only thing I have done on the most recent attempt was half the sea level to 31 (becasue the sliders don't allow me to set it to 32 for some reason), set the lava lakes to 4 and water lakes to 40.
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    I have encountered a bug:

    In the 1.5.4 version of Tinkers Construct for Minecraft 1.6.4 for some reason, when I die heart canisters stop working.

    If I equip a red heart canister and have 11 hearts, and I die, I still have the canister equiped but I don't have 11 hearts anymore. Even if I delete them and spawn them back in, or craft a new set.

    This bug is irritating and discourages me from crafting the heart canisters.
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    posted a message on Advanced Genetics Mod
    I found a bug that could be used to gain an unfair advantage when your mod is combined with Tinker's Construct's heart canisters.
    Advanced Genetics version: 1.4.1

    1) Install forge, Tinker's Construct and Advanced Genetics
    2) Craft/spawn in 1 Heart canister (any color will do)
    3) Craft/spawn in 1 Syringe with More Hearts
    4) Craft/spawn in 1 Syringe with More Hearts Anti-Gene
    5) Equip Heart Canister
    6) Inject self with More Hearts Syringe
    7) Inject self with Anti-Gene
    8) Repeat steps 2,3,6, and 7
    Optional)Do /tp Current X cord, 1000, Current Z cord, fall, smack ground, and live.
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Heart Canisters are broken in 1.5.4d4

    When you equip them, the work as normal but if you die, they no longer work.
    Even if you remove them and re-equip them, or delete them with NEI and then spawn them back in and re-equip them.

    The only way to get them to work again is to start a new world, and they will continue to work until you die.

    This sucks considering the recopies for crafting them.
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    Does anyone know if the Altar has a use? I can right click it with Ambrosium shards and they hover over it, but what else does it do? Also skyroot tools seem broken when they drop Ambrosium shards. They sometimes drop ghost Ambrosium shards that can't be picked up.
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    posted a message on 12w28a predictions
    Some things I would like to see added into MC 1.3 or 12w26a-12w27a

    +Netherwart Grows in the overworld under a new moon
    +Increased mob spawn rate and detection during new moon.
    +Increased Spider Jocky Spawn Rate during New Moon
    +Increase Endermen Spawn Rate during New Moon
    +Added Lord Herobrine, he leads you to Diamonds and Emeralds on new moon nights. (He's a good guy after all)
    +Lunar phases affect Enchantmet Tables. *2
    +New Item: Lunar Clock (Compass+Diamond+Clock)
    +Added Igloos in Tundra Biomes
    +Buttons can be placed on top and below blocks
    +New World Type Skylands
    +New World Type Nostalgia*

    * Nostalgia world type would use the old Minecraft Alpha/Beta world generation with biomes. Jungle biomes and structures would still generator under the correct conditions unless Generate Structures is set to off. This mode returns the gravel beaches and awesome mountains from Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 with all the current blocks from the latest Minecraft; the best of both worlds!

    *2 The Chance of getting high-level enchantments and multiple enchantments are increased during a full moon, but enchanting during a new moon reduces the chances of getting high-level enchantments and multiple enchantmetns. Any lunar phase between new moon and full moon will make enchantment possibilities act normally.
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    posted a message on 12w28a predictions
    Everything that I wanted to see in 12w24a post, but with some changes:

    I liked being able to carry an enderchest and place my valuables in them, if I were to die, I could retrieve what I have mined thus far.

    Okay sense Herobrine is meant to be good, scratch him being in an Carved Obsidian Fortress but still allow him to appear during new moon nights.

    When he appears a unique sound is made and he will appear in you line of sight. If you follow him, he may lead you to either; Diamonds, or Emerlds (If in an Extreme Hills biome.) Following him will also lead to some supplies from him, like 3 pieces of food and 16 torches. He could also leave behind a potion called "Awakening Potion" that would cause the player to "Wake Up" in the last bed the player slept in.

    Dragon Lairs in the overworld would be a nice addition, and a dragon pet would be nice to have. Either placing the Dragon Egg on Glowstone or some sort of incubator would be feesable.

    A better enchantment table.
    The ability to pick spicific enchantments with an upgraded enchantment table would be awesome. It would require an enchantment table, 40 Levels, and another enchantment table. You would place an enchantment table into an enchantment table to enchant the enchantment table. The required EXP for enchantments would be 1/2 what they are, The player can enchant items and armor and disenchant them. Removing the enchantment will return 1/2 the exp used but risks breaking the item used instantly.

    A way to copy maps.
    Remember that recepie for duping maps? You place the map you want duped in place of a compass to make a map. Remember the original map is not used in the recepie, only the 8 paper surrounding it.

    That Atlas also sounds like a good idea to me. I hate having to carry 5 different maps. It would be held in you hand like a map but right clicking will allow you to open the index and change maps, as well for getting a copy of a map if you have enough paper. When you craft an Atlas and you lose it, crafting another one will pull up the same interface with the same maps.

    Maps placable on walls, please?

    Cardnail compass? Maybie if you right click with a compass in your hand it will face NORTH instead of towards spawn?

    Cookies should require Cocca, Wheat and Sugar.

    Chocolate milk should be makable, 1 bucket of milk+1 cocca bean.
    Chocolate milk is able to remove all positive and negative status effects and restores 2 Hunger.

    Make music play more often.

    Also somebody mentioned overworld ambience, There is a mod out there called Matmos that does something similar. I like the idea of chirping birds during the day and crickets at night. It would be awesome to have sounds like windy desserts and plains, and extreme hills. The sounds of leaves being blown in the wind would also be nice. I am all for the sounds of rippling water in river biomes and crashing waves in beach biomes and ocean biomes. Caves should have some sort of calm breeze sounds and dripping sounds. There should also be echos in caves and the nether when rooms are so many spaces apart. The nether should also have some sort of creepy ambience. There should be a sound volume slider for Ambience, some players may not want to have it on all the time.

    Yes I did mean for Obsidian tools to be better than Diamond tools, but remember, YOU NEED DIAMONDS TO CRAFT THEM.
    :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:
    ---- :Diamond: ---- = Obsidian Pickaxe
    ---- :Diamond: ---

    Even if you have a stupid amount of obsidian, you can't make the tool if you don't have diamonds.
    Also Obsidian tools are not enchantable due to the nature of obsidian.
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    posted a message on 12w28a predictions
    What I hope to see in12w24a

    The ability to craft Carved Stone, either by 4 Stone Bricks = 4 Carved Stone or a new item, Chisel that is crafted by 1 stick and 1 Iron Ingot, then use it on stone bricks to craft it.

    *Spruce Wood, Birch Wood, Pine Wood, and Junglewood Stairs.
    No really, ADD THEM. I hate it when I create a Pine Wood house and realize that I can't make Pine Wood Steps. My stairways will no longer be forever ugly.

    No more limits on strongholds.
    Currently only 3 strongholds can generate per world. They spawn in a triangular pattern from the origin point of the world (X0, y64, Z0)
    After every 1486 Blocks or so from the origin, a new "Stronghold Origin Refferece Point" should be set with three other strongholds.

    *Atlas & The ability to craft older maps
    The Atlas can be crafted from a book, a map, and paper. The atlas would be useful as a way to orginise maps and have all of the maps created condensed into one item. The Atlas should have a crafting slot to place a map into it, when a map is placed into the crafting slot, when it is removed, the map will be changed to the corresponding map on the page. Copy Map recpie. Surrounding a map by 8 pieces of paper will crate a duplicate of the map in the center. Only the paper is used by the recepie.

    Make Creepers less BS to fight.
    I don't know if this was a bug or intentional but;
    because Pre-Minecraft 1.3 weekly releases caused Singleplayer to act like a multiplayer server, it is impossible to attack a Creeper normally and cause the knockback from the sword hit to allow enough room to prevent them from starting their detonation. The only way to avoid the detenoation activation is to sprint at a Creeper and knock it back to cause it to be out of range to cancel it's detonation. Back on Minecraft STABLE 1.2.5, creepers would not begin to detonate if you smack them 2 blocks away which is the normal melee reach, but in Pre-1.3 Weekly Releases this is broken due to how servers read "ticks." Fixing this on the server-side way of things would allow me to enjoy playing on a multiplayer server.

    Things I would like to see added into Minecraft...Eventually. (Or I should make it into a MOD)

    *Obsidian Tools:
    They should be more powerful than Diamond, and slightly more durable. The Recepie would be 2 Diamond Blocks in place of sticks and Obsidian. If you mine Obsidian with an Obsidian Pick, it should drop as a resource in about 5~7 seconds.

    On nights where the moon is dark, no place is safe, not even fully lit areas. Mob spawn rates increase and they can spawn in light level 10 or less instead of 7. Herobrine also has a rare chance to appear. Herobrine will attack the player only once, and then disappear. When Herobine appears, he makes a sound to warn the player. If the player manages to turn around and strike him first, Herobrine will then attempt to kill the player and not disappear if he manages to hit the player. He does the same amount of damage that an unarmed player does. If the player kills him, Herobine will drop a good amount of experience and drop either a diamond or emerald. The only way to make full moon nights safe again is to kill Herobrine in the Skyworld. Herobrine does not appear in the nether because it is impossible to experience the influence of the moon there. One thing that would not change with Herobine's defeat is the ability to grow Netherwart on the surface and skyworld during a new moon. If netherwart is planted before a new moon, it will fully grow by the end of the new moon night. *Herobrine should only have a chance to spawn on HARD or HARDCORE.

    *Sky Dimension
    The Skylands still exist in Minecraft code, in the mod Hack/Mine the Mystery Dimension is the addition of the Skylands in the DIM3 folder by leaving the sky limit. There should be some sort of 5x5 horizontal portal (Not a vertical portal like the Nether portal. Think the end portal) that could be made but only over height 200. I should use water but for activation it should require the Enderdragon Egg to be thrown into the 3x3 pool of water. The boss should be in a dark sealed temple made of a new block, Carved Obsidian that is very dark and dangerous with many traps and rooms. (Think the more dungeons mod here.) The boss, should be the ghost miner; HEROBRINE...or not? Red Dragons should be found in dragon lairs that spawn near the entrances to cave systems. *Herobrine should still be in the Obsidian Temple on EASY and NORMAL

    *A new ore type
    Navigating the skylands via the traditional method of placing blocks is highly risky as you can fall off very easily, The new ore types should allow some sort of armor that grants flight. One ore type could be more uncommon and be used to craft the armor that grants flight, the other ore type could be used as the fuel source. A third rare ore type should also be added that is the rarest of the three, this ore should be Light Ore and when refined could be combined with diamonds in place of sticks (like the obsidian tools) but ARE indestructible and act as a source of light around the player that would stretch out about 4 blocks or so. One other item that could be crafted from Light Ore is a mining helmet that extends a 3x7 area of light from the player's head. It would give the player 2 armor points but require a fuel source (Most likely the common skyland ore) to be lit.

    *Skywood Trees
    The Sky Dimension should have a unique tree. When the bark of the tree is smelted, it should turn into a weeker varriant of the common fuel ore of the skylands. The trees should have lavender leaves and the bark should be dark red (Like Cherrywood). Skywood Logs can be crafted into Skywood Planks , steps, and slabs. When Skywood Planks are crafted into sticks, they should just be normal sticks.

    *Dark Compass (For lack of a better name)
    The dark compass should be crafted from a compass, with 4 Obsidian blocks in a + pattern. The Dark Compass should point to Herobrine's lair, but having it out will attract mobs to the player and increase the spawn rate slightly.

    New Mob types:

    Pigmen Wizard: The Wizard can appear in strongholds and will shoot magic at you! The magic deals 2 1/2 Hearts on Easy, 4 on Normal and 4 1/2 on Hard. They teleport like Endermen but only become hostile when you attack them, or cause too much noise around them. Pigmen Wizards should have a common chance of dropping Books and a rare chance of dropping an Eye of Ender.

    Red Dragons: Red Dragons have a chance to spawn in Dragon's Lairs every Skyland Day, If you manage to kill one they can drop Dragon Eggs that when placed on Glowstone will hatch into a Dragon Pet that can fly and shoot fireballs! Red Dragons roam the skies of the skylands during the day, and at night they retreat to their dragon lair's. Red Dragons can breathe fire! When you enter a dragon lair at night, you have a better chance at fighting them Getting in their sight will cause them to breathe fire, unless you are 1 space in front of them in which case they will slash at you with their talons which do 3 Hearts on Easy, 4 1/2 Hearts on normal and 5 Hearts on Hard worth of damage to the player. Getting hit by the fire breath will ignite the player as well as cause 1/2 Heart of damage to the player rapidly. A ranged weapon is oftentimes a good idea when attempting to fight one.

    ParaCreepers: Okay, maybie this is NOT a good idea it implement but...ParaCreepers spawn in the skyworld. When they detect the player, they will attempt to fly to the player if the player is flying, and explode! If the player is on the ground, the Paracreeper will fly over the player and then will dive-bomb onto the player and explode!

    Shadows: Shadows are like ghosts and are remnents of evil in the Skyworld. They only appar at night and in caves in the skyworld. They can fly and attempt to attack the player like zombies. They have a chance to weaken the player with a curse.

    Rabbits: Rabbits are passive mobs that can breed two times and twice a fast as any other mob. When killed rabbits drop Rabit Meat that when cooked restores 3 units of Hunger and is equal to Porkchops in how long they last. If you consume Raw Rabit Meat, you have a 75% chance to get Hunger.

    Okay okay, I think everything after the "Skylands" thing should be reserved for Minecraft 1.4 or something. Either that, or I should make it a mod, that could later be implemented into Vanilla. Also, the Skydiemnsion boss doesn't have to be Herobine, but still, it would make all of the OMG HEROBINE n00bs shut up.
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    posted a message on HELP! 1.8 WON'T WORK!
    I was looking at number of Minecraft crashing troubleshooting topics and I found a way to create a .bat file that launches the loader and Minecraft and keeps a Commandprompt window in the background. I managed to grab the Minecraft Error screen that appears for a split second that follows the blackscreen problem that you are experiencing.

    Right click an open space in your Minecraft folder>new>text file(.txt, now change the .txt extention to .bat, the file should have changed to a batch file. Now Right Click <FILENAME>.bat>Edit. Notepad should open the batch file at plain text. Now enter this into the blank notepad document that opened.

    java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar miencraft.exe

    Save the document by clicking File>Save, then close it. Now run the batch file and a CMD Prompt window and Minecraft should run. Should you crash and that error screen flashes, the CMD will also output the error so that you can copy-paste it into a text document and save it for you records.

    I have already done the steps that I have illustrated above.

    First, Here are my PC's specs:

    1.80GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor
    512 MB DDR RAM
    80 GB Hard Drive
    NVIDIA TNT II M64 Graphics Card
    OS: Windows XP (32 Bit, I think...)

    Now this is my Error;

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Function is not supported
    at org.lwjgl.BufferChecks.checkFunctionAddress(BufferChecks.java:64)
    at org.lwjgl.opengl.GL13.glClientActiveTexture(GL13.java:129)
    at iw.b(SourceFile:583)
    at i.a(SourceFile:665)
    at i.a(SourceFile:655)
    at i.a(SourceFile:579)
    at iw.a(SourceFile:880)
    at iw.b(SourceFile:756)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:689)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    SoundSystem shutting down...
    Author: Paul Lamb, www.paulscode.com

    I found a link to somebody having the EXACT same error:

    The person that responded said:

    "Yes, it's the OpenGL problem. Some can't update their graphic cards to support 1.3 and it's ruined MC for a lot of people..."

    I just checked the NVIDIA website for the TNT II M64 drivers and the 7/27/2004 update highlights are:

    Add support for GeForce 6800 series
    Complete support for NVIDIA PCI Express GPUs
    Consumer electronic display support for DVI-based digital displays, such as widescreen plasma screens (CEA/EIA-861B)
    QuickZoom – ease eye strain and enable ergonomic computing with easy Windows magnification
    Updated application profiles allow users to assign multiple profiles for each application
    Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 1.5 support

    >>Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 1.5 support<<

    Problem solved? I hope so! I'm gonna to a system restore backup of Win XP just in case these are the wrong dirvers, if they are not, I guess I just solved my own problem along with anyone else that is having the error listed above.
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