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    Ownership conflict!

    I have set up dynmap on

    It is using my previously running apache server, though the files for the map/site appear to be in a 'standalone' folder (is that proper?)

    MC runs as user mc
    apache runs as user apache

    when a user uses the /dynmap webregister command in game, it writes their code to:
    changing the ownership of that file to mc.mc instead of mc.apache or apache.apache, thus preventing the registration script from reading the file:

    [Wed Feb 19 11:27:45 2014] [error] [client 123.456.789.0] PHP Warning: file(dynmap_reg.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/mc/www/maps/live/standalone/register.php on line 56, referer: http://supaworld.no-...live/login.html

    I tried chmod 777 the file so that if it were owned by the wrong user it could still be read by the register page, but aparently the mc user chmods it back to 664 as well upon issuing the /dynmap webregister command.

    Please let me know: have I configured the dynmap or php improperly, does it simply need the webserver and minecraft to be the same user, or is there a better fix to this?

    Thanks! The map is beautiful and doesn't hurt server performance at all!
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    posted a message on Public (Survival,Creative 1.2.5) HoverCraft - Mature Members, Dedicated staff. Super Grief protection. [McMMO]
    In game name: DCBSupafly
    Age: price of weak-flavored gumball
    Minecraft Age: (what patch did you start playing) I was Notch's father
    Minecraft skills: Silly things you can survive in. Roads! Sand-stuff that shouldn't be built. Admin junk.
    Additional information: (anything you want to tell us, Job, youtube, or why you wanna join the server) I like that TF2 map where it looks like Minecraft. No, the payload one.
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    posted a message on Looking for a new server
    Thanks for letting me know pupatron. I've not been aware of this error. It was nice to meet you, did you perhaps find the 'cupcake' factory?

    Quote from pupatron2000

    It's an unknown host
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    Hey, if you like, check out my server. it's a small server with only a few people on at any given time. Many of us also speak Spanish and other languages, but we're all American, so the server is English. I often play with skype, but have just installed a server for using Mumble, so that everyone online can chat at once. Feel free to check it out, and I will be online tonight if you want to try out the chat!

    Website, and server address are Supaworld.no-ip.org

    Quote from RaiiBross


    Well, the thing is that I want two guys to play with me in a Survival Server that I made. We are going to talk in Skype, so you have to know two things about me: Im a 12 years old boy, and Im from Chile, so I dont speak English so fluid. So no you know why I want Skype, to practice my english. We are gonna play in my server or yours, I really dont mind. And we are gonna have fun... I think so.

    So, make a table like thisto tell me your information:

    AGE: 12
    COUNTRY AND CITY: Santiago, Chile
    IGN (In game name): Raiibross

    I will choose two, taht Im going to announce.

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    posted a message on Looking for a new server
    We are pretty close to vanilla. Map is old, but not too built up. No rules about plots. No cheapo shops.
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    posted a message on Looking For Survival Server to be generous to!
    Quote from scurvs

    Ive been looking all over for a survival server. I am VERY generous once i get my footing, and i love to help people out!

    My username is scurvs...ive been looking forever for the right server for me. I absolutely HATE item spawns which is why I am looking for a survival server. Every single one I manage to find ends up abusing the WorldEdit plugins and such that they ruin the experience for me. Im looking for responsible people who will only use this power to provide novice kits, fill creeper craters, and thats about it...im just tired of joining peoples "Survival-Vanilla" servers and suddenly logging on to see a giant obsidian castle, Nyan-Cat wool art, and other things that were cheated into building.

    My Philosophy: Get it yourself, or ask me...because i will go out of my way to get something for you if you need it!

    P.S.---Pixel art is cool, just dont spawn the items for it :<

    Sounds right to me. We've got a small server with a handful of regulars. Only cheat item is minecarts! Few warps, mostly just time and work. Check it out, supaworld.no-ip.org
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    posted a message on Supaworld
    Supaworld is a small SMP server. We've got a few handy mods, but mostly vanilla-style.


    1.0 Survival Multiplayer (SMP)
    /spawn, /home, & /back warping
    Lock chests, furnaces, doors, & more with the slap of a stick
    Infinite, free minecarts!
    Regular automatic backups
    Zoomable Tectonicus Maps
    Mumble VOIP chat

    We're looking for a few more players to join us, so visit our website to check it out, or go ahead and log on at supaworld.no-ip.org
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    posted a message on Ice not forming on 1.8.1 SMP craftbukkit
    Quote from Frostbreath

    Ice and snow are not in 1.8.1. Wait for 1.9 for snow and ice to return.

    okay, thanks.
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    posted a message on Ice not forming on 1.8.1 SMP craftbukkit
    I'm running 1.8.1 with bukkit 1.8.1 & the below plugins. Ice is not forming. Ice is reportedly supposed to form from water blocks in the 'snowy' biomes when not exposed to too much light. This is not happening now but has happened before on my server.

    List of plugins:
    Essentials Protect
    Essentials Spawn
    Essentials Chat

    Posssible reasons?

    • My map has been around since ... 1.0.something... so maybe certain biomes are not registering as 'snowy' anymore? (I have gone to a land area generated post 1.8 and tried to see if water would freeze and it wouldn't. Also, the map has been loaded with MCEdit many times including since 1.8.0.)
    • Essentials Protect is stopping the ice from growing. I've found no reference to this in any Essential docs, but that doesn't mean it's not there. (disabling this plugin is not something I want to do but will probably try that next.

    If you would like to see the server to try something out or skype me or anything, please PM or reply here.
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    http://www.no-ip.com/ will set you up with a subdomain, and then you can buy a domain name if you want. I don't have my own domain name, but supaworld.no-ip.org connects to my ip, and i think it's easier to remember than a bunch of numbers.

    Getting it to update when your ISP changes your IP (if you have dynamic IP which you probably do) involves running software all the time, but you can try it out without that. My IP has changed 3 times in a year.

    Also, sometimes the minecraft client is having trouble seeing the no-ip address even when it can see the local or remote ips...the thing is, it doesn't stop people from connecting, just shows the server as offline. Haven't figured this one out yet.

    Hope that helps.
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    posted a message on lag issues
    I'm having all kinds of chunk load lag now too since 1.8. I think the java heap/garbage collection is the main issue. With craft bukkit, I have used the mod NoLagg (and its component NoLagg Chunks) and using its 'clear' command has really helped, but then NoLagg is messing me up with its error messages. So..... I have found using essential's /gc and LagMeter's /Lagmem that chunkload issues don't seem to be as bad after a restart of the server, which clears out the heap I guess.
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    posted a message on 1.8.1 server stopped working
    Quote from Holz

    I need some help.
    I was playing minecraft with a friend on a server that I setup but when I tried it later it needed more memory.
    But the terminal commands don't work.

    How do you run your server? What are your machine's specs? What told you it needed more memory?

    Definitely need more info.
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    posted a message on 1.1 Server Needing Players
    IGN: DCBSupafly
    Age: 25
    Reason for Joining: I'm an SMP server admin since the Hey0 days. I like your site. I like to have a handful of servers I can pop on to to check out how they do things. My server is very tight-nit and I do not recruit. I like to participate in communication with other admins and servers as it fosters community and helps everyone. I'm not likely to spend a lot of time building but would like to take advantage of the mods you use to establish a protected 'home' especially, as I waver on whether this is a feature I'd like to include on my server.
    Special Talents: Dedicated at-home headless Ubuntu 11.04 minecraft server administration! Shift-click crafting! Tectonicus use!
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    When you open a world using MCEdit, it immediately scans the region files for misplaced and overlapping chunks, then tries to fix them. You can run this command yourself by pressing Control-I for the world info and clicking on Repair Regions.

    You weren't clear about it in your description, but I hope for your sake that you did not edit the server's world while the server is running.

    If you only get the gzip errors when plugins are enabled, check your world folder for any extra files created by your plugins. Some of them are probably garbled.

    Thanks, I can see you are busy! I was only creating new worlds, not editing any previous ones. I found that the nether was corrupt and the vanilla didn't mind, it just new nether, whereas bukkit version couldn't handle that. I believe the damage is due to the power outage and I have mostly fixed piecing together backups. I was just wondering does the session lock issue only take effect if you edit the same world you last played in minecraft?
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    posted a message on MCEdit: Minecraft World Editor (Now open source!)
    Hello, I believe I've got a corrupted save that is not due to MCEdit, but for troubleshooting purposes, I've got a couple questions. I read your warning and why (thanks for that) and closed minecraft, but my SMP server was still running. I assumed that because the single player game isn't looking where the server is for its levels, that the situation you warned about wouldn't apply. I edited my level, loaded it in minecraft, and played my server and everything was OK! That was last night, but today my server level is not loading, and I'm getting errors in the console about not in gzip format. When I load my level on the Vanilla server, it seems to work, but with bukkit, it won't load. This could be a lot of things and I believe now (thanks to microwave) that it's due to a power outage this morning. I'm just looking for confirmation that this was not due to my using MCEdit to create a brand new level in the single player location.

    Also, is MCEdit or something similar any good for cleaning up a corrupted file?

    I run 1.73, bukkit build 953, many mods

    Thanks for MCEdit & any help you can give!
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