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    Your Minecraft Username: D2MohawkMan


    Country/Timezone: US CST

    Discord Name (if you don't want to make it public you can PM it to me): D2Mohawk#8636

    Why are you interested in joining this server?
    I have played MC for many years, and I still frequent the game among many others. I enjoy the sense of community and the collaboration that happens in SMPs and I mostly want to join this server because the group seems friendly and fun, I think I would fit in well in KingKraft.

    Strengths (redstone, building, etc): I'm a very average MC player when compared to some people I've watched, but I think I make up for that with my creativity and will be able to contribute in ways beyond just builds.

    How many other servers have you been on and for how long? Will this be your primary server?
    All previous SMPs that I've been in have been among friends with the exception of one. Among friends I have had realms that last around 5 months each time and one that has gone on for nearly a year now. The exception to the servers with only friends is a server that went on for only a month. If I were to join KingKraft it would be my primary server.

    What other games do you enjoy playing?
    I play and stream a large variety of games. Recently I've enjoyed playing Phasmophobia, GTAV, Among Us, Roblox games, and a variety of indie games. I'll play pretty much any game I get my hands on and enjoy playing multiplayer games.

    Tell us a bit about yourself. Hobbies, interests, etc. The more we know, the more information we have to base that decision off of.

    I'm a bit of a mixed bag. I live pretty rural, take care of lots of animals and prior to the freezes we've experienced around me, took care of my pepper plants I've been growing to make hotsauce and salsa out of. One of my favorite things to do is go to punk shows and concerts. I've been gaming for my whole life with very few hiatuses. I'm currently a Junior in college going for a degree in computer information systems. I skate, scuba dive, and have a lot of random other hobbies. For the most part, my days currently are filled with work, then school, then stream. I do all three online and all three are daily commitments. Streaming daily does give me room to play the server more often though and I hope if I'm chosen to join. My twitch is if you want to learn more and see what I'm about!

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