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    posted a message on Hoppers should not have an inventory
    Quote from Live__AI

    Here is how I see it: it's TERRIBLE that there is no way to turn hoppers on/off, if they didn't have inventory slot we could at least move them with pistons to stop the hopper from moving blocks around. What I'd like the most though is that hoppers only had 1 slot that worked for filtering (like the allocator mod) and that you could just use redstone to activate/deactivate it (for example powering them 'closes' them).

    Kinda off topic and rant-ish from now on, but what ever.

    Another thing I don't like about the hopper is that they can only take from above. it would be a lot more versatile if it took from one side, moved stuff to the opposite side and you could choose any of 6 orientations like pistons or wooden logs. You may say 'it doesn't make sense for a hopper to pull upwards', well yeah I'd answer 'hoppers are quite a limiting concept and mojang was quite stupid to pick just that one' (shame on you mojang).

    Why (and really, why!) did they have to make that stupid edge? Just so we could have a harder time getting items in the damn thing? Really?!

    I had high hopes for whatever system they chose for moving items and I know it's still a WIP, but the more I look at it the more I think they should start from scrap.

    They fixed the edge problem with the "b" snapshot but there's a dupe bug because of that, also like you said it's WIP. this is very functional for a WIP block.When you say that hoppers should take items from all sides then I don't think you know how hoppers work in real life, it's basically a funnel which only takes it from above. People complain that these things are too complicated but some are complaining that they aren't complicated enough, just be thankful we have a block that does this.
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    posted a message on Comparator Function: Tile Entity Capacity Sensors
    Dom77 and SethBling both made their own hopper item filter system with this new feature.
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    posted a message on Post your 13w01a complaints here
    The hopper looks really odd when connected to other hoppers, hopefully next path they'd make a model that looks better. Maybe making it look like a pipe, other then that I really like this snapshot.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Gets the Fighter Treatment
    Quote from Duskterror

    What does P2 use to select on splitscreen?

    It's 2 on the number pad. The controls are very confusing...

    It's a pretty good game but no variety and also the zombie is just a reskinned Steve... They even have the same special and winning animation.
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] Creating/Repopulating Villages
    Quote from Karl1982

    So essentially it involves making the buildings by hand, and then acquiring at least two villagers by some other means.

    Yes, but sometimes I get impatient waiting for them to breed and do the other method. You can always make villager farm as well by adding a lot of doors. Basically anything with walls and a door is considered a house. They also need sunlight so you can't make the underground unless you make a hole on top.
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    posted a message on New minecraft updates fail to amaze me...
    Quote from Ankenmann2

    They stopped working on it because it was "too hard" despite the fact they've pushed it back SO often in the past, first it was supposed to come out in 1.7, then 1.8, then 1.3, then 1.4 they promised, now it's pushed back to 1.5 or further. Absolutely ridiculous.'

    The mod API is what people want, not witches.

    It was never promised that it would be released in a certain version, just estimated. Every single time they "push it back" is because they find a new obstacle, things like the new decorations and witches aren't very hard to code. They also have other people working the mod api as well, Grumm is working on the rendering engine and EvilSeph on the api. You you check on Dinnerbone's twitter he's talking about the currently in development rendering engine and how it will fully support HD textures. You may not like the features, but many people do especially since most of these things were requested from the community. The developers delivered but the people complained.
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] Creating/Repopulating Villages
    One method is finding zombie villagers which have a 10% chance of spawning and then curing them with a weakness potion and golden apple. another method is to make more houses and villagers will breed to flll them up.
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    posted a message on Opinions on the Don't Update if You Don't Like It Response
    Whenever someone complains about the latest additions, the more common rebuttals are don't update. Most people who are complaining say they don't want to stop updating since they want some of the other stuff and that argument is idiotic. In my opinion, it's a legitimate argument.

    If you remember from when minecraft was in beta and Notch updated is blog every so often, I remember he talked about after minecraft was fully released. The main plans after the official 1.0 update were basically add some free stuff from time to time and add purchasable DLC; of course we that wouldn't really work because of mods. Today we're getting updates major updates every couple of months even after the 1.0 update, considering they were meant to be extensions, everything after 1.0 should be if you don't like it then don't update it.

    There's also another thing I'd like to state for people complaining that minecraft is becoming too mod-like. During alpha and beta, minecraft development was mainly focusing on working out functionality. Things like crafting, combat, mining, redstone, etc. That's why whenever there was a new update, everything would seem so major. With these updates pass 1.0 there isn't much you can add although some people may argue but it would make updates have more bugs due to new systems; this is what alpha and beta is for. New functions also aren't really needed because we mostly have these mechanics that minecraft should have. Redstone, crafting, combat, smelting, repairing, are really what we need and we can expand on that. Adding more would just make the game to complicated and remember when the exp system was introduced? Complete disaster, but much improved. The new stuff just expand on the current systems to add more variety, for example anvils with repairing. Hence if you don't like these extensions then don't update because they aren't completely necessary.

    To be honest, the updates that we really deserve are just mainly the big bugs and needed improvements such as lighting fixes, function improvements, performance fixes, and other misc. fixes. We're lucky to have patient developers that are involved with the community to continue on with updating so we don't get bored. There are so many times where people have been completely unaware and stubborn about such things and I see dinnerbone so calm and help them out along with explaining to many different people. To others that say Notch would have done a better job, he said in his AMA that everything that they've added so far would have been what had included except for more half slabs and command blocks (which is a great decision). Really we should still all be playing 1.0 minecraft or maybe 1.1, we only had to pay 10/15/27 dollars just to get a greatly supported game where I see people spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars on one game with developers who don't even care.

    Note: The content here is very raw, just some thoughts that I had lurking around. I'll probably edit this some time.

    In here you can find a part of what he says: http://minecraft.net/game

    As for the blog post, I can't find it, but it's somewhere around beta 1.5 - 1.6 time.
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    posted a message on 1.4 Pre-Release Available Right Now!
    Quote from DauntlessK

    While these added mobs and things are cool...


    I love my mods too much and won't touch any new versions until my favorite mods are moved to that version. And that usually takes forever... especially now that updates for the game are coming out so often...

    Mojang is reminding me a bit of apple. Get upgraded to death. Mods can't keep up. I still miss aether. :(

    Quote from Ri5ux

    Nice work. I see the mod API was once again put off.

    Quote from Hlywood

    "Mod API in 1.5, Pinky swear."

    4 Months later

    "1.6 We Promise"

    Quote from Hithere__

    "We will be adding a mod API and Adventure game mode as an actual game mode

    Yes, they're serious. If you watched the PAX video they mention they have to rewrite the rendering engine and that's not a one day job.

    Quote from vogonpoetry

    COME ON Mojang! Fix the dang lighting bugs!!! This is ridiculous.

    Did you not see Dinnerbone try to fix these bugs? It was working until like a million bugs came and lag issues... Come on, don't be like that.
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    posted a message on C418 already let us hear new sounds
    These sounds were already introduced in Minecraft Alpha but were never implemented. Go look at C418's channel.
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    posted a message on Airport Security | Filter someones inventory without killing them!
    Quote from goldenrifle

    The filter thing is a pretty known mechanic . So.... NOT found by you.

    Did he say he found it? No.

    OT: Sethbling has a mc edit filter to have dispensers contain more than the usual maximum you can put in a stack so you can put 127 wooden hoes in one slot.
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    posted a message on Wither Insta-Kill with Anvil

    Entire Contraption


    Top View


    Other View


    Nether Star

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    posted a message on Wither Insta-Kill with Anvil
    Quote from doctorseaweed2


    I'll have some up in a few min, but it's straight forward.
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    posted a message on Wither Insta-Kill with Anvil
    Hello everyone, when I read that the new anvils do damage and their damage was calculated from height, I immediately thought of killing the Wither. I decided to make a simple redstone contraption, to reduce height I just put 2 anvils at the top which split the height in half.

    Starting the experiment, I would spawn the wither and wait a few seconds then release the anvils which would insta-kill it and drop the nether star. Try it for yourself if you want, and Dinnerbone may you fix this?
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    posted a message on Superflat presets
    Quote from Nintendorocks


    Singleplayer spleef. : )
    If you enable villages, then it makes a cool survuval challenge!
    CREATIVE MODE WORLD THAT IS TRULEY FLOATING!!!!! (Just place a starting block and wait for it all to disappear.
    I'm a genius!

    You don't need to place a block and someone on /r/minecraft already posted it on the first day.
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