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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Better easy than too hard though, stress isn't good for people and playing games are not supposed to be your long term career or primary source of income, although some paid content creators may see it differently.

    Video games are about entertainment, always have been and always will be.
    Some games can be extremely unforgiving and can have penalties that cost your entire progress or something which takes a lot of time to earn or replace.

    If everyone wanted that much of a penalty for fatal mistakes they'd all be playing hardcore difficulty,

    but just the fact that most people don't, tells a lot about it.

    I mean I could tolerate (although not necessarily like) steep punishments for failure in something like a retro space shooter game, such as loss of power ups when you lose a life, it works and is fun overall, but I've always seen Minecraft as a game where you express your creativity and make your own adventure, not just as a survival game.


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    I'm actually mature for my age, but yeah, minecraft is easy. If you get yourself killed and lost all your stuff, it's probably just being stupid.

    (Althought this happened to me 2 times, skeletons and digging straight down :mellow: )

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