About Me [p]I'm your typical (Hopefully) Guy that likes the outdoors and loves to make videos. One downside.... I'm the biggest coward at killing or looking at spiders xD. I'm a pretty chill guy that loves to get take out for food. Sorta awkward at times.[/p] Interests [p][font='comic sans ms', sans-serif][size=18px]Friends[/size][/font][/p] [p][font='comic sans ms', sans-serif][size=18px]Family[/size][/font][/p] [p][font='comic sans ms', sans-serif][size=18px]My computer[/size][/font][/p] [p][font='comic sans ms', sans-serif][size=18px]Girlfriend[/size][/font][/p] [p][font='comic sans ms', sans-serif][size=18px]World Of Warcraft Pewdiepie[/size][/font][/p] [p][font='comic sans ms', sans-serif][size=18px]And cookies.[/size][/font][/p]

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Minecraft TheCrazyGun Xbox Ewww.....gross PSN (Lost PS Plus) Steam CBSOCOOL

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