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    posted a message on Looking for Staff for RP Server! (Builders, Graphics, and Lore Writers)
    What is your name?: Cris, Others call me Crisk.
    What is your age?: 15
    What is your Minecraft username?: Criskillful
    Do you have TeamSpeak? If so, what is your name?: Yes, Criskillful
    What do you think constitutes a good build?: A good build can be anything. A good build depends on a few things. How its built. Why was it built. And the overall quality of the build. For example. If i just use a smooth brush on a mountain, it looks like i just used a terrain generator. And least of all. It would take me about 5 minutes, That is not a good build.
    However, If i used a program or by hand, Built a huge section and shaped it by hand/tnt(Gives it a more jagged mountain look), And added more details, Than yes, It would be a good build. I only comment on details/ Terraforming. As i am fairly inexperienced with interiors (I cannot get the general shape to look good, Details and add ons are good for me.)
    What is your favorite theme when you build?: Ruins/ TerraForming / General Details.
    Are there any particular areas you wish to help with?: I would like to create crypts styled like the ones found in The Elder Scrolls Oblivion/Skyrim. And create narrow passed / Breath taking terrain, Plus other small scale ruins. Dungeons. Stuff like that. As the only picture is a overhead map, I am not particularly sure at what i can achieve.
    Have you worked with any other servers? If so, list them: Bashcraft (Dead) I made multiple maps for Mc Infected.(Sadly. They were not good enough)
    Include examples of your work: Here is a quick Run through some of them. I have world downloads if you would like a closer look.

    Say "Yes" if you acknowledge that all of the information above is correct and you promise to perform your task as a Builder to the best of your ability: "Yes"
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    posted a message on 1.6.1/1.6.2 Hardcore speedrun. (Vanilla) (Other rules)
    I do not think that one has been attempted yet. But this one will be different from other videos. Why you ask? Because I will accept challenges from the community on top of my own rules i have created.

    (Oh,The reason its a speed run is because I am carrying it on to the ender dragon.)

    ---Tha Rules---
    No diamond armor allowed
    No diamond sword until i gather 10 blaze rods
    No homes/Doors. the only way to block monsters is with red wool. (Like a small 1x1 tunnel blocked with one block.)
    One Red wool per 10 levels
    Iron armor unlocked at level 15.
    Red wool must always be in the hotbar to prevent cheating.
    Tiny distance must be used. Fog is an option
    You must spend every other day outside. (No exceptions)
    Red wool must be kept in hotbar at all times.
    No potions. Period
    Enchant level max is 15.
    Only 3 attempts at the ender dragon boss. (Separate world save before i enter the portal)
    *Open to more*

    Part one: Beginnings

    Part two: Decent Start

    Part three: Coming to you tomorrow!

    Part 4: Coming soon
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    posted a message on 5th of july Special!
    So its the 5th of july. By now most fireworks are done, Lets head inside and blow things up.
    Part 1:

    Part 2: *Coming sometime today*
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    posted a message on Requesting A Builder? Come On In!

    1. Flamingblades321
    2. We can meet in my server
    3. I am doing a factions server, I really need a spawn area.
    4. Cupcakes are definitely forever
    5. Yes
    I would prefer it if you could leave a skype name, Or anything along the lines of that. As i like to keep records of what needs to be done.(I take breaks and work randomly at times) I will talk to you sometime tomorrow.
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    posted a message on Requesting A Builder? Come On In!
    So lets face it. You are in the mood for a builder to make your very own... Server. Sure, You can make an application thread on mcforums and hope someone good comes your way. Or you might have a friend to do it for you. Chances are, you probably have tried and gotten no serious responses, Or do not have a friend that is good at building/Willing to do it.. (Or you might be a builder who wants to build to increase his number of builds underway, But wants them to be worthy and have them be in a server used. Instead of rusting away in a .rar)

    Enough with introductions and all that. You came here to look for a builder!
    Well. Rest assured. I can supply Your very own, Builder(s). From a simple 3x3 Dirt shack(s), To a large scale map, to ruiney-looking (Thats a word in my dictionary) landscapes! I can probably do it! Probably. Maybe.

    So why choose me?
    I have had my fill of playing on servers and would like to get more out there. Sure, most never make it, But you can dream right?
    -So, Instead. I want to help out as many servers as possible! I will build for the server for roughly 2/4 hours a day depending on (Shudder) Real life.-
    -I am usually serious and like to get things done. I am not one for insulting, And i love to build. (duh)-
    -I am not planning on sticking around servers for long, (You never know), But you can count on me if you need a new expansion or something.-
    -Im a medicore builder who wants to improve his 1337 Bliwd skellz! (Leet build Skills). At no cost to you. (Except your soul.)
    -I am experienced in most plugins that may or may not be related to building work.-
    -I can work around with redstone/Pistons/Rube Goldmen machines (One time use)-

    You never explained Why "I" Should choose you...
    Oh right... *Cough cough* *AHEM*

    Alright.. Now "How" Do i choose you?

    Leave a few things in the comments.
    1. Your ign (How to pronounce it would be nice. Cause i care)
    2. Skype/Any means of communication (Text is preferred. As it is easier to keep records of, Voice is an option too.)
    3. What type of server you are aiming for.
    4. Leave "Cupcakes are forever" in your application, So i know you have read to here
    5. Yes or No for a build recording of the server?
    Thats it. I will do my best to get to you eventually. Building things takes time. And i appreciate the patience.
    Got questions?
    Pm me.
    Thank you for taking the time to look!!!
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    posted a message on Looking for [Staff] & [Builders] - IGNIS.MC Factions|Survival|PvP|Creative|SurvivalGames|500 Slots
    Name: Cris (I prefer to be called Crisk though)

    Age: 14

    Experience as staff (in years) Depends on the meaning of staff. If it includes the rank of "Builder" Around 1.5 years. If its not included I have about .5 years.

    Why you deserve to be part of staff: I think 'Deserve' is a bit cocky, But anyways. I deserve to be a part of the staff as i like to build. I like survival games. I like helping people. I like building(Again). I love to be something other than a "Regular". I like to be someone that can be respected. I like to earn respect. I like to get to know people. I like to build (Three times the charm...)

    I believe that I can be a wonderful addition to your team. I also believe that i can outdo myself and build something greater. Be it a arena. Terraforming, Random builds here and there. Anything really... Outdoing my past is always my dream. I've been along enough to know that unfriendliness in a server just ruins everything. (I wonder how long it takes to figure that out) I also know that being friendly is the key. I like to keep things fresh.

    IGN: Criskillful Is the name. (Insert old joke "Dont wear it out" here)

    Availability: I can be online 5-8 hours a day. Depending on chores/Life.

    Describe your personality: I like to be funny, Joke around. Maybe even a troll or two. But i know when to quit. People have told me that i am really competitive and serious. And i completely agree. I also like to be short and to the point. And i never give up easy.

    Server Staff Reference: I prefer not to advertise servers. I can provide at said skype interview

    Plugins experienced with: World edit, World guard. PermissionsEx. Voxel sniper.
    Essentials, Group manager, And i possess the ability to learn quickly.

    Build example

    SKYPE NAME (if any) Crisk.Daring6

    other means of communication. I have a steam. (Acc: Criskillful) And hamachi if it comes to that.
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    Name: Crisk

    In Game Name: Criskillful

    Skype Name: Crisk.Daring6

    Age: 15

    Time Zone(Or location): Gmt -6 Central time (US)

    What job are you applying for?(Choose up to 3):
    Builder - Organic

    Why do you want to join?: I love nature, and I love building things. Minecraft brings both of those in a video game! I like to go around and lend a helping hand to most people. I saw that this server was looking for builders. So I thought I would apply! Unfortunately, Most of my builds never manage to see the light of day(Mainly because I havent a chance to record/upload). I want to be one of the better builders out there. And i want to make a name for myself and others. I also love to practice. The more i practice. The better builder i become! This server looks professional and well thought out, I would love to be a part of it.

    What have you done in the past? What are your skills? (Proof please):
    *Short Preview, Maps in detail down below* :
    1st in Sequence:
    2nd in Sequence:
    Extra (Not in video) (Not finished):
    Sadly. The whole "Wasteland" Was a server build. It was assisted by others, So i will not claim ownership over it
    (Two youtube accounts were linked. I am switching over to the account in the preview, But have lost the videos sadly.)
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    posted a message on ~~Looking for Builders, Plugin Workers, and General Staff!~~
    Minecraft IGN Criskillful (Harden_Up is my alt)

    Position interested in- Builder

    Age- 15

    Timezone(+/- GMT) -6 GMT

    Hours Available?- Most of the time from 3-9 PM or from 7AM-12PM, 6-9PM in the summer.

    Conflicts?- School and i do have swimming practice in the summer. I might also just be out some days.

    Any previous experience.(If I can't find record, it never happened. Please include any links to previous (or current) servers you staff on)- I have a decent amount of experience with building backgrounds and naturalist areas. Not so great with interior design. I was also a fullguard (Kinda of a moderator with only jail commands.) On mc-convicted.
    I was also a moderator on Multigaming-network. the server is dead and i have no proof, So you can count this out.

    (Only for Builders)- Building Ability(1-10) Depends on what i am building, Im more for backgrounds and natural stuff. 7?

    (Only for Builders)- Proof of work (MUST BE PRESENT FOR BUILDERS!!!!)

    (Below is a silly build i built for friends, Excuse me if i chat like a idiot.)

    Why should I select you?(Be Detailed) Personally. I like to build and be a part of something. I mostly do small freebuilds without much purpose, And i would rather do something larger-scale. I do not see much purpose in building things that eat up most of my time and then not be used. I also do not have a specific server that i belong to, And im sorta in that "Hey, I want to find a server which i like and want to be in" stage. As you can see from my text style, I am fairly mature, and i do use a amount of grammar. Which is good in general.

    Any additional information that might make me want to pick you over someone else?- Did i say i was good at backgrounds?
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    posted a message on My First Three Builds
    Quote from duxcalcedo

    That broken road would make a good adventure map location :)
    I was planning on making all the maps into a adventure area. But i havent gotten around to it Plus im horrible at making deep stories.
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    posted a message on My First Three Builds
    Quote from AstarTokio

    Im new to this game, Really nice work i would just say its just a little messy but Still amazing ! (Especially for your first maps)
    Im one for total destruction, Thanks for your feedback.


    Yo looks like the Pitt,can I get a chopsaw?
    Its dangerous to go alone, Take this autoAxe.
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    posted a message on My First Three Builds
    #1 Broken_Roads: A ruined bridge leading into a worn down factory, This is my first map i built ever. (Note, The video is full of references to a specific server, So that is why some parts seem unnecessary)

    #2: Valley: The spawning area is based off of Der Riese, (Or this silly Die rise thing. I only support the original name)

    #3 Pitt: This is a spinoff of the Fallout 3 DLC, Still in progress. Only the starting area before the bridge is based on it.

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    posted a message on Killion Detention Center - Largest and # 1 Prison Server [UPDATED: 1.7.4]
    In-game Name: Criskillful
    How old are you? I am 15 years old
    What is your timezone(GMT)? My Timezone is -5 Gmt Or central. (US)
    What time can you guard? (Ex: 1PM-4PM)? I am able to guard almost every day from 4-8PM
    How long have you played on Killion?:I have played on killion for around a month.
    What is your current rank (Block)?I am currently B block (Could be a higher rank but those gambling games >.>) and I can provide a Screenshot if needed.
    Do you have experience with prison servers?: Yes. I have played on Convicted, DDTS, and a few other small servers.
    Do you have experience guarding?: Yes. I have 4 -5 months experience on Convicted as a trainee and full guard.
    Have you read ALL of the server rules, both guard and prisoner?: Yes. I have read every section of rules Twice. I did have some experinces where not reading it got me in trouble back in some other servers. So i make sure to read em. Also i have prepared my chests to be emptied if i am accepted.
    What makes you the best guard applicant?:I am a excellent PVPer. I have 4-5 months Guard experience and i have played on a variety of Prison servers. I have also learned how to be stealthy and know what to look for to catch rule breakers. I am often level headed although i do get restless once in a while. I do PVP regularly so i do not get rusty. And i do know how to be a good guard. I also know how to record, SS, Countdown, Ask for contra.
    I do type with decent grammar and speed. (Kinda need speed as taking 10 seconds to type "Sword" is really Unprofessional. As ive seen this happen quite a few times.) I do prefer Guarding as it is always annoying to start off in a server and get killed, So i like to be a guard to prevent that, As i said before. I do have 4-5 months guard experience and i was online for 5-7 hours each day. Oh. And i don't really think this matters or not, But if you ask around Convicted. Most people will say i *was* a really good guard.
    I hope you consider me for a guard whenever you need another one. Thanks for reading my application.
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    posted a message on Killion Detention Center - Largest and # 1 Prison Server [UPDATED: 1.7.4]
    Quote from Skyblu10

    Appeal denied.
    You may purchase an account unlock at http://bit.ly/killion-shop
    I thought it was a good application. I mean. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone has done it before. Cant you give him a break? I trust him completely.
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    posted a message on Killion Detention Center - Largest and # 1 Prison Server [UPDATED: 1.7.4]
    Quote from ieatboulders2

    I have a stupid question. When was this filmed, can I ask? Was this taken recently? About an hour or so ago I was near him in the Starpen sandstone mine (Where this was taken, you can tell because of increased ladders and curved roof), right before I was unfairly banned for xray in the Netherack mines. He did seem a bit... odd, I guess you could say. Anyways, I too think he xrays, just by looking at his armor, pick, and the clear evidence you have provided.
    It takes me a hour or two of strip mining to get around 24 diamonds. The armor and pick couldve been legit if he wasnt so obvious. Also this was taken around 4-5 hours ago. (I did record him for 20 minutes. I had to cut most of it though.)
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    posted a message on Killion Detention Center - Largest and # 1 Prison Server [UPDATED: 1.7.4]
    Quote from chasek9
    How old are you?: 10
    How long have you played on Killion?: 2 and a half years.
    I lol'd. Killion has been around for a little more than a year.
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