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Hey guys, so you agree spoke English and that I'm from Mexico :v

Well, I'm at 45% of that aul English. Then I am in support with you.

I'm 18 years old and am still disappointed.

By imagination I bring I do not do sucks things and music makes me happy, I am beginning to make a club group "Attitude of liberty" a crew like VIP but in different classes do something unique creations.

But I'm fine, that may have maps, resource pack adventure map and more.

Idk if I'm sure to be a bit of popularity. :/
But my goal is to find something good in some forum resource pack, maps and servers and value with some respect.

Well, if you liked, then do what you wish, but not bad things.

It is everything and you spend a good time ;D

P.D. Im not secure but i will begin new.


Nothing for now!!

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