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    posted a message on New structure found in desert biome?
    I generated a new world and found a new structure made out of sandstone and sandstone slabs
    i actually found two of them and i have never seen this structure before so i wanted to share this
    and i also found a cross shaped hole in the ground nearby the structure filled with water
    i cant take a pic atm but here are some coordinates and the seed

    Seed: -4431420562428203733


    Structure X:-274, Y:68, Z: 408

    Structure X:-217, Y:68, Z:-392

    Cross Filled With Water X:-408, Y:63, Z:392

    Please tell me what you think of this
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    posted a message on A removed mod thing
    A mod where you can poor milk and maybe even dye it
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    posted a message on [16x][1.6.x]Crimsobrite- Colourful, RPG style textures![DISCONTINUED][WIP]
    Looks great, downloading :)
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    posted a message on Which Stone Brick Texture is Better?
    The second one
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    posted a message on Raiders
    Quote from beastlymandude

    How much stuff would the raiders take? Would they endlessly keep stealing your stuff until you killed them? And what do they steal? Items from chests? Blocks from structures? I'm a little unclear on some of the points but it's a decent idea.
    Raiders kill you and take your items, but if you find them and kill them then they drop your items they keep killing you until you kill them but they raid in the same area so you can expect is coming and try to get your items back, and they cant take anything out of your chest or blocks from structures
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    posted a message on The Unofficial Texture Pack Request Thread!
    I would like to see a fallout texture pack
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    posted a message on Raiders
    Quote from BloodyPhoenix

    The randomly Capitalized letters really distracted me from What I needed to be Focusing on here....

    So...they spawn near villages, pretty much...and I guess desert wells (are those structures?).


    Any light requirments?
    Spawn frequency (Ghasts have 1/20, Slimes, 1/10, etc)?

    The damage should also be scaled with difficulty, but the 2 damage can be a base in Normal...but is that 2 hearts or 2 points (1 heart) of damage?
    The concept is all right, but it seems like a group of non-flammable Zombies to me at this point.
    Edited, hope that fixed the problem
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    posted a message on Drainage Grates [Poll Added]
    Full support!, Great suggestion +! :)
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    posted a message on Raiders
    This suggestion is Raiders-
    • Raiders raid near structures (Including Wells)-(NOT PLAYER MADE)
    • They wear Leather armour and carry a sword or a bow- Raiders carry wooden swords on Easy stone on Normal and Iron on Hard
    • Raiders can detect you from a distance of 17 blocks when they set up a Raid near a Structure but when they arent near a structure they detect you only 10 Blocks away
    • Raiders come in Groups of 4
    • Each raider takes away 1 hearts on easy 2 on Normal and 3 on Hard
    • Raiders have the same amount of health as zombies
    • Raiders have a spawn frequency of 1/25
    • Raiders spawn in all biomes and do not only spawn in dark areas
    Raiders can drop the Following-
    • 2-4 Leather
    • 1-3 Iron Bars
    • 2-4 Steak
    • Wooden Sword
    • 1-2 Gold Bars
    • Bow
    Raiders kill you and take your items, but if you find the same raiders that killed you and kill them they drop your items

    Raiders with bows always try to find a high point to raid you from

    And raiders also stick around the area they first set up a raid at, so this can be taken advantage of if you want to get your items back after they have killed you

    Raiders wander the world looking for a structure to set up a Raid at, but you can find Raiders while they are Looking for a structure and attack them when they arent expecting it!

    Vote rather you think the texture should be a Villager Body in a "Raider suit/Leather" or an ordinary player Body in a "Raider Suit/Leather"

    And please leave a comment below of your opinion on this suggestion, And even leave a comment on how you think i could improve this suggestion! :)
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    posted a message on THE ORIGINAL! ::Desert Temple Guardian:: {{Day1625+}} NEW IMAGES! 11/8/2016
    Support, balanced and it fits minecraft +1
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    posted a message on Poison tree(Dart) frog
    Support +1, i dont really find to many Good mob suggestions Nice work
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    posted a message on MCX360 Seed Requests
    I want a seed with
    • All Jungle Biome
    • No Ocean (If Possible)
    • Rivers
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    posted a message on Painting packs
    Maybe.. new paintings already come with Mash up packs but if you want to keep the default pack and just have some new painting then i guess this would be usefull, I personally would buy a Painting pack but only if it is Cheap
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    posted a message on Skyrim mash up pack
    I know there are alot of people who think that minecraft shouldent be skyrim but the truth is Minecraft is Minecraft and Skyrim is Skyrim adding a skyrim texture to minecraft wouldent make Minecraft Skyrim.. just like adding a Minecraft texture to Skyrim wouldent make it minecraft, I love both games and i Support a Skyrim mash up pack
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    posted a message on Gliders or Ziplines?
    Support, it would be usefull for getting around in Extreme hills and would be just plain Awsome! :P
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