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I like to make command block contraptions that are either absolutely hilarious and insane or just some things that improve survival mode. I always find it fun to see how certain things work and I always learn from it and use that knowledge for future projects, and almost every contraption I make is a learning experience for me.

WARNING, History coming up: I gained an interest in command blocks back when they came out. I wanted to learn how to use them, so after a little while, when command blocks became more and more powerful, I looked up a bunch of videos showcasing simple contraptions, I built them in Minecraft and then I started to branch off of them and make other contraptions. Eventually I was starting to learn on my own. And at this point, after two-three years of programming with Command blocks, while I may not be a Sethbling, I think it's safe to say I'm really good with command blocks. And I'm thirteen, too!


Programming of any kind, playing games, reading believe it or not. Memes... the thing that gamers don't have in their vocabulary, 'outside'.

Pets, lots of things.

Location In my couch

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