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    posted a message on Ever found a Stronghold without using ender eyes?
    Yes. on a seed you spawn on a island with 1 tree and a but 100 blocks away is a stronghold
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    posted a message on Minecon 2012 Location Announced!
    hey. mojang, how about australia next yea?hey. mojang, how about australia next yea?
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    posted a message on My Enderman Curse
    one enderman teleported in front of me at my friends house and i SCREAMED
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    posted a message on I think you guys know how this ended.
    Hit them over the head with the lily pad
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    posted a message on Your First Diamond
    I got some diamonds mining then my friend tried to make me jump in lava
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    posted a message on Do wolves get hungry
    Wolfs cant get hungry but players can
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    posted a message on Finding Diamonds
    Yea same happens to me

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    posted a message on My story
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    posted a message on Were do zombie pigmen get gold?
    blaze poo

    naah its propily travilers being killed by the zombie pig man and stole their gold...
    or blaze poop
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3] You Are the Creeper 0.61: Currently being updated (check last page)
    This mod is epic.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this was the first mod i installed and me and my friends were so F&%*#ing ammazed
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    posted a message on My story
    The war
    Plot: The year is 2525. The HPA (human pigman alliance) is under strict orders to wipe out the mob empire but when the ender destroys half of the minecraftias the humans must face a worse enemy.

    PART 1:
    "Forward to victory"! Yelled the human captain carrying a flint rifle. The year was, well I don’t know. All I remember was that and an officer saying to fall back. Of Couse the HPA (human pigman alliance) was under very strict orders to attack the zombie-controlled city ElxaCrat. The Pigman commander pulled out a semi-bedrock sword. That was the reason they wanted control of the city. Elxacrat was a minor bedrock mining city but it had the largest amounts of pure bedrock on this world. Semi Bedrock sword can smash a diamond sword like it was wooden sword. Pure bedrock can mine obsiden-q, the second hardest material in the known universe. The pigman Commander was leader of the top pigman melee legion. A new order came in. The HPA charged the city walls. All I saw was a blinding flash and then...... well I don't remember. I woke up to a human officer saying to fall back because the zombies had released a swam of zombie pigmen. The Pigmen refused to attack they them.

    PART 2:
    The human officer picked up a flint rifle and with a click of the trigger shot a zombie pigman. The pigman where raged that a human could fire at one of their own.
    While the pigmen where falling back. As half of the HPA fell back the other half stood strong.
    Well they stood strong for about six minutes before it turned into suicide. Then the nesrk carries picked up the troops.

    25 days later;
    I have been told rumours that the pigman are building strongholds to find a new dimension to live in peacefully. I have been later told they are fake, by the commander of ground forces. But he also said that the "super humans" never existed. But 12 days after he said the super humans where fake, The HPA said it was true.

    2 weeks later;
    We, the 102 ground legion have a mission to infiltrate the city of Osxe. This city was this time controlled by creepers.
    Meh, creepers I thought. But 7 hours later we were being blown to bits. Our forward tanks had been blown up, air bombers blown out of the stormy sky and our troopers scrambling to safety. The captain order this was a failure mission, and help to be cancelled. With 98% of our forces gone the rest fled into hiding including me.
    We headed to the stone hills of iroston, an old out post. There we found a few diamonds, 2 rock guns and a creeper detector.

    Part 3 teaser:
    Fire, lava, explosions, the ender, THE end, The End
    Creeper’s fire and

    Part 3: we saw a few creepers that night, and a strange light in the distance. We fortified a stone tower, and we must have hit an old base because the sounds of a 2429 year model radio was very loud, as we went closer, one of the troopers thought they had spotted something. We just went on and forgot what he said and kept one slowly chipping away the walls of the old base. As soon as we opened up the wall, there was a loud scream and that same trooper that said he saw something was dead. The creeper scanner was picking up a few creepers then it read: “error: 68457. Unknown subject, signal blocked”. Then I saw a creepers running away. Away! I thought. That’s odd. We decided if the creepers were running away, we better go back I said to the stone tower.as we went up the old stairway, the strange light in the distance was even bigger. Then it happened…

    Do you like it? if you do, please post a comment and keep this story going. :steve_wink:
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    posted a message on Invisible Skins
    they work i tested it and it was completly see-though
    only noobs use invisiable skins and my friends are plannin to use them to kill me and my other friend on minecraft
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    posted a message on Emerald ore is back!
    Look at this:

    http://twitter.com/jeb_/statuses/207731363246374912yAY IT IS BACK
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    posted a message on Smp isn't what it used to be...
    Yes that is wright
    my friends are making a smp sever with around 12 plugins.
    the only plugins i like are: Factions, and mob diquise.
    like i was palyer on a sevre with my freinds and they this is what heppend:

    ME: "Lets go mining"
    Friend: "Naaah. we can just go buy diamonds"
    ME: "but thats basicly cheating!"
    Freiend: "Nahhh"
    He goes and gets his diamonds.

    And these days their is so much addmins and ops dropping random diamonds to every one and their is lots of cheaters and hacker.
    Then me and my friends went on to play a privite vinilla server and it was EPIC!
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    posted a message on What do you call your faction?
    What do you call your faction in smp?

    I call mine: HEHE, cookies, meanies or CreeperAro

    YAY 100 posts
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