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    What I do? I put in a chest and hide the chest with layers of cobblestone.
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    Quote from Coathar44

    I may have one here it is

    In Open State

    In Closed state

    The Restone

    With lever

    You can always invert the signal so the lever lines up (as in up closed and down open)


    That doesn't have an XOR gate. It can only be used from one side. If you use one lever to open it, the other lever can't close it.

    Quote from ViciousSword

    not single iron door... double iron, 2 side by side. one lever to open both.

    In Quadrman1's video, you will learn how to make an XOR gate. Just split the output into two: 1 goes in the first iron door and 1 goes in the
    second iron door.
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    Quote from Blackout0701

    Thanks! I never understood a lot about repeaters or there settings. now I still need to know redstone torches, pistons + sticky, lamps, and advanced redstone lessons.

    Oh I also need to know about tripwires and tripwire hooks.

    Trip wires are basically pieces of string connected to tripwire hooks. Tripwire hooks will power their surroundings similar to how levers do.

    Redstone torches on top of a block will power anything beside it and above it. ( If a repeater is directly above it, it will not be powered.)
    If you put a block (not translucent blocks like glass or glowstone) on top of a redstone torch, the block will power it's surroundings.
    To turn of a redstone torch on thop of a block, you must power the block from either below or from the sides.
    To turn of a redstone torch on the side of a block, you must power the block either above, below or from the sides without a redstone torch.

    For pistons, the easiest way to learn their properties and the different ways to power them is by going on youtube and searching for a tutorial,

    Lamps powered directly will power adjacent blocks and lamps. These lamps powered by the first lamp will not power adjacent block or surroundings.

    Advanced redstone lessons would most likely be logic gates, flip-flops and latches

    One gate would be the XOR gate.This would allow two levers to change the output regardless of the state of the other lever.
    One flip flop would be the D flip flop.This allows you to save the output to either the on or off state by powering the save input.
    One latch would be the RS NOR latch. This would need two buttons. One will be to turn the device either on or off depending on how you set it. The second would be to return the output to it's original state.
    *Note: the buttons for the RSNOR Latch will only do their assigned job. Therefore, if a button is pressed twice in a row, the second press will have no effect on the output. The second button will only work if the first button is pressed first.

    These are only a few samples of many morelogic gates, flip-flops and latches. To see how to build them and more examples of logic gates, flip-flops and latches, go to youtube.
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    I don't think I can tell you everything but here is some stuff:

    When passing through redstone, a current can only go 15 blocks from the power source.
    *Note: If anything that can be powered is the sixteenth block, it will be powered.
    repeaters can do more that one thing: It can delay the circuit so that it wil take a while before the power moves on, extend the current another fifteen blocks and it can keep itself from getting affected by adjacent currents as it can only be powered from side A and send power through the opposite end.
    *Note: The repeater has 4 states: The 1 tick delay. (This is the default state) The 2 tick delay( right click it onxe after putting down)
    3 and 4 tick delay. add a tick by right clickeng.
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    Today while trying to make a player detection system, I found out that if you put the edge of a minecart on top of a tripwire, it will make a clock that send 1 tick outputs. I don't know if it would help anyone but I just thought it could help if I shared it with you guys. What do you guys think about it?
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    Best upgrade?

    Buy a new pc
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    If you need a small Bud switch, try this:


    Here it is again but this time it's attached to a t flipflop:

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    I shall keep it alive
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    Chicken. One hit any sword... enough said
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