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    There is no reason for this post to exist
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    No pics, no clicks
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    posted a message on Breaking News - Modding API Updates!
    I'm worried about simplifying the game engine too,
    • Will mods like Optifine be added to vanilla?
    Something even better. Overall, the game engine is being simplified, taking most of the load off of the client, and having the server doing the heavy work, greatly improving SMP.
    Smoothstone stairs are not planned.
    No new mobs are planned.

    Optifine isn't just meant to boost FPS, I use it for more customability with my video settings for a better looking game. For example, I hate the opaque leaves and vingette of fancy graphics, but I love fancy grass, so I can turn that on without the leaves or vingette of fancy graphics
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    This will probably just end up being one of those stupid things like 3D anaglyph that nobody will end up using, but will just be there anyways
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    I put this on my friend's PC and he freaked out
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    This is amazing!
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    posted a message on is herobrine still in minecraft after he got taken out ?
    Quote from alfredo1963

    I have had a think and thought that herobrine could still be in minecraft after he was taken out about 5 updates ago. there are rumours and u tube vids about him being real? if anybody would like to join this please reply

    You are dumb. Just because it's on the internet doesn't make it real. Mojang puts "Removed Herobrine" in the patch notes for every update since the myth was started. It's a JOKE
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    Quote from himan935


    Um... You could tell him how he is "fishing for attention" I watched the video, and unlike you I don't blame him for fishing for attention with no logic behind it. So at least explain your logic before you make the post
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    Quote from Lunacie

    I love pumpkin pies, but I like carrot and baked potatoes too.
    My Minecraft character is vegan. I'm glad there's more food I can eat :)

    If you were vegan you wouldn't eat pumpkin pie. Pies require EGGS. Eggs come from chicken

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    posted a message on i would like see peoples houses (survival houses only)

    View from atop a hill

    Storage room (I have 3 of them)
    16 large chests on each floor
    36 furnaces on each
    Equivalent to 12 stacks of wooden planks and 13.5 stacks of cobblestone

    Nether wart farm and portal room

    Mushroom farm (Piston activated)


    Cocoa bean and piston wheat farm

    So... I heard you like Mudkip
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