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    posted a message on {PAID} Development Opportunity

    Hey, please add me on Discord; CraterHater#2316

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    posted a message on Immersive Star Wars RPG Looking for [Builders, Developers, Artists, Worldpainters, Modellers]

    Hey everyone!

    My name is CraterHater and I am looking for a team to get an immersive Star Wars MMORPG server up and running. I myself have five years of experience working with plugins so I will do the custom plugins but I need people to help me build the planets.

    Why will this server be different from other servers?

    This server will be non-linear. You won't be constrained to a level or a pre-made storyline. Everything you do on this server is what you want. You can create your own character and pick their homeworld, their race and allocate skill points. The game then starts on the planet you picked and here you can work your way up. Earn credits and complete missions to buy spaceships, blasters and all kinds of cool items. Fly to different planets and decide where your allegiance lies. The story is up to you to decide. Will you work your way up the imperial ranks and take charge of the death star or will you join the jedi temple to become a jedi knight? Or perhaps you prefer a grey route? Maybe the bounty hunter live is more to your liking and you want to become a servant to Jabba the Hutt. (And eventually overthrow him of course). In short, this server will put as few constraints on the player as possible in order to make this a hyper immersive experience.

    What will I have to do?

    In order to apply you can go to this Discord server and send a message to CraterHater#2316. https://discord.gg/kVDeSgG. Here I will ask you a few questions and then we can get started! Please do note that these positions are voluntary and they are not paid. You will however, be paid if there are any donations down the line but I can't guarantee we will ever get to that point. But we'll do our best!

    Thanks for reading and I hope to see many of you there!

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    posted a message on need a developer

    Please add me on Discord: CraterHater#2316

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    posted a message on StarForge Networks MC - **RECRUITING STAFF** [PAID]

    Name: CraterHater
    Position: Plugin Developer
    Discord: CraterHater#2316

    Why should we choose you: I have been developing plugins for over four years now and have released 31 resources to the Spigot forums. Here is a link to my portfolio: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/authors/craterhater.49025/. I like to work on challenging projects and things that are a little out of the ordinary. I have experience with almost any area of plugin development including minigames, particles etc. Your server looks interesting and I would love to become a part of this team.

    How will you benefit us: I can develop any plugin you may need and I can provide support for existing plugins. I think we can improve the server significantly in order to provide a better experience and draw in more people.

    Thanks and I hope you consider my application.

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    posted a message on ⚔️Drakyo MMORPG⚔️ RECRUITING
    Minecraft Username: CraterHater
    Discord Username: CraterHater#2316
    Age: 18
    Availability: 10-14 hours a week.
    Role: (Includes Builder, Dev, Quest/Lore Writer, Mob Creator): Plugin Developer
    What interested you in applying: I love MMORPG servers and I love coding for them. I used to be a part of the Wynncraft team and I really enjoyed my two years there. I hope you contact me. Thanks!
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    posted a message on ✔️Daylight MC✔️☀️player☀️and👨‍💻staff👨‍💻recruitment💯

    Would like to apply for plugin developer: CraterHater#2316

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    posted a message on Pixelverse - Pokemon MMORPG - large playerbase - STAFF NEEDED. - (Builders, Artists, Writers, etc...) No modpack needed.
    Discord: CraterHater#2316
    What position you are interested in: Mainly Developer but I am also good with command blocks.
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    posted a message on IRONMC | Staff NEEDED | Will pay!

    1. What is your age?

    My age is 17 although my birthday is coming up within two months.

    2. Why are you applying for IronMC?

    I am looking for a server to work for and from what I read yours looks like it has potential to become successful.

    3. What is your best skill? (building, dev, etc)

    Plugin Development. I have got five years of experience and have uploaded numerous plugins to Spigot.

    4. Do you require payment?

    Yes because I think my plugins can earn you a lot as well so it is only fair if I receive some of that pay.

    5. What staff application are you applying for?

    Plugin Developer.

    6. Why do you want the position you chose?

    It is the one I am good at!

    7. What is your discord username?


    8. What is your minecraft username?


    9. There is a hacker on the server, using pvp hacks. What do you do?

    Ban them indefinitely and have them appeal if they want to come back. Players using hacks do not actually care about the server anyway so they were not going to contribute to the community anyways.

    10. A group of players are spamming caps. What do you do?

    Tell them to stop. If they do not, same story as with the previous question.

    11. Somebody is advertising their server. What do you do?

    Again, I would tell them to stop, if they do not, ban them indefinitely and have them appeal.

    12. If there are any other notes write them here.

    My portfolio:


    I hope I get accepted!


    1. What is your favorite color?

    Light Blue (Cyan)

    2. What is your favorite gamemode in minecraft?

    RPG (Like Wynncraft)

    3. What is your favorite food?

    Tough question, I do not think I have got a real favorite. I like steak and good salads but I am not sure about a specific favorite.

    4. What kind of youtube videos do you watch?

    I like movies so I tend to watch a lot of movie related videos.

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    posted a message on ➳ Panem Roleplay, Hunger Games Server, searching for staff (Devs, Builders, Gamemakers etc) ➳
    In-Game name: CraterHater
    Discord (Name+Id): CraterHater#2316
    Age (+15): 17
    Timezone: CET
    Time played on Minecraft: started 8 years ago, hour estimate (~3000)
    Link(s) to previous created Plugins: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/authors/craterhater.49025/
    Write a bit about yourself: My name is Robin and I have been developing Bukkit plugins for over two years now. I started coding four years ago and I really enjoy it. Anything you would like to know about me you can ask on Discord!
    Other information/Questions: For my work I do request a payment of around ~10 euros an hour. I assure you my code is clean and optimized. I would be happy to perform a sort of trial to show my abilities.
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    posted a message on RECRUITING ARTISTS & DEVELOPERS: The Spire Network.

    I will apply for developer when I get home

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    posted a message on 💎 Dawn of Arandis 💎 | A Fantasy Style Survival/RPG Server | CALLING ALL EX-STAFF
    IGN:[/b] CraterHater
    Age:[/b] 17
    [b]Discord: [/b]CraterHater#2316
    Position wanted:[/b] Plugin Developer
    Why?:[/b] I read the post and I really like the concept of the server. I would love to work together with you all in order to create plugins which make the server stand out from others.
    [b]Experience: [/b]I've got four years of experience working with the Bukkit/Spigot API so I am able to develop whatever you need. I uploaded 29 resources to Spigot (Link below) and I have developed plugins for numerous other servers including a custom Harry Potter plugin. I can show you more work in progress plugins or do a trial plugin if you want.

    Link to my Portfolio[/b] :
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    posted a message on City Of Maltiria - City Server - Players, Builders and Developers needed

    Hey add me on Discord CraterHater#2316 if you are looking to hire developers

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    posted a message on [LF] Developer, Paying via PayPal

    Age: 17[/b][/i]

    Discord: CraterHater#2316[/b][/i]
    [Experience]How much help you can be to me: I can develop custom plugins for you. Here's my portfolio: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/authors/craterhater.49025/[/b][/i]

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    posted a message on Realms of Madness | Unique RPG | Looking for Co-Owner

    Realms of Madness is an upcoming RPG server in which players complete elaborate quest lines in which their choices actually impact the storyline in significant ways. What makes Realms of Madness unique is that players have the ability to choose who they play this game with. This can be either alone, or with friends. The game will scale the monsters around the player's strength so that all areas of the game can be completed whenever the player desires. The story is incredibly detailed and multi layered and starts of extremely mysterious going over the early years of the player's life.

    As the title suggests, realms play a major role in this server. That is because during the main questline the player will come across shrines belonging to one of the six different gods. One is considered good, and five are considered evil. All evil gods have got a realm in which side quests take place.

    I am currently on schedule for release mid 2019

    I am looking for a Co-Owner to help manage an upcoming team!

    Contact me on Discord at CraterHater#2316 if you are interested!

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