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    We are still looking for dedicated people, who can make a chance in EnderForest.

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    Very nice logo and design! Hope you will be succesfull!
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    What about MassiveMine? HUGE LAUNCH VERY SOON!
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    Quote from SteakOnSpray_

    Hi MassiveMine,

    We have a Youtube channel where we play some different games. We are planing on playing Minecraft (minigames mostly) We thought about playing on MassiveMine and Advertise for your server, and play your minigames. Make videos, and give them a Ip for the Server.

    We can play with our Youtube friends and i that way advertise for your Server on many different Youtube Channels. If you are interested Please Direct Message us on Twitter, and we can work something out (Or just answer me on this post) :)

    We want to make a collab with MassiveMine. And do more than just play on your server.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteaksTV
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SteaksTV

    Note: Together with our Youtube friends, we can reach out to some of the hardcore Minecraft fans, there want to play minigames and just have fun.

    We are all 16 years old :)


    We would be really interested in a collab with you. For the details we will send you a message, containg our Skype adress to your twitter account. Thanks!
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    Quote from Rockinrhino

    Legal Name: Chris G.
    In Game Name: Rockinrhino
    Email (Optional):[email protected]
    TIme-zone: Central Chicago Illinois (On all night so can be active during multiple time-zones)
    How many hours are you willing to be dedicated:60 hours a week. /120 hours after next week.
    *- Why should we choose you over someone else?: This is the question that always makes me wonder anyways I can't really say why should you accept me because this should be for you and your Administration team and discuss why I'm a good candidate for moderator position on your server. But if you'd like here I go. I sincerely believe you should accept me for this position because of my experience in these type of servers, my knowledge on improvements and my many jobs as an administrator. I can offer a lot as a moderator and even provide ideas for improvements Because of what I do. I am probably the best at administrating other players, the server, fixing bukkit errors, dealing with problems, forums, anything else you need. I've been playing mc multiplayer since Alpha was released. I know what I'm doing, more so than the other guy you're looking to fill my spot. I have experience with admin panels due to the servers I've started. I know how it works, and what's wrong when something goes wrong.

    -Past Server Experience: I've been admin in a prison server for minecraft so I'm familiar with the commands, setting up plugins, I love working with others. I have not only been a moderator or admin In minecraft but also Garry's mod, Team-Fortress 2, Wartune(RPG), and GangwarsRp which is a huge RPG server in Garry's mod I left and resigned my position because I joined the United States Army. I can add more experience I have a lot but I'm on my IPhone sorry. Also here is some other experience I've done with Administrating Servers. I've been an Admin on two RPG games. My first RPG server I was admin on was GangwarsRp and I was admin on that server for 2 1/2 years I first started on that server as a player working my way up to the top learning the basics of an RPG server and getting to know the ways around and gaining my trust with every single player and staff member. Last year I resigned my position and quit the server because I joined the United States Army. I'm just not a player looking for an easy rank I'm actually really interested in your server. My 2nd administrative rank was in a World-Wide game called Wartune I was a GM there which means I valued my time on that game with learning even more about RPG games and experience my job was to teach new players around the world to learn the basics of RPG games and help them out with anything they needed I worked entirely free for both positions I'm just glad that I get to help others.

    - Past Experience with Prison Servers: As I may have stated before in the past 2-3 years I've been staff on 4 very successful prison servers such as Don't Drop The Soap, LockdownPrison, Convicted, and ShawShank. 2 years ago my position as chat-mod in LockdownPrison server was the best ever as I started from moderator and worked my way up from Maintenance(Admin), By helping players out in every time zone I could be on, training new staff members and teaching them the basics of guard, chat-mod, or even Trial Admin. My times on Convicted & DDTS I was a guard and also worked my way up in those servers by doing what I do best and helping out. I know all the prison rules by heart unless you add more, I've very familiar with many plugins around the bukkit community and I know how to work them. Unfortunately, I resigned those positions because I enlisted in the Army and had to be deployed to Iraq even though I left I was remembered by many players not only around those servers but around the minecraft community and that's why I'd decided to help here like I did to those other servers.
    - Plugin knowledge (1-10): 10
    - Can you build (post pictures)?: Honestly I'm going to break some bad news towards you I try not to build because I'm not that good of a builder I focus more on helping players other staff members and plugins.

    - Tell us about yourself?:At the age of 17 1/2 I enlisted in the United States Army I'm currently still active duty but I have a lot if time on my hands. I'm a SSGT and I'm an Airborne Medic in the 101st Airborne Division US Army. I so far did one tour in Iraq and returned to the US for a 1 year release every month I will not be able to get on it's just one day though it's for still but I promise you I will help in every way I can to making this server become successful and I will be on to help players in every time-zone.
    Thank you for reading and if you need more information that's not a problem. God Bless!

    P.S Sorry I changed the color of the text. Colors don't help people get a job experience does. If you need more information just let me know via skype or Minecraft Forums.

    If you decide to make a prison game mode in you're server I'd be very helpful there.

    Message send. Thanks for this great application!
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