About Me

I am back in action! Ever since school started, I've been off MC Forums, but now I stopped playing Minecraft, but I still am active on these forums because I kinda have nothing much to do in my free time but work on Youtube / Programming things.

Anyways, more info. about me is that I am kickstarting my Youtube channel again, search me up as "xCRG177", I currently have barely any videos, but hey, that's alright! I am also a programmer, that is basically my main hobby, I also program for a living, not to make money, but create and crank out programs / games that people can use / play.

On my account for forums, I'll be mainly posting Suggestions and ranting about how much 1.9 doesn't really fit the name Minecraft anymore.


Gaming for sure, Coding definitely, and Flight / Aviation also catches my eye.

Location California, USA

Profile Information

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