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    posted a message on 🔥Play.ClashCraft.org🔥 1.12.2 FACTIONS/ECONOMY! ⚡️ Mature Community and Staff! ⚡️ Nothing but FUN! ⚡️ Active Discord! 🔥

    ClashCraft is a 1.12.2 Survival/Factions server that is economy based, we run giveaways very often which usually consist of Crate Keys and ranks, we’re also always looking for accept new staff members and we’re always welcoming of new players. Need a place to chillout? Want to make new friends? Join Play.ClashCraft.org! Several months of work has gone into making this server as fun as possible, and we’re adding new things everyday! We also have an active Discord which you can join here https://discord.gg/t7kyV5V we’re always happy to see new players!

    We also have our store which is Store.ClashCraft.org which contains very inexpensive ranks and perks that give you a TON of benefits!

    Here’s some builds our players have already made on Play.ClashCraft.org!

    So what are you waiting for? See what all the fun is about at Play.ClashCraft.org!
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    posted a message on Weird Floating Village!

    Just tried it. That’s crazzzzyyyyy! I’m gonna expand it! :D

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    posted a message on Need intro.

    Love your work!

    I haven't used Skype in awhile so I'll make a new one. Also my new Mac just came in so I'll setup everything and PM you my skype!

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    posted a message on Wintercraft.Krystaltechnology.com ~ Survival ~ Family Friendly ~ Economy ~ Small Server [No Whitelist!]
    Please comment down below what you like about this server!
    Thank You'

    :triforce: by Drazile12 :sword: by thebaum64 :Notch: :Notch: :sword: by thebaum64 :triforce: by Drazile12

    IP - Wintercraft.krystaltechnology.com

    Ever wanted to find a server with a REAL community?

    Fun players and staff?

    Clean chat?

    No problems?

    Well Wintercraft is for you!

    Wintercraft is a community based server with no issues, every feature we provide has been tested. We have an econamy featuring auctions, a shop with buy and sell, and a scoreboard on the side showing you your money amount and how many players are currently online.

    Don't want to get greiefed? No problem! When you first join you are shown a friendly welcome message and you are given some items, these items include wooden tools, bread, and a golden shovel! You can use this golden shovel for claiming your land, this is done by taking your shovel and right clicking one corner of your land then right clicking the other corner of your land, and presto! Your land is now 100% ungriefable! You can type /trust (player) to give that player access to break blocks, but be careful, only do this with trusted players. You will start of with 100 claim blocks, and if you want more, you DON'T have to pay! The more you play, the more claim blocks you get!

    Sick and tired of being TP killed or just loosing your items in general? No problem! Whenever you die your items are safe, but be careful you WILL loose your items in the nether AND end! TPA to people safely!

    Q. How do you auction and bid items?
    A. Type /auc help and you'll get all the info. To bid, type /bid (Amount of money)

    Q. How do I buy and sell items?
    A. Type /warp shop and locate the item you want, then it's simple, buy and sell your items with the signs!

    Q. Can I donate?
    A. Sorta, Type the IP play.krystaltechnology.com and donate there, that money goes toward the server.

    Q. Can I buy ranks?
    A. No, this makes it more fair, everyone gets all features!

    Q. Does the server lag?
    A. NOPE! We're lag free, with 2TB of storage (Shared storage) and a secret amount of ram, we don't lag!
    Join Now!
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    posted a message on Post your Minecraft funny moments here!

    My funniest moment was probably when me and my friend we're on a server and we we're building the ol' fashioned Mob Spawners

    (The Huge tower with water at the top when it's dark)

    So my friend placed the last block, and we was going to jump into the water below, so he jumped and just barely made it in, note that he was screaming the entire fall which was hilarious enough, then once he landed he turned around and there we're like 5 creepers that blew up, somehow they all blew up at the same time, while he was in the water, which created some sort of creeper TNT cannon type thing, so he went flying, like 500+ blocks away from where he landed, which he also screamed along the way, and ironically he didn't land in water, he landed on a random dirt block In the middle of the ocean.


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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Live PM's and Live Notifications.

    Title says it all.

    In order to see if you have a notification you have to keep refreshing, and if you're PMing someone and they're online you have to keep refreshing to see if they replied. But if these were live, you'd get the PM or Notification without refreshing.


    :Notch: :triforce: by Drazile12 :Notch:

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    posted a message on Minecraft WII U too late? NO! Here's why.

    Before I begin I want to say, yes. I have a lot of links in this post. I am NOT advertising, and not apart of any of these websites. The links are just to prove a point. Enjoy!

    Many of you have that question in your head. Isn't Minecraft WII U too late? No it isn't.

    Although the Nintendo NX is going to be released, Minecraft WII U is coming out this year, and it's December.

    Anyway, I can explain why it isn't too late with 1 simple link.


    Yes, this is Terraria for the WII U. See the release date? April 12, 2016. Wow. This is pretty self-explanatory.


    Now, you want to know what is ironic.

    You always see articles like this



    All these articles show that Terraria beat Minecraft to the Wii U. Well, Minecraft punched Terraria in the face. Because now, Minecraft WII U is being released BEFORE Terraria on Wii U! This just goes to show that you shouldn't make articles or blog posts or anything like this.

    Anyway, this is irrelevant with the subject. I just wanted to point out how ironic that was.


    Back on task. Minecraft is being released soon on Wii U!

    It's not too late at all. If anything, Terraria on Wii U is most likely going to fail, because April of 2016 is WAY too late. The NX is releasing in 2016 I believe. According to most posts, everyone is saying somewhere in 2016, so Terraria is the late one here.


    Oh and one more thing. Minecraft will not and never will be on 3DS, there's many clones on 3ds, but if you notice one thing. They all are awful, and can barely run properly. So Minecraft doesn't stand a chance on 3DS. BUT! The "New" 3DS XL, May Be able to run Minecraft. Just maybe.


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    posted a message on Server name ideas!

    This is very interesting for a server. Good luck!

    Name ideas -









    Simple ideas that came from my noggin' feel free to use em'

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    posted a message on [Please Close]Open your own server for free


    Players - 25

    Simple survival with a family friendly environment, if you could help me with the plugins that would be nice, please install a plugin called Installer before starting the server please :)


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    posted a message on If you could throw 100,000 of something off of the Empire State Building, what would it be?

    100,000 Glass cups with 1,000,000 tiny glass cups inside each. That would be epic

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