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    I was going to say a 64 bit computer that ran actual Windows 8 programs, Buuuuuut, I'm pretty sure it's impossible

    BUT! You should make a metal detector in Minecraft! It would detect ores under you and make a *Ding* sound when standing over an ore. Then in the chat it would say the ore, and how many blocks deep it is. Or even possible it auto digs it for you.

    (Maybe even tell you if there's dangours below you like lava too, so you don't die. Ooh! And while you dig each block further you go down, it'll count for you until you reach how many blocks deep the ore was)

    Good idea?

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    You know what would make me so amazed that I'd fly to the moon in amazement?

    If someone made a 64 bit computer with as much ram as Windows 8 and could run actual windows applications.

    I don't even think it's possible but if someone made it then I wouldn't even know what to do, I'd flip in amazement!

    I mean I've seen people code command blocks so when you flip a switch in Minecraft a LED light turns on In real life, so if that's possible then this should only take 2-99 years :D

    ANYWAYS. That... Is... AWESOME :o

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    Well... Good luck...

    it's not as easy as you think it is.

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    So the pudding mod won't just be any mod, it'll be life!

    The Idea:

    There will be Pudding blocks, pudding cups, pudding mobs, pudding biomes, pudding armor, and finally Radioactive pudding.


    The Recipes:

    This is just simple recipes but you could make them a little more complex.

    Pudding Block - Entire crafting table with Coca beans will make a Pudding mixture, then fill the entire crafting table with pudding mixture to make a pudding block.

    Pudding Cup - 1 bucket with 1 pudding mixture on top will make a Pudding cup (Edible)

    Pudding Mobs - Obviously you can't craft them, but they will spawn in pudding biomes. (Not much more to explain, get creative!)

    Pudding Armor - This will be made just like every other armor but with pudding mixture. (You could add tools too)

    Radioactive Pudding - 1 pudding cup in a furnace will make a Radioactive Pudding.


    What the items will do:

    Pudding block - Will be exactly like a slime block but you'll jump 2 or 3 times higher.

    Pudding Cup - Gives 3 1/2 hearts when ate

    Pudding Mobs - NOT AN ITEM, Get creative. (As well as the pudding biome)

    Pudding Armor - Will be stronger than diamond armor

    Radioactive pudding - When ate it will make you 3x stronger than before and will make you jump 4x higher than normal and the really interesting part, you will be able to pick up blocks and throw them, which those blocks can break through other blocks when thrown. Also maybe when you throw the block it becomes a sphere of that block just for more destruction. (Maybe the recipe for this will be more complicated because of what it can do) Oh yes and finally when ate you will also become bigger. Like a Giant zombie but medium sized or something.

    28/10 -IGN

    9000/32 - New York Times magazine

    6427/9201 - Some guy I met around the block

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    IGN: WinterWolves

    Age: 13 1/2 :P

    I've played Minecraft for about 4 or 5 years (Belive it or not)

    I'd be the builder and redstone engineer! I'm not Sethbling amazing but I'm pretty good with redstone, and I LOVE it build massive creations, I'm also pretty acitive. Finally I'm a really fun person to play with, So I won't be raging and screaming at people. I'd just have a fun time!

    Thank you!

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    IGN: WinterWolves

    I would LOVE if I could join! I'd work fairly with all the projects and have fun!

    Gender: Male (I have to say that because some people mistake me as a girl, because of my name)


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