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    The empty bucket mean that you have seen them. If they come back, then either you are using another computer, or there is an update (somebody posting a comment, or someone edited their comment/post)

    The water bucket applies to any post.

    The lava bucket applies to any popular post.
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    Quote from Autoskip


    First AND exited about this map.

    I was just playing skyblock in 1.3.1, posted a comment about how he could make the nether 1.3 compatible, and saw your sig in the comment above mine...

    Skyblock MADE for 1.3! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    Now Downloading...

    Congrats on being first! I saw your comment on skyblock, but I think I'll make a version 1.1 for the building downwards in the Nether, since I didn't intend on anyone trying to build down.

    Quote from StephanTJ

    Looks awesome

    Thank you! This is my first map, so if you have any problems, feel free to post a feedback! :D
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    posted a message on stupidest ways to die
    I killed my first enderdragon in survival. As you can imagine, I gained over 100 XP. So, I went home, and accidentally got a boat stuck into a wall. Keep this in mind: my place block/enter boat/enter minecart is set to 'E'. I tried to press W, but missed it, and I suffocated. I didn't have a pick in my inventory because I just came from the end :\
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    Epic texture pack! It one of my favorite packs, the other one being Inspiration by TobiwanK3nobi. I can see you've put a lot of effort into it, and from personal experience, I know it is not easy to make one. If you don't mind me asking, about how much time did you put into this pack?
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    posted a message on [Surv][1.4.4+] - 4 Pillar Survival [+200k DL][+Tekkit]
    I love this map. I hope in the next version, you get rid of the iron, since it is infinite. You can either make an iron golem farm, or rely on rare mob drops from zombies. So in the ore pillar, there should be more nonrenewable resources, and less iron and gold. I think it makes the map harder ^_^
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    posted a message on [Surv] Skyblock
    This is my favorite map. I played it about 10 times, and the hardcore version about 3 times. I hope you make a version 3.0 and 3.1! :)
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    posted a message on Dynamic Texture Assigning (updated Sept 10, 2012, including changing models!)
    Isn't it easier to just change the hue/saturation/brightness/contrast by just using your editing software and copy/paste? I like the idea of different textures for the pistons, fences, and especially stairs and doors. They should fix the way stairs are textured, because i hate the dark line in the middle.
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    Can you post pictures please?
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    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Skyomes Survival Map[/font]

    [font=times new roman', times, serif]Skyomes- n. a combination of the word Sky and Biomes. There are floating islands/hemispheres that each have a different biome: Mushroom Island, Jungle, Forest, Swamp, Desert, Ocean, River, Frozen River, and Plains. It is a survival map by CorruptedBase that is inspired by Skyblock and Four Pillars Survival.[/font]

    If you make textures, and want FTB compatibility, check out my other post here!
    If you enjoyed the map, feel free to tell your friends about it by using a sig *more information below!*

    5000+ Downloads! This is amazing, thanks guys :D


    Survival v2: http://adf.ly/LIdyM
    Survival Hardcore: Coming Soon!

    Previous Versions

    Survival Version 1.0: http://adf.ly/BBorn

    Hardcore Version 1.0: http://adf.ly/BBp5v

    -Play on easy or higher
    -NO MODS
    -Doing the challenges are OPTIONAL
    -You have to trust me



    1. Make an infinite cobblestone generator
    2. Go to all of the floating hemispheres
    3. Make a melon farm
    4. Make a pumpkin farm
    5. Make a sugarcane/reed farm
    6. Make a wheat farm
    7. Acquire Iron
    8. Go to the nether
    9. Make a vine farm
    10. Find out what's in the secret chest. You'll know when you see it.
    11. Make a nether wart farm.
    12. Collect ALL of the music discs
    13. Make 15 bookshelves
    14. Make a cactus farm
    15. Make a bed.
    ]16. Make an infinite snow generator.
    ]17. Use all the monster eggs.
    18. Have an epic battle with the monsters!
    19. Go to the end.
    20. Kill the dragon
    ]21. Make a cow farm
    22. Make a chicken farm
    23. Make a sheep farm
    24. Mate wolves
    25. Mate Ocelots
    26. Make a mooshroom farm.
    27. Make a pig farm
    28. Mate villagers.

    Pictures (Note, some pictures may be outdated. I'll upload the v2 Skyomes ASAP)

    The Nether:

    Other Pictures:

    The Overworld (Chest Contents)


    The Nether (Chest Contents)

    Pictures from you guys :D

    By ShirleyHeartShaymin


    By CloudzOCE(Youtube)/SqueakieHD(Forums)

    By DrMeelo(YouTube)/MrShadowkillz(Forums)


    Survival Version 1.0: http://adf.ly/BBorn

    Hardcore Version 1.0: http://adf.ly/BBp5v

    How To Install:

    Step 1: Unzip the .zip file by using winRAR or 7zip. If you are on a mac, double click it.

    Step 2: Drag the unzipped file into your save folder. In windows, it should be in appdata/roaming/.minecraft/

    In mac, it should be under library/application support/minecraft

    Step 3: Launch minecraft, and look for it in your saves!

    Sorry, I do not know how to use a linux. If you do use a linux, odds are, you are good with computers and don't need my help anyways. If you do need help, I don't mind pulling out my first computer I'd ever had (back when I was 4), and trying to figure out minecraft on the linux/ubuntu/fedora.

    Feedback is appreciated :)

    Feel free to give me suggestions, post videos, and pictures, to show me your progress.


    Q: I keep spawning into the void. Is there a way to fix this?
    A: Yes, press respawn a hundred billion times. OR, you can open your world to LAN and press the "Enable Cheats" Button, and gamemode yourself to 1 (Creative). Be sure to gamemode yourself to 0 (Survival) again.

    If you don't mind downloading mods, then King Korihor's Fallfix will fix the respawn ^_^ http://www.minecraft.../#entry17458006

    Sig it to show support! I will appreciate it :)

     //i.imgur.com/yI2g8.png" width="" height="" alt="" />" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1379218-132-skyomes-v10/] 
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    posted a message on Inspiration by TobiwanK3nobi - v30, updated May 28
    Quote from TobiwanK3nobi

    Aw, I'm sorry you don't like some of the textures man. It doesn't offend me though. I know everyone has their own preferences, and I'm used to not being able to please everyone. I wish I could say that I agree with you and that I'll change it, but in my opinion stone should be smooth, especially in a game with no built-in mip-mapping. If everything was super grainy and gritty, the pack would be so noisy that it would give me and a lot of other people headaches. That said, if you've been following my pack for a while, you should know by now that I almost always redo the stone textures! XD So we'll see what happens.

    Thanks for replying Tobi, and I understand :) Your pack had inspired me to make my own pack, and I see that it is a lot of work. Is it too much to ask to re-release your old textures? You don't have to if you are too busy. I would love to see them, because I only subscribed to you since version 13.
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    posted a message on Inspiration by TobiwanK3nobi - v30, updated May 28
    Tobi, I had always loved your texture pack, but I am disappointed with version 20. I'm really sorry, I know you worked hard on it, but the gravel is too dark, the stone, cobblestone, stone slabs, and stone bricks look too smooth. I liked the old ones that didn't look too smooth. The glass with the lines look weird to me, but it doesn't bother me a whole lot. I would love it if you have a alternate textures though. On the plus side, I love the cobblestone, just put some more noise into it so it doesn't look too smooth. I also love the new dirt! Again, i'm really sorry if I offended you, I know you worked really hard on it. I am looking forward to the next version though :)
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