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    Sorry I haven't been for so long on minecraftforums that is because of school...

    I wanna introduce you to double piston extenders!

    The first double piston extender is not that easy to build it under ground.

    The 2nd one and 3rd is also not easy to build under ground.

    Here are the tutorials

    This is the horizontal double piston extender tutorial.

    This is the Vertical Double piston extender tutorial

    Here is the simple piston extender tutorial.

    Hope you like the map ;) If you want more things like this then follow me

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    100% 2,500 followers

    if you don't follow me then there will be no redstone maps ok? And also please reply or I don't follow you ok?

    Download: http://adf.ly/1TjoaQ

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    posted a message on My Big Redstone House!

    Sorry for I haven't posted for a while... so this is what i made!

    this can work the highest version to 1.8.8 here are the screenshots

    So this is how it looks inside

    And here is how the bathroom looks

    Heres how the bedroom looks there is a sleeping bag and a closet.

    And heres the elevator you need to stand half a block to make it work.

    And heres the roof how it looks.

    And here is the download : Download

    And enjoy the world! P.S this dosen't work for 1.9 and up

    Enjoy my world! It is super awesome!

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    posted a message on Statues in 1.9

    Ok its been a while so i will give a new download...

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    posted a message on yShaders - Shaders for Macs and computers with Intel Graphics! [DISCONTINUED]

    Where's the download?!

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    posted a message on Statues in 1.9

    I dunno its just becuz like its for the latest snapshot thats why :mellow:

    Btw this map took about 1 hour or 2 hours I guess it was 2 hours ya it was 2 hours!

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    posted a message on Fence gate elevator for 15w37a

    If ur not replying i'll slap you! :angry:

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    posted a message on Fence gate elevator for 15w37a

    Check out my new map! Its pretty awesome enjoy it :DA: ^_^

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    posted a message on Statues in 1.9

    Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while so here is what i have to share! There are blocks statues and 2 mob statues

    So here are a few screenshots i have to show you

    First there is a Chest, TNT Block, Cake, and a Slime Block!

    Next There is a Minecart, and a Slime!

    And last there s a Very Giant Enderman!

    World download: Download

    And here are some of the tutorials

    This was the enderman I made but it was black...

    This was the chest i made

    This was the cake i made but I used orange wool

    And the minecart, tnt block, and slime block I made alone.

    So thank you for seeing this thing and comment, like, and follow me So thanks for seeing and PEACE!!! PS. THis is updated so you cant get the old one back im sorry but hope you like the new one!

    Also this was updated to 15w39c not 15w37a anymore so enjoy the map! and here's the display

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    posted a message on Fence gate elevator for 15w37a

    So here is the world download: WORLD DOWNLOAD

    And here is a screenshot of my fence gate elevator

    So you need winrar or 7zip to download this map

    Thx for seeing this!

    P.S This is a 1.9 and 1.8 map and its for the latest snapshot of minecraft. And also like, comment, and follow me on minecraft forums.

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