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    Me playing a hilarious round of UHC. Let me know what I can improve and if you liked it. I will be posting a lot more of these, so feel free to suscribe, but only if you really want to.


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    This is a brand new Let's Play series I've been trying out. I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work, so please give it a look. I need some feedback on my video, whether it good or bad.

    Keep in mind, I'm still trying to find the best recording software. The... Interesting picture quality will most likely be tampered with. I want to know what you think will make this a better series.
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    Well, it's a bit blocky n my opinion. Try adding a little texture.
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    This is a story I have been working on. It's a bit like lord of the rings and other things of that nature. Enjoy.

    Prince of Aurum

    A long time ago,
    Centuries after 'Now'.
    In a place west of east
    And a plot south of time.
    This world is not earth
    But our earth is their world.

    In a place without bullets,
    But ships in the sky
    No cars drive around
    But horses can fly.
    This world is not heavenly
    Not as it may seem
    In war ridden Nexum
    Is where we lay our scene.


    Three thousand men and women wearing golden armor, which was caked with mud and snow, marched into the main gates of 'The Black Castle', or the Capital Building of Nexum. The city of Obitus around them was depleted and burnt. The people of Nexum had fled from the capital, their last sanctuary.

    They were slowed down a little bit by the few black-armored troops that Nexum had left. to spare.The gold armored troops, or the Aurem Legion, shot golden crossbows and bronze explosives at the walls of the main keep. As the walls broke down, they slowly made their way inside.

    As they approached the King's Chamber, where they knew that King Xemorosha III, Dictator of Nexum, would be inside.

    The troops backed off to make way for their war leader, a man with long fair hair and a large helmet. His pale blue eyes were a rarity in the land of Aurem. He landed his silver Pegasus. (A Pegasi, used by most people to get around Aurem and surrounding empires, is a winged horse).

    "Heros of Aurem" he addressed his troops. "This is the moment we have been waiting for. All of our work up to this point has been for this moment. Beakus, bust the door."

    "Will do sir." The small man in front of the line took a large golden claw looking thing from his horse and aimed it at the bolted door. The golden claw, glimmering in the ash, shot and dug into the door. As the rope reclined, the door ripped off and the troops started in, shards of wood flying into their faces.

    War General Alexander was not an easily surprised man, but now, he gasped in shock.

    The former King of Nexum's body lay beaten, battered, and dragged across the floor, entrails in a neat pile behind.

    Somebody got to him first.


    Chapter I

    "What do you mean he was already dead?"

    Gamon Cael,who was the Vexîre (or King) of Aurem, grimaced at the news. This did not promote nationalism, this did not raise moral.

    The courier repeated himself. "I saw it myself. He was dead. We didn't kill him."

    This was an unexpected scenario. Gamon's hair seemed grayer than usual. His army was going to kill the dictator anyway, but now the whole campaign to cut off the head of the Nexists by taking out the leader was pointless. What would he tell the people?

    Of coarse, the people would listen no matter what he came up with. The reason that the king of Aurem had been renamed Vexîre, or immortal one, was that the head of Aurem was no longer a pure human. When the empire began, it was founded by Bexian, an immortal god. The new settlement ran smoothly, because people always had to listen to him. He could never be killed or assassinated, except by a special weapon which could be used in extreme corrupted leadership, called the Axum. The Axum was a three pronged sword which was created by the god himself, as an assurance that it was indeed a democracy, or so it seemed. The god hid the Axum, so that nobody except a government could use it.

    The god's reasoning for creating the device was to protect Aurem. Many countries had fallen or been subject to corrupted leadership. This weapon could eliminate that factor. If one leader was corrupt, whoever slained him with Axum would become the new Vexîre. This is why it was in such a secret location; if somebody else got their hands on it, and killed the current Vexîre, they would be the new leader, and nobody could question it. The Vexîre had that power, naturally.

    After awhile, people began to think the Axum wouldn't ever be necessary, because the god's reign lasted many decades.

    Soon, however the time of gods came to an end, and people started believing in sciences more than religious affairs. The god Bexian passed on his leadership power in a ceremony called Dakamus, and a chosen prince was made the new Vexîre. For four hundred years since then, the leaders of Aurem had been peacefully chosen.

    Gamon was the 73rd leader of the empire. He had been the Vexîre for over 30 years, but planned on retiring soon.

    Gamon paced as this dreaded meeting grew closer. He didn't know what to do.


    As the sun set over the golden buildings of Imperium, the capital city of Aurem, William Cael, Gamon's son, excitedly prepared for this important meeting with the Aurum Parliament. He knew that it would be about the War on Nexum, and that Aurum had finally won.

    He combed short, dark colored hair and dressed in formal attire. As the meeting time grew closer, he left his room, and worked his way to the meeting wing of the Golden Palace.

    His brother, Mordis, met up with him in the bridge. "Are you ready?" he said. "This could be the fate of 'your' empire." he was very obvious with his air quotes.

    Mordis had been bitter for many years about this. When they both turned thirteen, the year of manhood in Aurem, Gamon had to make a choice. Only one of his sons could be the Vexîre.

    Mordis, being older if even less than a year, would be the obvious choice. But, after much thinking, their father chose William. A huge embarrassment, Mordis never quite recovered from this it seemed. Even a decade later, he was still bitter.

    Mordis usually didn't act bitter, though. He still believed in his father, and after the initial few years, seemed to be ok with William as future Vexîre. He now said things like that as more of a tease than as a complaint.


    The top members of each group in Aurem gathered as well as the Vexîre and William, prince of Aurem, at his side. Vexîre Gamon did not look happy.

    As he explained what really happened, the group's initial excitement receded.

    "But." said Gamon. "I've decided that I'm going to tell the people that it was we who killed him. This is the only way that we will have really won."

    William rose. "Father! You can't lie to the people. This government has been pure and truthful for centuries. If we break that trust now, nothing is ever pure that we say."

    "William, It is not your place to decide. You are here as an observer, not as a decider." Gamon said.

    "The boy may have a point." said the Governor of Noblan. "Lying could be an abuse of power.

    "I agree." said a robed man, the Governor of VexoMesa, a northern city. "You need to tell them the truth."
    More people started murmuring.

    "Silence!" yelled Gamon, losing patience. Of coarse, the room obeyed.

    But William did not. "Father! Lying to them makes us no better than the inferior empires!Lying is an abuse of your influential power. This makes us no better than Nexists!"

    Gamon had enough. "Inferior empires? You sound like a Nexist yourself!" he slammed his glass to the ground, standing. "You will leave this meeting immediately."

    William stormed out of the golden room as Mordis caught up with him.
    "Didn't go well?" he said.

    "You know how he is." Said William. "I can't wait until he dies so that a real leader can take the throne."

    "Don't say that, brother." said Mordis. He was almost a head shorter than William. "He knows what he's doing, and you should respect that." Despite being neglected by Gamon, Mordis had always stood up for his stubborn father. William wished he could be that forgiving.

    "Get out of my way." said William, still angry. "I'm going into the city."

    William hopped on his Pegasus and rode to the nearest pub. He was done with this man he called his father.


    The morning sun rose over the capital city of Imperium as thousands of people from the entire empire gathered in front of the Golden Palace. As the Vexîre appeared on the top balcony, the crowd applauded and cheered. This leader could do no wrong.

    William walked out among the crowd. Nobody noticed they were standing next the prince, maybe because he looked terrible. He had drunk himself to sleep last night, and woke up in the middle of an Inn room. Not exactly the actions of a Prince.

    He watched as his father began to speak. The entire city became quiet.


    "Hello, my pupils." he said. "You may be able to guess why we are here today. But before I reveal, I would like to recap what leads up to our great victory. From the beginning."

    He took a long breath and then began. "For centuries, our way of life has been unchallenged. The world has been at peace. But five years ago, all of that was threatened.

    A new leader of the Excello empire, XemoRasha, took control of the empire. He spread new ideas of racism and worse, worship of Nex. For those who do not know, Nex is a being which exists inside of us, that tells us to do wrong. To harm. To kill. Nex is the only reason for death, destruction, and anger. He is not part of our way of power.

    XemoRasha found out how to use this power for harm of his foes. Soon, he used it to control his people, to brainwash them. Unlike Aurem, where the Vexîre's power is used for eloquence, not control, he had gone too far. He soon used the raw power to make a superior army of 'Nexists', which rivaled our own army. He changed the name of his kingdom to Nexum, which means Place of Darkness. He soon attacked our homeland.

    For years, we fought these foes. Our people, for the first time ever, feared for their lives. But, finally, we have achieved success. Our Legion commander, Alexander, has killed the evil leader, and brought peace back to the land."

    Alexander stood, looking uneasy about the lie but confident. The crowd cheered.

    "Of coarse, this does not end the violence. I am not going to neglect the recent terrorist attacks since his death. In places such as Flora, VexoMesa, and even the ever grand Caer City have occurred, killing many. We have taken action to help prevent this, and be very grateful that it can't happen again. Aurem, you are safe."

    He continued talking for what seemed like hours.

    William dozed off for a few minutes, but was awakened quickly by a flashing light. The sun reflected of someone on the top of the trade building. What was that?

    As he looked closer, he saw the man. He was wearing silver robes and had a hood over him. He was holding something. It looked out of place.

    William stared at the three pronged sword with a miniature cannon at the back. It took him a moment to realize that this was the Axum. The one thing that could kill the Vexîre. The man pulled the lever and put his long skinny finger on the switch.

    William's father was about to be assassinated.


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    I'll be doing this.
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    can you rewhitelist me? bosox1605
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    Yeh, sorry, my fault. Let the thread die, I'll repost this tomorrow with the right link. It's not letting me edit for some reason.
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    Sounds good. Let me know when your starting.
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    posted a message on Starting up a development team
    I might be able to do texture packs, Ir just thinking ideas in general, if your looking for that. I can't really do much modding, though.
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    posted a message on The End Conversion
    This is a Timelapse video of transforming the End into a small and livable village. Enjoy!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Magazine
    Sorry, there were a few glitches with the site. Should be working now.
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    posted a message on minecraft the attac of the blocks
    This story is simply terrible. You obviously made it so that you could brag about your phone and your laptop, you silly little kid.

    However, I'm not one to crush a small child's dreams. If you really like writing, take a break from it and watch others write, take their tips, and try again.
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    Thanks! If you want to keep track of when the next one ones out, you should follow us @WeeklyPickaxe
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    Hi guys, and welcome to our project. This is The Weekly Pickaxe, an Online magazine based off of the community of Minecraft. We have been working for two months, and we have just released our 11th Issue.

    What We Do
    Every week, we try to spotlight the people who did something cool for the community, like making a mod, a map, a video, anything at all, as well as giving unique opinions on stuff that goes on in Minecraft, like new updates, people in the community, etc. We try to keep talking with our readers, and show off things they make too.

    We also do news. Obviously, a lot of people do news, and it isn't our goal, but sometimes we find things that others didn't, things that are interesting. Every week, we also usually do a video about the snapshot, as well as some other sorts of videos.

    Our goal
    Our goal for the magazine is, in contrast to most news videos or twitter, which gets news out quickly but briefly, we take longer, but write in depth. We talk about the things that other news sources just don't get to, and we try to appeal to your opinions. "By the time The Weekly Pickaxe comes out, you will already know the weeks news and creations, but you won't ever hear it interpreted and detailed as well as they do."

    Who are we?
    We come from all over the world. Some are from Great Brittain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Austrailia, and the United States. We are a team of six currently, hopefully willing to expand in the future. We are all avid players of Minecraft, with very different opinions on the game. Every part of the team works really hard, and does a great job, so we would all appreciate you Taking a Read or visiting our Forums.

    Thank you so much for reading. Leave feedback, we really appreciate it, as long as its constructive.


    Head Writer, Weekly Pickaxe
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    posted a message on Super Craft Server 24/7 Looking for Mature Dedicated Players :)

    looking for a small, mature server just to have fun and show off my building abilities.
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