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    I've been attempting to assemble a modpack and I'm pretty much done with it and everything works nicely together and launches together. however, I do realise that all these mods require more power to run nicely. I've managed to run modpacks of 100+ mods before so I felt like this was possible for me, but I'm honestly stuck right now. Maybe I'm just overstating what I can run, but I felt pretty comfortable thinking this would be possible.

    The issue is terrain generation, because as soon as I stand still and let it load for 5 minutes, the game can catch up nicely again. The issue is, I don't want to wait 5 minutes each time I fly around a few blocks with a flying mount. I've tried tampering with settings and I honestly don't know which mods could 'cause such issue since I'm not horribly familiar with all of them, I'll post a list for more experienced mod users.

    Oh, and it's TPS/block lag, not fps lag, chunks can't keep up, entities slow down, etc.

    Tl;dr I'm experiencing TPS lag using my modpack, I'd like to know how to improve it via settings, allocating memory, knowing which mods can be highly 'causing this, etc.

    I owe you my *entire being* if you manage to help this for me. If there's a lack of information please notify me, i'm a noob to everything.


    GTX 1050Ti

    16GB Installed Ram Memory (14 of which I can allocate)

    i7-8750 Processor

    Mod List:

    Aether - GildedGames

    Ancient Warfare 2 - shadowmage4513

    Antique Atlas - Hunternif

    Armor Underwear - The_Wabbit0101

    Battle Towers - AtomicStryker

    Baubles - Azanor

    Baubles HUD - GigaBit101

    Better Animals Plus - Cybercat5555

    Better Combat Rebirth - SanAndreasP

    Better Diving - Meldexun

    Better Foliage - Octarine-noise

    BetterFPS - Guichaguri

    BetterHUD - Jobicade

    Better Nether - Paulevs

    Biomes O' Plenty - Forstride

    Bountiful Baubles - Cursed1ferno

    Bountiful - Ejektaflex

    Chisel - Tterrag1098

    Chunk Animator - Lumien

    Comforts- TheIllusiveC4

    Construct's Armory - TheIllusiveC4

    Coral Reef - Primetoxinz

    Craft Tweaker - Jaredllll08 (Has not been applied yet, am looking into it.)

    CTM - Tterrag1098

    Defiled Lands - Lykrast

    Disenchanter - Impelon

    Doom-like Dungeons - JaredBGreat

    Mo' Creatures - DrZharky

    Dungeons2 - Gottsch

    Dynamic Surroundings - OreCruncher

    Dynamic Trees - FerreusVeritas

    Enchantment Descriptions - DarkhaxDev

    Familiar Fauna - Forstride

    Global Gamerules - Gorymoon (Has not been applied yet, am looking into it.)

    Ice And Fire - Alex1the1666

    Infernal Mobs - AtomicStryker

    Item Physics - CreativeMD (Has not been applied yet, am looking into it.)

    Just Enough Items - Mezz

    Lycanite's Mobs - Lycanite

    Metallurgy 4: Reforged - ItHurtsLikeHell_

    Natura - mDiyo

    NetherEx - LogicTechCorp

    No Tree Punching - AlcatrazEscapee

    Optifine - Sp614x

    Pam's Harvestcraft - Pamharvestcraft

    Potion Fingers - Vazkii_

    Quality tools - Tmtravlr

    Quark - (An entire team of people, too much to name, check out the official quark mod site!)

    Realistic Torches - Chaosyr

    RecurrentComplex - Ivorforce

    Rex's Additional Structures - XxRexRaptorxX

    Rogue-like Dungeons - GreymerkTV

    Ruins - AtomicStryker

    Serene Seasons - Forstride

    Simple RPG Skills - CrimsonDragonRider

    Skill Tree - Z-Doctor

    So Many Enchantments - ShelterRin

    Spartan Weaponry - ObliviousSpartan

    Stygian End - Super_fluke

    Tinkers Construct - mDiyo

    The Betweenlands - Angry Pixel

    Tool Belt - Gigaherz

    Tough As Nails - TheAdubbz

    Trinkets And Baubles - First_Rain

    Trumpet Skeleton - Jamiewhiteshirt_

    Twilight Forest - Benimatic

    Waystones - BlayTheNinth

    Wearable Backpacks - HeckinChloe

    Wolf Armor And Storage - Satyrnidae

    XP Book - Winter_Grave

    Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt - SoggyStache

    Zoocraft Discoveries - ThePavoReality

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