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    Quote from Xolova

    The Dravite Hills has been renamed to Eden. It is no longer skylands, at all. The colour scheme is completely different [not of the items]. More information regarding all the changes will come later. But I can say that the first three, will bare 0 resemblance to the original dimensions, the others are heavily modified. There is no longer a "yellow, blue, purple, white, black" dimension order, as they aren't even going to follow a sort of colour scheme anymore.The Arcana/Vethea are not changing in generation, however Vethea is getting a change that will also be posted soon.

    Awesome, more diversity among dimensions is always better
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    Can't wait for the metallurgy support. As soon as it is added, I will download. I would also love some divineRPG Support
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    Not yet.

    The reason this mod was posted to the WIP section means that most of the features are unimplemented. Give it a rest, it will be updated when it's updated. Soaryn is providing a free expansion to a game. Don't keep nagging him, when he's giving you something good for free.
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    Hi, today I am announcing a new project, which I am calling GalaxyCraft. I have been learning about Minecraft modding, and I think I am ready to try making one of my own! I have been coming up with the idea for weeks now, and decided I would add a thread here. If you can help in any way, that would be appreciated. You will be given full credit for your work, and there might be an Easter egg in the mod as a little bonus :D

    Basic Concept:
    1. Research the location of stars and planets, using a telescope and star chart!
    Inspired by ThaumCraft 3's system of Thaumic research, GalaxyCraft will feature a system where by players can research the location of celestial bodies. To begin with, players can access the moon and the sun almost immediately! These researches can be shared between friends, of course, allowing for more cooperation.
    2. Build a spaceship to travel the stars!
    Construct various spaceship modules, ranging from different engine types to life support cells, and assemble them into a spaceship using the handy dandy ship assembler block. The range, speed, and other statistics of your ship will be based on which modules you selected. After placing this spaceship, which will be a multiblock structure, you are almost ready. Make sure you have a space suit, and get ready to blast off. With dozens of unique planets, the adventures are endless!
    3. Hand crafted planets!
    Each planets world gen will be custom tailored. Get ready to explore vast wasteland planets, snowy, frost planets, and great gas giants! Some planets may have ruined civilizations, while others may still be in the developing stages of life!

    As I develop the idea more, this section will expand!

    I will consider this mod to be in Alpha when...
    1.) Some kind of research system is in place
    2.) You can get to the moon and sun
    3.) There is some sort of ship
    I will consider this mod to be in beta when...
    1.) I have at least 3 star systems to explore
    2.) The ship construction is finished
    3.) The research system is a little more flushed out
    I will consider this mod to be good to go when...
    1.) Almost bug free, with lot's of planets to explore

    If you are able and willing to help, please let me know. I am a relatively new programmer, and I could really use some help :)

    Thank you
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