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    Hello everybody! So, I've had a texture pack I've been slowly working on for probably near a decade now, but there's so many new textures being added to the game and the formatting gets changed so often that I just don't have the heart to finish it anymore. I haven't played MC in several years either and my passion for it is just kind of gone, so!

    I decided rather than letting these textures go to waste forever and never be enjoyed by anybody, I've decided to release them to you all! Completely free, of course!

    Remix them, edit them, finish the pack, whatever you want, so long as I get credit back! (MC Name CometCon, Twitter/Insta/Tumblr is Cometkins)

    I wouldn't mind seeing what you do with them if you edit/finish/remix them in any capacity, I'd just like to know they're being enjoyed. :)

    I mostly did the items and a lot of the blocks, but obviously not all. The only mob finished is the chicken.



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