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    Quote from TreePunchers

    I'll be gone for the next three days on a mini vacation. No internet access probably.

    Building should begin very soon after (if not before) Christmas. Got server running and it's pretty much ready to start.

    Have a great mini-vacation! Also when will we get access to the server?
    Aka will there be stages
    -Lore and Lead Builders/Redstone (basically the same) First
    -Everyone else

    Reasons: For hierarchy.
    1. Lore really needs to talk to some builders and know what they're capable of, but for simplicity sake just the lead roles.
    2. Lore needs to get the feel of the landscape for appropriate lore.
    3. The Lead Builders need time to set plans in motion, and look-up relevant info.
    4. The Lead Builders will also need to know what landscape they're working with prior to actually building, once again for appropriate planning.
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    Quote from EmperorBonzo

    Minecraft Username:EmperorBonzo
    How long have you been playing?:Since Alpha started
    Are you already playing on Cavera?:No
    What other games do you play, if any?:Star Wars Battlefront II, Terraria, TF2 (occasionally), Other games whose names I cannot remember
    Year of Birth:1991
    Do you agree with our motives and philosophy?:I completely agree
    What branch of our military are you looking to join?: Combat or Recon, I would like be a scout or gatherer.
    Why should you be accepted into this clan?:Because I think that you are great people and that your virtues are the ones to uphold and if you value those and defend them, that a person like me who values the virtues your clan represents, should defend them too.
    Do you promise to be active and loyal?:Yes and Yes

    Declined you missed 1 thing
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