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    posted a message on New Realm - looking for 8 players

    GT: ColtMagnumPL

    Windows 10, casual player

    I would love to play if you still have room for one more

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    posted a message on New Realm! Fresh World. Casual Players wanted


    My GT is: ColtMagnumPL

    I've been playing minecraft for around 6 or 7 years, typically a casual player

    17 years old

    Now I play on Windows 10 edition

    I love doing a lot of things, building large intricate structures, exploring, etc.

    I would love to play with you guys, have a good weekend!

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    posted a message on Very active Realm! Help us expand our borders! -Hard Survival- *Update!*

    If this realm is still active, I would love to join!

    Name (GT): Fate of Froyo

    Location (timezone): Central Time Zone / Illinois USA

    How long you've been playing minecraft: 5-6 years

    How often you play: 1-3 hrs depending on whether or not I have people to play with

    Why you want to join: I'd love to be in a multiplayer realm and get to play with other people! I've always wanted to do that but cant ever get my friends to play, so I'd love to play here and make new friends!

    How You'd Contribute: Building large structures, combat and exploration

    Skills/Specialties: exploration, building small and large structures, combat

    Age: 16

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