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    (Thanks Fokkusu for the logo)

    Ever join a server, especially PVP servers, and have people swearing all over the place? It can be a bad influence for children playing this normally family-friendly game. This mod will bleep out those words or delete the message entirely. It comes with it's own configuration file so that you can change the swear word list or what happens when someone swears.

    This is a client mod, so it doesn't matter if the server supports it or not.

    You must download Minecraft Forge to use this mod. (it also makes installing mods a lot easier) After installing forge and downloading safechat, place safechat in your minecraft folder > mods. After launching minecraft with it installed a config file will be created in minecraft > config.

    Boring stuff:

    Change log:
    1.0 Released for Minecraft 1.2.5
    1.1 Added regular expression support, updated default properties file to delete chat penises using this new feature.
    1.2 Added a "hide" and "nochat" mode. Hide doesn't show the message at all (no deleted message, no username) if there's profanity in it, and nochat disables all chat.
    1.3 Updated for minecraft 1.3.1 and fixed broken link, sorry about that.
    1.3.2 Update: (I'm now naming them based on the version of mc they use) support for 1.3.2, and the config file is auto-generated if you didn't install it.
    1.3.2 - Created an edition for minecraft forge because everyone was complaining about incompatibilities.
    1.4.2 - Updated for 1.4.2, made a few minor changes to the default word list. (should be less false positives now)
    1.4.4 - Updated for 1.4.4, another few minor changes to the word list, and updated the forge version to 1.4.4 as well.
    1.4.5 - Update, though I don't think it was necessary... I also switched to a new dropbox account.
    1.4.6 - Just a plain update.
    1.5.1 - Updated, and made the config file auto-generate with comments, making the install process much easier. The minecraft forge version should work on future versions of minecraft too.
    1.5.2 - Added deleteWholeWord option and some minor changes to the default config.
    1.6.1 - Straight update
    1.6.2 - Another straight update
    1.6.2v2 - Ninja update to fix crash for config files missing the deleteWholeWord option.
    1.6.4 - updated to 1.6.4 and added custom replaces that everyone's been asking for.

    1.8 - Partial buggy update, needs work. No more vanilla version.
    1.10.2 - plain update

    Default config:
    # Default settings for safechat for minecraft 1.6.4
    # What will appear instead of swear words, if deleteMessage is false

    # For deleteMessage, you can put the following:
    # hide: doesn't show the message, as if it never existed
    # delete: deletes the message but lets you see the username
    # nochat: disables chat entirely. This will also prevent you from seeing commands
    # like /home, but you'll still be able to use them. You won't be able to see yourself
    # talk, but others will
    # false: Simply **** out the words
    # If deleteWholeWord is true, and it finds a swear word that's part of another word,
    # (For example, swearwordalicious) it will replace the rest of the word as well.
    # Phrases to replace with other phrases:
    customReplace=a safechat test:replaced,another safechat test:replaced2
    # The swear words (or phrases).
    # They are separated by commas, so obviously they can't contain commas themselves.
    # They support java regular expressions: http://docs.oracle.c...ssential/regex/ words=(removed, not a good idea to have them all on the forum)

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    Quote from zombieslayerdude

    When will the one for 1.7.2 be out? Please be quick because im getting very annoyed without this mod

    The update to 1.7.2 won't be out until MCP is updated for the vanilla version, and until forge is updated for the forge version. This could be a while, as indicted by SeargeDP's tweets. (The author of MCP)
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    Updated for 1.6.4, adding the ability to replace certain words with others of your choice!

    Quote from Jaxx050

    It'd be nice if we had replacer options, ie., replace f***ing with our own diabolic word. What a mother loving frizzle frazzle! Yeah, I basically just took this idea from SomethingAwful, but still!


    Quote from faissaloo

    Can you please add support for chat colours in your mod?

    Why would you want chat colors? You want to ***s to appear in red or something? You can't make a client mod that allows you to speak in colored chat on a server or the server will kick you.

    Quote from faissaloo

    are people alowed to decompile this mod and edit it? (is it open source?)

    Yes there is source code available from the main post
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    Here's a bump celebrating the release for 1.4.2!

    I touched up the word list as well, it shouldn't block "pickaxe" now, among other things.

    I'll release the forge version for 1.4.2 as soon as forge is updated.
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    Could you add an option to disable armor rendering? That would be useful for seeing each other's skins while still being protected.

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    Thanks everyone for the positive replies!

    I've updated it a little, to support regular expressions in the word list. This means the default config now blocks the penises people make in chat. I'm not that good with regexes though, so if anyone could add some extra blocking, I'll add it to the default config. :)

    Quote from azimoto9

    Well if it doesnt require Modloader, that just means there is a chance for incompatibilities with other mods, Maybe could you do it with Modloader?

    My goal is to make this as simple as possible to install, because it will most likely be used on vanilla setups. Plus it only edits 1 class file which I'd probably need to edit even if I was using modloader.

    Quote from RiiBzxX


    Add a config-file/option for adding more words for the mod to censor.

    That's already in...
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    I am a super small time modder, but I have some things that I want to make sure aren't missed in the modding api. Maybe we could set up a separate channel (#minecraftaltdev) with more access (but still limited to people who can pass a small test or something) to other people.

    A few people with voice in the main channel could watch this and bring up things mentioned in this channel.
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    On the mac version of multimc, there is no play offline button.

    So basically I'm stuck unable to play with mods till the login servers come back online.
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