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    I have had issues where I get stuck in the air around where I am building or have recently removed a block. This "stuckness" behaves like falling in through a web, but there are not pieces around that I am in. My character bounces up and down for around 30 seconds to a minute before he finally falls through this glitched spot. This has occurred when mining, building with cobble/stone pieces, and standing on chests.

    There is also extreme choppiness in an area I built that uses redstone, chests, and itemframes (this seems to be an pre-existing issue though).
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    Quote from felinoel»
    Whenever I have a particularly stressful day I find mining for hours on end to be quite relaxing.

    That is part of what I am looking into. It could be said that the mining invokes a state of "mindfulness" where you are concentrating on the block in front of you, and waiting for what is behind it. Essentially, this is one form of meditation.
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    I just realized how trololol it would be to join a world and stash a ton of carts on rails somewhere hidden. I mean, I would never do that ; )
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    They changed it! (I was stuck too!) Now you click in on the stick as if you were going to sneak/crouch to get out of carts and off of horses.
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