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    The squeak in the door sound hurts my ears.
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    posted a message on Want a friendly, super-fast server, older admins, 100 slots, with 99.9% uptime?
    ■■ Friendly Mature Admins (I'm 25+ years old, and take pride in my server!)
    ■■ 99.9% Uptime
    ■■ Protection from griefers! (Factions, LWC)
    ■■ The latest popular mods, mcMMO, Falsebook, iConomy, LWC etc!
    ■■ Seriously fast server! Intel Xeon power, no block lag!
    ■■ Set up to 5 home locations!
    ■■ Multiverse with Normal/Nether/TheEnd/Skylands
    ■■ No map wipes! Last wipe we had was for 1.0, and there won't be another one unless Jeb makes a massive change to Minecraft! (Like 1.0 was)

    Sound like a server you'd like to play on with your friends? Then read on!


    Join a fun community on a fantastically fast server! We aspire to make your Minecraft experience fun and enjoyable. We always try to keep up to date with the coolest server mods to make your experience a good one!

    No whitelist, join right now!
           WEBSITE incorrectcraft.com Website needs some updating.

    ■■ Do not spam the chat.
    ■■ Using X-Ray to see minerals is wrong and you should feel bad for doing it.
    ■■ No flying/cheating. (No-Cheat is enabled)
    ■■ Profanity is allowed, however use of the word fa**ot or ni**er is annoying and you will be kicked.
    ■■ Griefing is not allowed.
    ■■ Be respectful to others.

    The lands are dangerous, remember these important notes:

    ■■ We don't use a whitelist so remember to use Factions/LWC to claim your stuff!
    ■■ Admins are very busy people. Don't be upset if they can't help you right then and there!
    ■■ Use the forums to ask questions if you can't get a hold of an admin. Alternatively, get Mumble and come in and talk to us!

    We have a market located in Twilight Castle (Spawn). Tap the sign to be transported to it! We are currently planning on expanding our economy to player-shops. Check this area out for more information later.

    This server isn't free, so we appreciate donations. We use a direct-donation supplied by our hosting company, Volt. This means that when you donate it goes straight into the server, and not into our pockets for us to misuse!
    Click HERE to donate.

    Spread our banner!

    ◄1.0► incorrectCraft Survival ◄ 24/7 □ Factions(Anti-Grief) □ McMMO □ Economy □ Skylands □ LWC □ Falsebook □ Anti-Xray □ NoCheat □ 100 Slots ►
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