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    Well, I really just tried to come up with a name, and not necessarily one that reflects the server nature.

    But since we appear to have some picky people here...
    Are you happy now? Does the name meet your standards?

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    The VanillaCraft server is a vanilla Minecraft survival server, similar in format to that of the MindCrack and HermitCraft servers, where players can enjoy a friendly multiplayer survival environment in a mod/plugin-free world. Everyone enjoys vanilla Minecraft multiplayer, but it is impossible to make such a server public whilst still ensuring a safe and friendly environment. Because of this, the server will be private, and will have a minimum of 15 players chosen to join and a maximum of 30. Selection process will be very tough, as we need to ensure that we do not allow players onto the server who will degrade the integrity of the fair and friendly environment.

    If you wish to be accepted onto the server whitelist, please go down to the bottom of the post for the application.

    If you are accepted onto the server, you will, within a private message, receive the IP address you can use to join the server, and should already be on the whitelist, and should be able to join immediately. Be aware that the server is being hosted on a private home network, and connection may be slow and buggy at times. This will often be the case until funds are acquired to host the server on a more high-end network.

    (My download is 70Mb/s, but my upload is for some reason maxed at 5Mb/s? My ISP is dumb...)

    And no, the server will not be a Realm server.


    The host and OP of the server, known in-game as "Rektroth," reserves the right to blacklist (remove from the whitelist) any person who behaves in a manner deemed "unacceptable" by himself or the fellow server members. This is to protect the social integrity of the server and ensure a fair and friendly environment.

    Generally Viewed as Unacceptable Behavior:
    - Bullying, or offensive language directed at a specific player
    We understand that sometimes players will have their disputes, but please try to keep the server chat civil, and please don't start any sort of "battles" that will start destroying parts of the world or each others' property.
    - Griefing
    Stealing another player's property, or causing any kind of damage to another player's property, will not be tolerated. Intentionally killing a fellow player, unless they expressly challenged you to a fight or accepted your challenge of a fight, will not be tolerated either. It is recommended that all "challenges" be offered and accepted via the server chat as to ensure that there is proof in the server log files that both parties consented.
    - Any sort of "hack" or DoS/DDoS
    Obviously, DoS and DDoS's are not acceptable at all as they slow down other players' connections and often cause servers to crash. Hacking the player client is also not acceptable. These often include "x-ray hacks", "fly hacks", etc. These are difficult to detect, but if they are discovered, will not be tolerated. And finally, any attempts to hack the server itself will not be tolerated.
    - Publicly spreading the server IP
    This is not a huge concern since the server has a whitelist, but we do still need to ensure that the server does not come under attack from outside hackers.

    If any player is thought to be guilty of carrying out, performing, or participating in any act that is deemed "unacceptable behavior," an investigation will begin. Any player found guilty will be blacklisted from the server without discussion or debate.

    Please be aware that all server chat will be monitored regularly to ensure integrity and all server logs will be archived for at least 6 months. No rules will be enforced regarding what you can and can not say in the chat, but the chat will be used as evidence if an investigation starts regarding unacceptable behavior.


    Unfortunately, in order to ensure the safety and integrity of the server, if we suffer from a hack or DoS/DDoS, the server IP will be changed to avoid future tampering.

    Also, due to the vanilla aspect of the server, if you are the victim of a griefing/killing, no form of compensation will be provided. It is recommended that extreme caution be taken in making sure that you are not the victim of such behavior.

    "Pranks" are acceptable, but only in situations deemed appropriate by the fellow members. Generally, an event is accepted as a "prank" and not "unacceptable behavior" when the work done does not cause harm to another player, does not rob the player of any items, and does no damage to the player's property. For example, burying a player's house in dirt or hiding a player's items somewhere else in the world and leaving behind clues are generally acceptable behavior. Blowing up a player's house or hiding their items somewhere they can not be easily re-obtained are not acceptable behavior.


    Most contact between players on the server will either be in the server chat or on Skype, either in the server's public Skype chat room or privately between players. Players on the server may also have private chats among themselves via other means, but for all chat directed at the entirety of the server's members, the public Skype chat is recommended. Skype will also be used frequently for voice chats during game play.

    Also know that, by accepting an invitation to join the server, you are also accepting to be part of the entire community. We will likely hold frequent events either on the server, or on separate servers. These could be some sort of events happening on the server itself regarding special occasions, UHC games or other mini-games, or getting together on other mini-game servers for fun. You are not required to participate in any community activity, however being an active member is highly encouraged. Server members are also aloud to setup other modded survival servers of their own, such as FTB, for everyone to join. However, if you do setup one of these, please allow everyone on the main server to be included in the modded server's whitelist.


    The server will always be up-to-date with the latest release version of Minecraft. We would love to try out new snapshot features with all of you, but snapshots are often unstable and could result in more frequent server crashes, connection problems, or world corruption. To be safe, we will not be using weekly snapshots or pre-releases. The server will also receive a complete reset every so often. The frequency of resets is not static and will depend on how interested the current players are in starting over or continuing to use the current world. When a world reset does occur, the final state of the world will be available for public download.

    Players who choose to resign from the server will remain whitelisted and will be what we call a "VIP." They will still be informed if the server IP happens to change, however will not be asked to participate in community events. "VIPs" still have to adhere to "unacceptable behavior" policies, however we ask that, since VIPs are no longer officially members of the server, that they not tamper with the world map too much.

    Members of the server are aloud, and highly encouraged, to record and upload Let's Plays of their projects and experiences on the server to YouTube and broadcast live streams on Twitch.



    Official members: 2

    VIPs: 0

    Blacklisted: 0





    It is requested that applicants be at least 18 years of age.
    This is not required, but adults will be preferred due to the mature environment of the server.

    A minimum age of 13 will be required, however those under 18 will have their applications even more thoroughly examined.

    The only "requirement" is that you be proficient in English since this is an American-hosted server.


    Why you want to join:
    What you will bring to the environment:
    A (funny) joke: (optional, but tells us more about your sense of humor)

    Just write your application as a PM to me.
    A Skype call will likely be requested to confirm your acceptance.

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    posted a message on F3+T Resets Textures to Default

    I'm working on making a resource pack. In the pack, I'm changing some of the block models. The new models that I'm making are working, however every time I make a change to one of the models, I have to completely restart the game. I used to just press F3+T and that would reload the resource pack and update the models, but now pressing F3+T seems to just reset all the models to the default ones. Is this a change made to the game on purpose, a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :)

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    posted a message on [BUG] Passive Mobs Despawn
    As we all know, hostile mobs despawn when the chunk they are in is outside of the player's viewing distance. However, passive mobs are not supposed to do this so that players can make effective farms. But, some bug is causing passive mobs to despawn in Xbox 360 Edition when the player gets too far away.

    I'm not actually sure if this is caused by a bug or if a feature to prevent passive mobs from despawning has not yet been added to Xbox 360 Edition. Either way, I'd really like for my sheep, cows, chickens, and pigs not to disappear after some long journey I go on.
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    posted a message on COOKIE CLICKER :D (REQUIRES 13w36b and above!)
    I'm sorry, but this map doesn't work AT ALL.
    You have it set up to see if the player has a certain score when they want to buy something.
    But the player isn't the one with that score, the fake player called "Cookies" is.
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    posted a message on Terrain Seeds Are Useless! And Here's Why (Poll Added)
    Quote from Glasscreeper

    Yeah, the demands your wanting could take a while.
    Guess that shows how much Mojang cares about the people that helped their game become succesful in the first place. Also, our wanting could take a while what?

    What I meant was how long it would take to implement the ideas.

    Also, I'm done posting.
    Quote me all you want, I don't care.
    My opinion has been spoken.
    Get off my back.
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    Quote from Exalm

    The ideas are stupid. PERIOD.
    What argument do I need?

    How is that different?

    That post was made back when I was still new, much younger and didn't understand anything about these forums.
    People do get older, mature, and actually start realizing when their ideas are stupid.
    I’m actually going to admit there were.
    And it isn't different at all.

    Quote from marqss

    Oh, and please read the main post first, not just the title. This topic is not about seeds in themselves, it's about Minecraft world generation.

    Quote from Clone200

    your demands are stupid.

    Obviously the demands count as the title.

    Quote from marqss

    You know what i think of people that just state their opinions with no arguments behind them? Either they aren't smart enough to bring one up, or they don't even know why exactly they support that particular idea and not the other one, at the same time thinkink that they have to have a clear opinion on everything, because indecisive people are treated like dumbasses in their minds.
    Either way, when you take part in a discussion on any topic, you don't need to have a clear point of view, but when you do, some arguments would make your opinion seem more relevant.
    Therefore, your words mean nothing to me unless you add some arguments...

    Quote from Kholdstare

    What makes them stupid?

    Something is not stupid by default. There has to be a reason for it to be stupid.

    Quote from Glasscreeper

    No argument means your post is just conjecture. Got proof they are stupid? Show it.

    You want my explanation.
    Here's my explanation.

    Quote from Shreaders

    1. More interesting terrain; More breathtaking and jaw dropping land masses to appear more often then they currently do

    The terrain is already plenty interesting.
    And, other than mountains, I don't know what jaw dropping land masses you could be talking about.

    Quote from Shreaders

    2. We want extreme mountains and overhangs to have the possibility to neatly generate randomly in all biomes. We want neat, uniform, and NICE land masses to appear RANDOMLY in all biomes equally. (obviously excluding plains and swamps as well, of course)

    Now, I will admit this is a good idea.
    But "uniform"? No.

    Quote from Shreaders

    3. The majority of cave systems and Mineshafts actually come to an end eventually, and appear less often. Seemingly endless caves should be a nice find.

    You can't just make a cave go on endlessly.
    And caves are already fine just the size they are now.

    Quote from Shreaders

    4. We do not want chewed up and spit out eyesore terrain spammed all over the place - we want it to appear randomly and spaced apart to please players who like the wild terrain generations and the ones who like the flat lands for building.

    The terrain isn't chewed up, spit out and spammed all over the place.
    If you want spaced apart, chose "large biomes".
    You want flat lands for building? Find a plains biome or play in superflat.

    Quote from Shreaders

    5. We do not want the Terrain Generator from 1.7

    Why does this matter?
    We don't have it now, and we're never going to have it in the future.

    Quote from Shreaders

    As soon as Mojang can get around to it!

    Yeah, the demands your wanting could take a while.
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    posted a message on Terrain Seeds Are Useless! And Here's Why (Poll Added)
    Quote from danix111

    And you, of course, bring no arguments.

    What argument do I need?
    The demands are stupid. PERIOD.
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    posted a message on Terrain Seeds Are Useless! And Here's Why (Poll Added)
    Seeds are not useless and your demands are stupid.
    It has been spoken.
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    posted a message on MCEdit Broke My World
    I used MCEdit on one of my worlds.
    Now, whenever I try to open the world, it just goes back to the main menu.
    Does anyone know why this is happening and maybe how to fix it?
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    posted a message on MineCraft PE Realms Server
    I'd like to have the chance to help test Pocket Realms.
    I hope you accept me. If you do, thanks.
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    Quote from Steph1007

    im having trouble downloading the file, i click on the url to download skyblock 2.1, and it brings me to the adf.ly page, and after clicking on skip ad, it brings me to the sky block forums, and on that page, there is no download button for the file? theres 3 or 4 ads on the page, but no download for the actual map. can someone help me?

    One of them IS for SkyBlock.
    Look beyond what you see...
    Quote from Zaptj

    why dont you make more for the updates? I WANT MORE

    What would be the point?
    It's already a great map.
    It doesn't need anything else added or removed.
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    posted a message on Failed to verify username!
    When I try to connect to a server, I get this message:

    Failed to verify username! [internal error java.net.UnknownHostException:session.minecraft.net]

    I don't know what's wrong, because I did log in successfully, so it should be able to verify me.

    I also noticed this in the console when I try to connect:

    Client> 2013-05-20 07:22:25 [CLIENT] [INFO] Connecting to, 25565
    Client> java.io.FileNotFoundException:
    Client> at sun.net.www.potocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
    Client> at kn.a(SourceFile:234)
    Client> at bkg.run(SourceFile:113)
    Client> at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
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    posted a message on Vanilla Mindcrack-like Server!
    I can't connect to the server.
    What happened?
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    Quote from bobanater135

    PS : You can put symbols in an MC name? I didn't know that!

    I'm actually not sure on that.
    He hasn't signed up for Minecraft yet, but he's played some demos and loves it.
    We agreed on Sappy, but wanted to spice it up a bit.
    His name will either be [email protected] or SAPPY123.
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