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    posted a message on How has gaming effected you?
    I recently turned in my paper and would like to give a huge Thank You to everyone who helped me by taking this survey. Your experiences through gaming helped me a lot and I couldn't have done it without your participation.
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    Hello all,

    I am working on a research project for a college class where I am trying to learn about the effects of virtual communications on human culture and development. I am interested in conducting research to investigate how various online communities in which I am actively engaged and see how various people have been affected by their interactions in online games. Below are some questions to help me gain a basic understanding of how people interact using virtual forms of communication.

    Disclaimer: All information will be kept confidential and will only be used for academic and educational purposes.

    1. Approximately how many years have you been gaming? (What age did you start?)
    2. What devices do you usually game on?
    3. What games do you play?
    4. How do you communicate with other gamers while gaming? (Typing, voice, video, or other?)
    5. Approximately how much time do you spend each day using virtual methods of communication and what forms do they take (IRC, online chat, teamspeak, skype etc.)?
    6. How have your virtual/online interactions had an effect on your real world life? (Friends, insight into new cultures, anything)
    7. How many friends have you gained through gaming (IRL and In game).
    8. Why do you game? What benefits/drawbacks does it give you?
    9. Anything else you would like to add.
    Thank you for taking the time to read/respond to these questions.

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    posted a message on What is YOUR Weapon?
    Quote from danaphanous»
    Creative Killing is the best. Try using weapons that aren't weapons to do in your opponents.

    My weapons of choice: (keep these on the hotbar)

    1. Fishing Rod
    2. Cactus + Sand
    3. Cobweb + Shears
    4. Bucket of Water
    5. Bucket of Lava
    6. Flint and Steel
    7. Eggs...lots of eggs
    Here's a few hilarious scenarios:

    You are being rushed by a player. Run down a hill and place cobwebs after you. Player gets stuck and can't attack through the web at certain angles. You're free to kill him any way you like. One sadistic way: Dig out under the cobweb as they fall and place lava. They'll burn to death trying to get free as they slowly fall through into the lava.

    You are sprinting across the desert. Turn around and plant cactus in an arc. Your pursuer smashes straight into them. He gets free and runs at you again. Use the fishing rod to fling him into other cactus. (though this might have been disabled recently for players...still fun for mobs though). Carrying some sand makes this strat work in any terrain but takes a couple seconds longer.

    Creeper is on the other side of a ravine giving you the stink-eye. Most players would whip out the bow and place a few shots. Try instead going creeper fishing. Cast your line and pull him and other ravine mobs of the edge to their deaths. they don't die? Drop lava on their heads. Easy.

    It is hilarious to be running up a hill and place water at the top all your pursuers get washed back down hill. If you had a weapon like a bow you could now get a few shots off. But that's not allowed. Try pummeling them with eggs instead. Eggs are more fun than snowballs bc then they get lots of little chicks running around them making noise.

    Flint and Steel: enough said. Fun way to damage your pursuers by lighting the ground behind you. If they aren't carrying a bucket of water sucks to be them. That's half their health right there.

    Anyway, brains over brawn I always say. ;)

    There are even more fun trap designs that require a bit of work beforehand and infuriate your attackers. It's quite easy to lure people in when you are being chased:

    1. Pool of water with signs below at the base of a hill. Player jumps in after you and plunges through to their death.
    2. place in floating sand/gravel by avoiding block updates. Create a block update as your pursuer enter the patch and he falls through with all the sand/gravel.
    3. Punching passage: I like designing passages in my house with smooth stone floors, shadows, and smooth stone pressure plates. You know where they all are but it's too shadowy for the pursuer to tell. You jump over each one. He runs into them and pistons come out from the sides punching him in the head repeatedly. It is freaking hilarious. Just activate the top 2 from each side and they seriously look like boxing fists popping out of the wall for a headshot. You can also make variants to trap them in a recess or pitfall them, but head-punching is my favorite as it is so annoying. At the end of the passage to top things off you can have 4 machine-gun repeaters to finish him off. Just run around the corner and step the plates and the guns go blazin! You could have them behind a lava wall for flaming arrows and disguise.

    Not available in survival but fun:

    Stack of Zombie Pigman Eggs

    When a player is running at you swinging a sword tap the ground in front of them as they run forward. They hit the pigman and it rushes them. Place a few more to sic a swarm on him then pillar up so they don't go after you next. hehehe. Watch the massacre from above. ;)

    You sir are delightfully evil. /me tips hat
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    posted a message on What is YOUR Weapon?
    With Cheats: Herobrines Wand, A blaze rod with max Sharp, Knockback, Fire, Looting and for lulz Protection.

    On multiplayer servers I usually work to a diamond sword with maximum Sharpness, Fire, Looting, and Knockback enchants.
    My first and favorite sword had Sharpness V, Looting III, Unbreaking III, Knockback II and Fire I. It could not be repaired in survival so I framed it and only used it on special occasions. Sadly I lost it in lava during a base move, kinda ironic for a sword called Elsa's Might (The Ice Shard).

    Since then I've tried to reforge a weapon of such caliber but have never been able to. :(

    My other fav swords are:
    Ironsand: Sharp IV, Fire II, Unbreaking III
    Liru's Fang: Sharp IV, Fire I, Unbreaking III, Knockback II
    Mah Pokin' Stick: Sharp IV, Unbreaking III, Knockback II
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    posted a message on What are Your Favorite Servers of All Time
    Spent many a day toiling away on a zombie city survival server mine.japura.net (we just called it Japura). Maps changed, people moved away, but I still log on from time to time to get chased around by hoards of zombies.

    I used to like hypixel's server, but they just kept giving way to much power to the donors to the point where it basically became P2W. May go back once the new EULA is in full force though.
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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: The Villager Project, Day 1
    Very interesting to see.

    I have attempted a similar version of this scientific study on a villager population near my own residence, however many of them had already died (most likely due to falling into holes and starving to death) and the remaining population were swiftly eliminated by their fascination with their strange, undead counterparts (Zombius Groanus). All in all i decided about three days in that a villager's life is best lived when they are stuck in small cages from which they are forced to trade away all their belongings.
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    posted a message on Blocky Discovery - Space Update! [Now With Velociraptors!]
    This is a great idea and I hope that more people will join in.
    The mob reports remind me a lot of the SCP files on the S.C.P. wiki but with the objects being in minecraft.
    I wish you luck, and will report any unusual objects that I discover during my travels directly to you.
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    posted a message on What will mincraft look like past 1.7?
    There is only one man who could possibly know that:

    and he ain't talking.
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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    Just saw SethBlings review of the snapshot and had to hurry over here to say: Congratulations! :Glass: :Diamond:
    Lets hope that colored Light is not too far off. ;)
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    posted a message on 1.7 Screenshots and Discussion!
    Great post, love the screenshots.
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    posted a message on Lag with the new launcher 1.6.1?
    Quote from eyedjellyfish78

    Changing the minecraft launcher over to your nvidia card should do the trick, it's working for everyone else I've told who has nvidia. You might have done it wrong. Do this: Right click the new minecraft launcher. Hover your cursor over "Run with graphics processor". In that, select "Change default graphics processor". Once this window is open, select the "Global" tab near the top of the window. Then, change it from "Integrated Graphics" to your nvidia card.

    I don't see a Run with graphics processor option in the menu but I was able to change Minecraft through the Nvidia control panel, no luck.

    *Edit: Well after some tweaking I was able to get the Run with graphics processor option to show up. It was enabled in the Nvidia control panel but needed to be refreshed for some reason.
    Thanks for the help, thanks to you I have increased my fps by a factor of 10. Have a diamond :Diamond: , or two :Diamond: .
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    posted a message on Lag with the new launcher 1.6.1?
    Hi, i'm having similar problems. I get around 20 fps (down from 30-80 fps before the update) in my singleplayer world and only 8 fps when I play on my favorite server. I switched minecraft over to my Nvidia GT 520 but the fps stays at 8. I hope that mojang can fix whatever issue is causing this problem.

    For more info here are my laptop specs: Windows 7 64bit running java 32/64bit, Intel I5 processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 520M graphics card, 6 gigs memory, 640 gig hard drive.
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    posted a message on Right-click cat with wool --> Receive string
    Seeing as how I would probably stand next to the cat all day letting it unravel string just for the heck of it I will have to say:
    How about adding an animation where the cat rolls on its back and moves its front paws back and forth really quick.
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    posted a message on Using Squids as Hot Air Balloons (Aesthetic Expansion guys!) [with concept art]
    What if, when you manage to capture a squid and get it to rise, you receive the achievement "Hot Air" or something similar.
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    posted a message on Using Squids as Hot Air Balloons (Aesthetic Expansion guys!) [with concept art]
    This is so... bizarre, exactly what minecraft needs!
    I support.
    P.S. Where do you get all your great ideas?
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