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    posted a message on confused about getting v1.8PR V2
    Quote from Thrillho

    Where did you even get the ZIP file?

    I would assume it has minecraft.jar inside the .zip file. Just copy it over to the bin folder.

    Not sure what the heck is happening but this morning when I tried to download it with IE, it got the .zip (lots of class files and directories, but no jar files)for both the client and server.

    I switched to Firefox, used the same links and the .jars downloaded just fine.
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    posted a message on Sprinting, double tap is annoying.
    The issue is not that double tapping W is "hard", the issue is that it is very easy to do accidently and very tedious to avoid accidently doing when you are, for example building a huge sky bridge or scaffolding where you are constantly having to nudge forward to overlook the edge to place that next block.

    Why yes, most of us, myself included, can adapt to the double-tap W way of sprinting - but this does not negate the fact that we would have to approch certain situations in ways that are tedious and unnatural.

    And yes, it is unintuitive - I'll bet that almost none of you would have immediately tried double-tapping W to sprint right off if you hadn't already known that this is how it was done. Nearly everyone who knew that sprint was implimented but did not know how it was activated tried Shift first - because that is the intuitive option.

    It is unreliable - Sometimes it does not activate when you think it should have. Sometimes it does activates when you don't expect it to.

    It is unusual - The vast majority of first person PC games that have a sprint feature use Shift. Off the top of my head I cannot think of any modern first person game that uses double-tap W. (Not saying there aren't any.)

    It is impractical - Using the very same key to perform different functions is always impractical for the user and is generally considered a design no-no if other options are available. (Sometimes you just run out of keys to map things to and it's simply necessary to put lesser used functions onto already used keys, but even so ctrl, alt or shift is always preferable to double-tap or press-and-hold.)

    I'm not asking for the current method to be taken away from anyone - all I want is another option.
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    posted a message on Hunger: The reason it needs to be possible to Disable it
    I don't have a problem with this being added as a toggleable feature so long as it doesn't mess with the rest of the game.

    But with the hunger bar the fight is 100% about the FIGHT. The old way it's a food-management mini-game.
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