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    posted a message on Void Adventure [RPG style] V0.3
    hey guys, im Finnish update the map! its sill beta, but i will make it full version of the map! thanks for all the support!
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    posted a message on Void Adventure [RPG style] V0.3
    Quote from ythienTV

    i think you don't have to remove that room. You only have to connect the room with the main land :) when someone fails the last jump, they don't have to fall out of the world like I did :P

    too bad im already remove it in V0.3 update. because i will add more dungeon near the villge.
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    Quote from ythienTV

    The room after the bridge is really making me mad :)

    My review video

    thanks for review it! yeah im kinda trouble with that too. in next update i will put shortcut if you manage to beat the cadet boss on snow dungeon. its act just like penalty every time you die. but it ups to you! dou you want me to remove it or not... thanks a lot, i appreciate that.
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    Quote from frosty712

    looks good! just hope you asked for permission from the maker of the texture packs?

    you dont need to use texture pack for this map... that texture pack just decrease my laggy, so i can easily make it(because im have a really slow computer.) thanks for says its good, i appreciated that, i will update them very soon!
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    Void Adventure V0.1

    im make a new map name void adventure, the map is actually adventure map but im put little RPG style on it.(finally im finish update it!)

    the story:
    so you wake up in a ruin, you relies that the world is already destroy... but you see a village, that encourage you to go there and ask something and the mayor told about the monster army that destroy 3/4 of all the world.. you really want to fight them, so you start your adventure!

    so every village is your checkpoint, you have all tools in there. there is a land mine (act like penalty if you die, but not kill you) so the stone pressure plate is the story line and spawn mob(to gain loot) and the wooden pressure plate is land mine(all the trap wont kill you!!!) there is a loot chest every dungeon. there is Easter egg enemy too. every mob has his own level, more the level, more stronger!(if you get surrounded by mobs, just change the game difficulty to peaceful and turn it back to normal!)



    -add enchantment table
    -add 2 new dungeon(ice and savannah)
    -change the monster spawner mechanism
    -remove the land mine section
    -add secret chest in some place(with OP stuff in that)
    -add fence every dungeon(so you cant fall)
    -add enderchest
    -new type of monster(Minions)
    -change the special nether dungeon to ender dungeon
    -balanced the mobs

    map requirement:minecraft 1.7.5, command block enabled.

    Download link: http://adf.ly/o2PHU

    thats all, if you enjoy it please comment what should i put next! (because its still beta and first version) the next update will be coming as fast as i can! so thanks for the support and hope i can make other map even cooler!
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    posted a message on zombie Apoclaypse V1.0
    Zombie Apoclaypse
    hey guys, i not a map maker but im just try to make some map because im borred.
    this map is recomended for 2-4 people
    this map is abut you and your friend battle with zombie,
    and people with more score win
    earn point by killing the zombie!
    (enable command block before played!)
    in this map is eneble PvP(i dont recomended to pvp! because your friend maybe angry)
    there is no limitation live in this map so you can respawn everytime you die...
    but im recomended to have 5 live each person

    this some screen shot:
    sorry because im use simple redstone(you must turn off manually the spawner :steve_tearful: )

    link to download:http://adf.ly/nN5v3

    so thats all i hope you guys lke my first map
    (please comment some idea and tips so i can improve it)
    thank a lot!
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    posted a message on A handy guide for potion effects list (/effect)
    thanks. this help me a lot to troll my friend haha
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    posted a message on What is Your Favorite and Least Favorite Minecraft Mob?
    my favorite: PIG! because thay funny
    less favorite: sheep! because they important but HARD to find!!!
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    posted a message on How to make my minecraft dont lag?
    my minecraft is so lag...
    im already have 2GB RAM and lattest java, but my minecraft still lag!
    i dont have any OpenGL, how to get it???

    thats all my problem, do you guys how to fix it?
    thanks! (sorry for bad english) :steve_tearful:
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