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    posted a message on /fill shapes?

    Is there a way to use the /fill command with shapes? Like, /Fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 <block> [Shape]

    I use the fill command to clear large areas of blocks, but sometimes I need to break some on my own. It takes a while.

    I hope that if there is no way currently that the devs can add this in a future update. Thanks!

    *If this thread is in the wrong place, forgive me.*

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    posted a message on What Would You Transform an Abandoned Mineshaft Into?

    A bit original-A bit difficult to find why this would be cool, I know it could be in some ways. Transform it into a flooded mineshaft. With the new update, the tracks, fence-posts, etc will look much better.

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    posted a message on Wasteland Dust

    Welcome. You are entering Darvill Nuclear Power Plant. An old plant from the 1980's, that had a massive meltdown that destroyed it and a nearby town. Get ready to explore!

    This Project is WORK IN PROGRESS, so it may not come out for while, but you can anticipate!

    A project that was started a week ago. Please support!

    I hope that it will be finished around the next two months. Thanks.

    I use Greenfield City Resource Pack in most of my urban/apocalyptic builds.

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    posted a message on Abandoned World / Project Reclamation: Beached Carrier

    Amazing. Build a Post-apocalyptic city around it.

    Also, this will probably take a long time, but you can make a whole tropical island with abandoned trenches and bunkers + shipwrecks, like the pacific theater after, World War II

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    posted a message on Will there even be a "Minecon 2017"?

    that sucks...

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    posted a message on Why Hasn't Mojang Added Seasons??
    Quote from Kaividian»

    Time to correct a few things, seasons wouldn't necessarily be laggy, the effects of a season though? that could have performance issues depending on how extreme you wanted the seasons to be.

    Something you need to take into consideration is the way chunks are stored and loaded. If you have a season change, such as its winter, that menas in most biomes, instead of rain, you get snow, any chunk that isn't loaded when "winter" starts will only just start its new season when the surrounding chunks may have started days before. This would create some pretty funky looking looking chunk borders which break would break the illusion of minecraft's vast, expansive world. This is likely the main reason we cant have seasons.

    Lets put that aside, when you ask for seasons, are you after localised seasons, only affecting regions within the world as these would be a little more difficult to implement or a global season system, where the entire world is affected by the same seasonal change? Regardless you face another two issues:

    Local seasons: The minecraft region files would likely require a new format, for those that have been around long enough to experience these, they're not fun for existing worlds and create huge issues when playing worlds across versions.

    Global Seasons: Minecraft worlds are huge, it would seem silly for a season to affect the entire world at once. Granted, weather and the daylight cycle do this to, so this point is somewhat invalid, but the chunk storage/loading is still a very valid argument.

    If you just wanted variation within the biome colourmap and rainfall rates as the seasons change, well, the only argument I can really think against that is WHY WOULD YOU WANT MORE RAIN

    You're a game changer, m8. That's what I'm pointing out all along. Again, I must mention that options would probably be included when they add this. (If they ever do). Everyone keeps pointing out that they want options. I don't want to talk about option anymore. It's doubtful they won't add client side options. By "client side" I mean, that if you played a server, you could set graphics or some other setting to "seasons" or all that. No one who did not have seasons turned on would not be effected. Pretty much, if your computer if beefy, then you have rights to say "Yay!"

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    posted a message on Why Hasn't Mojang Added Seasons??
    Quote from Qoajo»

    That's like asking why there are no guns in Skyrim when Battlefield 1 has them.
    OT: I'd support seasons, as long as they were purely cosmetic. Troll events like extreme weather would get really tiring really fast.

    "Troll events"? Not what I meant.
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    posted a message on Why Hasn't Mojang Added Seasons??

    A game called ROBLOX that you people might know about, has millions of user-created games. Most are pretty bad, but still, there are very high-quality games on this website. Some even have seasons, lag-free, too. So my question is that why so many games take it seemingly simple to have seasons, yet Minecraft does not?

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    posted a message on How would a home schooler get Education Edition?

    Sheesh, that's bad... I'm also a home schooler and that sucks.... 'cause I love the chalkboard and cameras. And what's this "Code Builder" addition?

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    posted a message on Help! My 1.7.10 server is running according to MineOS, but I can't join it!!

    This error code keeps appearing,

    Java.net:ConnectExeption: Connection Refused: no further information:

    I have a bunch of mods, Here:

    Galacticraft-Planets-1.7- (1).jar
    GalacticraftCore-1.7- (1).jar
    Mine-Painter-Mod-1.7.10 (4).jar

    But I suspect the're not the problem.

    I can join my 1.11.2 servers, but it's still just the 1.7.10 one!!The error message

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    posted a message on Why Hasn't Mojang Added Seasons??

    Maybe it could melt packed ice into regular ice, and it turns back into packed ice again in Winter? Or Ice Plains and its variants could be perpetually cold, like the Arctic?

    Yep, that's what I think should happen if seasons are ever added. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Why Hasn't Mojang Added Seasons??
    Quote from Pandolen»

    "could" so you haven't made your mind up about the details of your suggestion. But if Summer did melt certain blocks, then I definitely can't support this idea. Gotta keep in mind that if seasons can build or rebuild blocks according to temperature change, then a lot of structures like those built incorporating ice spikes, for example, will be destroyed.

    I was just saying that it doesn't have to..
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    posted a message on Why Hasn't Mojang Added Seasons??
    Quote from sayhello2talha»

    I think adding seasons being added is a good idea. It wouldn't work for normal world, but for a superflat world, the only weather is rain and thunder which are all the same since the only thing added in thunder is lightning bolt. So how about every 10 Minecraft Days the season changes.

    Spring- Rains, few thunderstorms and the trees start to grow their leaves back again

    Summer- Lot of thundertorms

    Autumn- the leaves of all types of trees turn Orange, Red, Brown, Gold and Yellow

    Winter- Snowfall, only the branches of the trees are left.

    Interesting... Perhaps superflat? A lot of people are talking about melting ice pikes, so, I'll talk about that.
    Ice spikes could melt in "Summer", but would regrow to normal size later in "Winter".

    Also, we don't need four seasons for MC, so perhaps since "Summer" and "Winter" are comparably very different, then we could only implement those two, and no leaves would change much, as people were saying.

    Also, remember back when we had AMPLIFIED worlds? It said next to that "(Only for beefy computers!)" That could change weather or not lag spikes would happen, because, you could recognize your computer to be "beefy", and allow a "Seasons" world type to load by clicking the "World Type" button. OR, you could use the "Custom" world option to modify that. Oh, by the way, sorry if this was drifting subject a bit. Please don't say rude things here.
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    posted a message on Happy Easter!!!! These are my eggs.


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