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    I don't know the full story at all, but I'd agree you should explain to him what he did. I was once banned from a server I liked and I was frustrated that they didn't even say what I had done... turns out somebody had a similar username and they meant to ban them, so i posted a ban appeal and after 3 days they replied.

    But since none of us want this thread to become a huge debate, why don't you move this over to the ban appeal area of the website: http://www.eurekamc.enjin.com/forum/m/10482063/viewforum/2111878
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    posted a message on I will Help you set up a server!
    I will help you set up a server for Minecraft, I will not install bukkit but I can help you with plugins, configs, .yml files, building in the game, protecting areas, etc etc. Please see the FAQ for more Info.


    Will you skype voice chat with me? Sorry, no

    Help me setup a cracked server! Nope.avi

    does it have to be bukkit or can I do vanilla? Either one! Both are great.

    Spout? No

    Mods? No

    Tekkit? No

    Hamachi? yes I will help with both Hamachi and port forwarded

    Whitelisted servers/Private servers? yes

    Can you help me with LAN servers? You can do this yourself by opening a single player game then hitting Esc and clicking "Open To LAN" I dont think you need help with that.

    Will you host the server for me? No

    Can you help me with worldedit or worldguard? Definitely.

    What about Terraria? This is Minecraftforums, Minecraft servers

    Do I have to pay you? Nope

    Are you going to grief me? I despise griefing or stealing of any sort, so no, I promise not to grief you.

    Do I have to op you for you to help me? Yes you will, so I can use ingame commands to actually help you. I won't change anything without you telling me.

    Are you going to eat all my pork? Yes. All of it..... No. :Ham: :Ham: :Ham: :Ham: :Ham:

    How many servers can you help with for one person? 1

    How many servers can you help with in all? Depends how busy I am

    What kind of Permissions Plugin will you do? PermissionsBukkit

    How will I contact you if I need server help but your not online in skype text chat? I'll tell you my email after you PM me and I start helping and I will get back to you if I am not busy.


    Recently added FAQs:

    Can you portforward my server for me?
    Sorry! I am not able to port-forward servers at this time.

    PM me! I will add it to the FAQ and answer your question.

    Info I will Need If You Want My Help:

    If you use a server hosting company tell me the name and website of it. If you use a home hosted server tell me it's specs.

    Why Are you Doing This For Free?

    Because I enjoy helping other soon-to-be server owners work on their server to make it awesome.

    Thank you! :Notch:
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    posted a message on Flashback Launcher
    This is great for un-updating when someone wants to play on their favorite server if it's outdated
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