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    posted a message on ◄◄Dark Island►► [HARDCORE!] [16+] [TEAM PVP] [AETHER/NETHER]
    IGN: Cheezyoyo
    What do you expect from us?: Great PvP warfare, as well as entertaining base building
    What should we expect from you?: I love to mine, and also defend our great underground empire(or rabbit hole)
    What elements of the server would you like changed?: To be quite honest, the server sounds fine as is

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    posted a message on Herocraft = NoBlockLag! [Legit=Runecraft=Townships=PVE=Coin]
    In game name: Cheezyoyo

    Location/Age: Louisia

    Banned before?: No

    Referral: I was looking for fun/interesting servers in the server list, and this one caught my eye

    Why should you be accepted into Herocraft?: I enjoy the thrill of playing minecraft on hard mode, so playing with others should be fun and enjoyable. I also am very sociable, and take orders very well.

    Addn Info: I have been playing games since I was 2. I play COD BO, WoW, Halo, and Minecraft regularly
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