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    I made these characters from space invaders in about 30 minutes. :RedShroom:
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    Hey guys. I have a small Gaming Channel on Youtube and I was wondering if anyone would like to check it out.
    http://www.youtube.com/user/adventuresofchan < Please check out my channel.
    http://www.chanthecat.weebly.com < Please check out my website :Ham: :DORE:
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    Quote from qwertysam

    So, where exactly is Minecon 2013 going to be held? That's a question that I hear floating around the forums a lot, and I hear a lot of arguments over where it should be... Well, where is an ideal location? Here are some factors that we must take into play.

    1.) We had Minecraft 2012 in the United States, and we're having Minecraft 2013 in France, so we should let others have a chance to get a Minecon.

    Since everything's fairly close together in Europe, and since Minecraft originated from Sweeden, I think it's likely we'll have another one there soon, so I think other places should get the opportunity to experience it.

    2.) The highest density of Minecraft users are in (Not including United States or Europe)
    • Canada
    • Eastern Asia
    • Australia
    3.) How difficult it is to travel around the places
    • Canada - Good
    • Eastern Asia - Mediocre
    • Australia - Mediocre (Only because it's good transportation covers such a small land mass.)
    4.) Concentrations. Let's say Mojang chose Canada. They should know where in Canada they should go. I think they should choose a very populated area without being too crowded.
    • Canada - Toronto, Ontario
    • Eastern Asia - Tokyo, Japan
    • Australia - Sydney, New South Wales
    5.) Accessibility to other high density Minecraft user areas.
    • Canada - Toronto is very close to the border of the United States meaning that a lot of people from both Canada and the United States can have a chance to go, and it's still not very far away for people from Japan.
    • Eastern Asia - Japan is fairly far away from North America and Australia, but it's on the other side of the planet from Europe, making it the opposite of ideal since the Minecraft population density isn't very .
    • Australia - Australia is very isolated, making it fairly hard for anyone to go to a Minecon there from North America, but somewhat okay for Japan or Eastern Asia..
    6.) Language. More than 60% of Minecraft users can speak English, making Japan a very unreasonable place to hold a Minecon, for less than 8% of the people who play Minecraft speak Japanese.

    In conclusion, Toronto, Ontario, Canada would be a very ideal location for Minecon 2013 because it is near the United states, allowing at least 2 countries to experience a Minecon, Toronto, Ontario is very dense with the Minecraft population, and Canada has a very organized transportation.

    These seem like the most logical factors and places we should have Minecon 2013 at. If you have any other factors or places that you would wish for me to take into account, please state your location/factor and give a good reason why that location/factor should be taken into account.

    Don't forget to vote for where you think Minecon 2013 should be held above, or give another location/factor to take into account. Thanks! :D

    You mean we had America 2011 and France 2012. :Notch:
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    Quote from xxDEATHEATERxx1


    Yep here they are! Sorry there weren't any earlier- didn't know how to post them :P

    (pumpkins found on a hill! YAY!)See!Nice Cave!Nice exposed coal, if i may say so myself! Interesting landscape...
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    Quote from 65Kuky

    There is a village and an open dungeon in the desert near the spawn, lots of visible lava pools near spawn, a pretty big jungle... Nice find.

    I know it's great! :iapprove:
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    Would you burn in the sun like zombies and skeletons? :iapprove:
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    This texture pack looks awesome! I really like the pumpkin and jack-o-lantern, they look amazing. :D
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    I found a really cool seed when I made a new world, it has lots of caves and exposed coal. The seed is 6118750306052797957. I hope you enjoy the seed!
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    My favourite is the snow biome with the big redwood trees. The strange thing is I usually spawn in snowy plains with barely any trees. :Sheep:
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    Quote from creeper5

    Can anyone please give me some heads up about herobrine?
    Thanks! :SSSS:

    Herobrine is a fake mob who apparently attacks the player. :steve_tearful:
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