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    posted a message on Java Survival (Hard) Realm. Vanilla. No PvP.

    IGN Chandlerjett34

    Age 17

    Country USA

    Years playing MC 3-4

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    posted a message on Vanilla SMP server looking for 18+ players

    IGN Chandlerjett34

    Age 17 but I'm mature and turn 18 soon

    Time zone eastern Pacific

    I can play 1 or more hours a day

    I'm looking for a close knit community that's active

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    posted a message on New fresh realm opening up, with creations shown on youtube!

    Hey I would like to join! Looking for fun close knit community IGN Chandlerjett34

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    posted a message on Valor UHC & SMP Group :: Valor SMP Season 1
    1. IGN:Chandlerjett34
    2. Irl Name (optional): Chandler
    3. Age:17
    4. Where do you live: United States
    5. Do you agree to the rules? yes
    6. Will you record on the server? Idk
    7. How many episodes will you likely make on the server? Idk. Look I don't have a yt channel at all but I honestly want to be apart of a serious Minecraft server where people are active and build nice builds I may not be able to post videos because my laptop isn't good enough to record and play at a watchable fps but I can promise that I will build nice builds and help out in the community as much as possible also I can collaborate with others if they would like and they can post the videos. I know 5he rules state must post at least one video but please give me a chance I will be a good contribution to the server! I also would really enjoy being apart of the uhc's I've never been apart of a well put together one and would love too! Thanks please just consider me guys hope to see you soon on the server!
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    posted a message on Survival Realm looking for active players


    IGN: Chandlerjett34

    Purpose:playing with friends

    Years of experience: 3-4 years

    Activity: pretty active

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    posted a message on Defunct (Old)

    1. Minecraft IGN Chandlerjett34
    2. Age 17

    3. Country & Time Zone USA eastern Pacific

    4. Do you play on any other private Servers? I was on a vanilla survival called noble craft but it just shut down out of no where which sucked I had built and worked a lot on it

    5. Tell us about yourself! Interests, favorite ice cream flavor, darkest secret - anything! Most importantly, explain why we should invite you to CraftiteSMP. I like the outdoors and to hunt and fish and I like sports and playing some PvP games on my ps4 like rainbow 6 and call of duty I also the unturned on pc. The reason u should invite me I would make a good player to have and help out with the community when I can I will also be active as long as others r to play with! Hope to see u soon!

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    posted a message on New Realm, Vanilla - Looking for chill players

    Two friends that would like to join in and play with a friendly survival community!

    IGN Chandlerjett34 age 17

    IGN MattJ_Survivor age 15


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    posted a message on Scouters SMP

    1. You must be 16 years or older. 17

    2. Reply to this thread with why you want to join / why you think you should be accepted. Also, include your IGN. Ign Chandlerjett34 I should be accept bc I will be a good addition to ur server I want to join bc I want to play a 100%vanilla survival server with a close community

    3. If I like your response, you will be added to the discord. Discord is required in order to have server communication. Chandlerjett34 #6334

    4. If you greif or are mean to others on the server, you will be banned. I Agree!

    5. Hacking, obviously, is not allowed and is bannable. I Agree

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    posted a message on Brand new (Vanilla) server looking for active whitelist!(24/7)

    Name: Chandler

    Age: 16

    IGN: Chandlerjett34

    Discord Username(and#): Chandlerjett34 #6334

    Strengths: I like to build and explore

    weaknesses: Redstone

    Other games you play: cs go

    Have you been banned: not that I know of

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    posted a message on ✦ MoonSMP ✦ 𝒩𝑒𝓌 𝒮𝑀𝒫 𝒮𝑒𝓇𝓋𝑒𝓇! ✦ 𝒞𝑜𝓂𝓅𝓁𝑒𝓉𝑒𝓁𝓎 𝒱𝒶𝓃𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒶! ✦ 𝐿𝑜𝑜𝓀𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝓅𝓁𝒶𝓎𝑒𝓇𝓈! ✦

    Ingame Name: Chandlerjett34

    Where are you from?: USA

    What is your favourite aspect of playing on a server with a SMP gameplay?: I like the community and working together to do things

    Tell us something about yourself: I like the outdoors and to play sports

    What is your specialty in minecraft?: building and exploring

    Why should we accept you?: I would be a good addition to your group and will help out when I can!

    What is your discord name Chandlerjett34 #6334

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    posted a message on DayLight SMP is now Recruiting You can Record on here and start a series with me ;)

    IGN Chandlerjett34

    I have discord so if u add me I'll join it and my friend also has discord so I can get 1 or 2 more people to join with me with me if u want but i want a fully vanilla server no cheats!


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    posted a message on Resetting My Minecraft Realm. Looking for new, active players!

    IGN Chandlerjett34 AGE-16

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    posted a message on Noble Craft, A Vanilla SMP Server looking for some Loyal Members 14+

    Hey it's Chandler I'm really sorry for leaving and would like to know if I could join back? I know you might not want me to play but I'm sorry I was afraid the server was going to not be active and die but from what Matt has told me that's the opposite anyway if you guys are ok with it id like to join back and I WONT leave I promise anyway just think about it and let me know!

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    posted a message on Legion is looking for LONG TERM players to join a budding hermitcraft type server

    IGN- Chandlerjett34 age 16 and also I have 2 friends that might also want to play MattJ_Survivor and wrp197!

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    posted a message on {SilverCraft} Vanilla Gameplay Community Server With New World, Bringing “The Good Ole Feel” back to MC -HermitLike-

    In Game Name (IGN): Chandlerjett34[/b]

    Preferred Name: Chandler[/b]

    Discord (Please include your 4 digit number. Ex: ChickenRat#5326):Chandlerjett34 6334[/b]

    Location/Timezone:EST [/b]

    Age:16 [/b]

    How much time can you contribute to the server per week?:5 hours or more I'd say just depends I'm pretty active[/b]

    How can you specifically contribute to the server?:Im a good community member and can help out in anyway I can such as landscape or just doing simple tasks needed [/b]

    What is your favorite thing to do out of Minecraft? I like to hunt and fish and be outdoors [/b]

    Do you watch youtube? If so, who?: Yes I love to watch Ethoslab and Docm77[/b]

    Tell us a bit about you as a person: I'm a friendly nice person and I've never gotten in an argument on any Minecraft server I've been a part of [/b]

    Why do you want to join this community?: It looks well organized unlike almost all servers I've joined to play I'm just looking for a good active vanilla server to play on![/b]

    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?: cave and go on fun adventures [/b]

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