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    Quote from Herky21

    That argument goes both ways, Some think the iPhone is too small and some think the Galaxy is too big. I'm one that thinks the Galaxy is too big. If I need a bigger screen for watching videos or playing games I just use my iPad.
    There are lots of people who feel that an iPhone is priced far to high for the specifications and customization offered. Apple falls in line with many other brands such as Beats, Monster Cables, etc. where people are paying for the brand instead of the device itself. ( In my opinion, many other may feel differently about this ) I personally use a Galaxy S4 and find it hard to go back and use my iPod Touch from several years ago because of how accustom to the tweaking options presented by the Android operating system I have become over the past few months.
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    Quote from Benson9a

    Picture? Speccy? If you don't give us a picture, nobody will believe you.
    I'm almost certain those are not their specs. The maximum memory capacity on the Intel Core i7-4500 is 16GB on two channels, so not only could they not use two 16GB DDR3 SO-DIMMS with the processor I have been unable to find any available for sale at any price point. I have also only been able to find the 770M in 3GB configurations although OEM manufacturers could have changed the amount of GDDR5 memory available.

    The only desktop processors available on Intel's current platforms which can be run together are the Xeon line processors, so unless their "server" is spread across multiple computers which I find highly unlikely that configuration is also not possible to have.
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    Quote from karlzhao314

    Only real use I see for it is if you had a Micro ATX build (which can only have 2 graphics cards at the max) and wanted to cram as much graphics horsepower in as you possibly could.

    However, I'm MUCH more interested in the technical aspects of how they're managing to cool 2 250W GPUs in a single 2-slot package.
    Although there are few pictures available at this point in time it appears that the Titan Z is either 2.5 or 3 slots wide meaning that even with triple slot spacing on a mATX motherboard you would not be able to fit two into most chassis of that form factor without modification to the rear bracket. ( Although if the cooler is over two slots like the picture below appears to be with only ventilation on said third slot I would not be surprised to see after market brackets from a company like EVGA )


    The only real point for the Titan Z I personally see ( Besides professional work with multiple Titan Zs in the same computer using riser cards for double the CUDA cores when compared to the standard Titan Black edition or 780 Ti) ( Although even this seems unreasonable ) would be for a mITX computer where the user does not have the option to use dual video cards in a case such as the NCase M1 which allows for triple slot video cards.
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    Do you have a purpose for this rocket other than to release these stars?
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    posted a message on 1080p or 1440p?

    I personally am waiting to get some 6ms 1440p monitors that I can tilt like this:

    The adjustment of the monitors in that image is called pivot and there are lots of 1440p monitors which come with that adjustment built into the stock stand such as the Asus I have linked below although for other monitors which use a standard VESA mount you can purchase after market stands to add this functionality.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236294&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-_-pla-_-LCD / LED Monitors-_-N82E16824236294&ef_id=UxUz8QAAAIyTZErD:20140304020121:s
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    Heat naturally rises as warmer materials expand and are therefore less dense then cooler materials, in this case that would be cooler air, so in theory this could lower your temperatures slightly ( Although this difference may not be noticeable ). Your best bet however would be to check the interior clearance between the top of the chassis and the motherboard to see if you could mount a fan at the top of your case that lines up with the hole(s) you drill to exhaust the air more quickly.
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    Quote from JonathanGaming

    I am building a pc and I found a really cool msi motherboard that is socket type 1333 so I need a compatible cpu for it. My budget is about $300-$400 so I can only pay around $100 for the cpu, PLEASE HELP ME FIND A 1333 INTEL CPU!
    What motherboard is this? I have been unable to find any information on the socket 1333 you are referring to, are you sure you are not confusing one of the speeds of DDR3 memory the motherboard supports with the socket type?
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    ...what in the world is PC Part Picker?

    ...put it into PCPartPicker...?

    So do you or do you not know what PcPartPicker.com is?

    Quote from karlzhao314

    Memory clock speeds make no noticeable difference in performance
    Memory clocks speeds and/or CAS latencies can make a difference in editing and rendering programs as well as benchmarks but those are fairly out of the norm situations to find someone in on these forums who would notice enough of a difference to justify the price of the higher speed RAM ( Not necessarily DDR3-3200 though ), and DDR3-3200 certainly gives a very poor return on investment.
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    what in the world is PC Part Picker?
    You just posted the build in the exact same format as the list which would have been presented in PCPartPicker.com, down to the websites and listed prices as well.

    If you want remove that AMD with a 4.1 GHZ 4 core AMD A10-6800K @ $139.99
    In a computer with a budget of $5500 you could easily fit in an Intel Core i7-4930K or another very high end CPU, it is pointless to pair an A10 with a Quadro for multiple reasons.

    An A10 is typically purchased for it's decent integrated graphics. The CPU performance is alright but you can do much better for this budget.

    A Quadro 6000 is a professionally aimed GPU designed for a highly stressful environment with tasks such as 3D rendering, it will be less then ideal for a gaming computer.
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    Quote from darkcraftersssss

    I also like the look of the hadron, but I want to go as small as possible.
    You may want to take a look at the NCase M1, although there are no guarantees at this point in time it is possible that a second production run will happen. ( This is being evaluated after February 2014, so in as soon as 8 days )

    The EVGA Hadron Air has a cubic volume of 15.9L whereas the M1 has a volume of 12.6L Both support mITX motherboards with the Hadron using a server sized power supply and the M1 having support for both ATX and SFX power supplies although it should be noted that graphics cards longer than 20cm will be blocked from being installed with an ATX power supply. The Hadron has support for up to 2 3.5" or 2.5" drives natively ( You could fit up to 4 2.5" drives with two single 3.5" to dual 2.5" drive bay adapters ) as well as a slim slot-loading optical drive. The M1 has a bit of an odd layout when it comes to drive mounting, you can install 3.5" and 2.5" drives into the chassis although in most spots you will need to make the choice between storage or fans.

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    Quote from Tyreathian

    And I also read this comparing the 4570 vs the 8320.

    What website did you get that off?
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    Quote from rkpkid1997

    The S4 meets all of your requirements (except the popular company one),
    It also is most likely over what the OP would like to spend as they requested a "cheap" phone.
    has a large display,
    This can also be a disadvantage, some people prefer a smaller display and a smaller device in general.
    and is great with taking pictures.
    The camera has a very noticeable delay in between when you press the shudder and when the picture is taken meaning that you can often loose the shot you were attempting to get. The camera is also less then ideal when it comes to low light situations if the flash is not used.
    About the price though: I don't know if they still do this offer, but AT&T takes $100 off the price of the S4 if you trade in your old smartphone.
    What if they do not have a phone to trade in to receive the price deduction? Also, the Galaxy S4 is very expensive for a phone.
    If you can get over the fact that it is Samsung, you should look at the specs on it more closely, and decide for yourself.
    Specs aren't everything when it comes to a phone.
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    posted a message on how to start the perfect survival
    Quote from Cupcake_Pickaxe

    Not even when there are 20 zombie kids with helmets on their heads, running after you in bright, sunny, supposed to safe daylight
    If by "zombie kids" you mean baby zombies they would not need to be wearing helmets to be safe to daylight as they are naturally immune. ( At least in the current versions of the game in which they have been implemented )
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    Quote from SpartanBlockhead

    To the people saying that it'll be overpriced because it's Razer: I'm sure any company who comes out with something like this will be overpriced.
    Of course, any company who makes a product such as this needs to be able to profit on top of manufacturing costs, research and development for the proprietary connectors as well as the mineral cooling, labor costs, etc. and would have a hefty price tag over building it yourself or even a custom configured pre-built from a boutique at least for the first few months of selling the product, however knowing the "prestige factor" that tends to come with products from brands ( As well as sub-brands marketed towards a specific market share such as Asus's ROG line ) such as Razer, Apple, Alienware, Beats, etc. the price will most likely be that little bit more because of the name and there are plenty of people who are willing to pay for it even if there was an identical, less expensive version save for the brand and the logo on the side of the chassis.
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    The spoiler contains a fair amount of text, but to sum it up I'm actually glad Razer showed this concept off and am looking forward to the eventual of either this or something similar ( I am much, much more looking to the snowball effect this will have on other brands if it is released, because goodness knows how expensive this version will be ) because of the potential I personally see in a product like this if it could be brought mainstream at an affordable price.

    Why am I looking forward to this? Even though I am sure we will be shocked ( Not in a good way ) at the price of this and the upgrades for it so long as that logo is on the side of if and I personally am not a fan of the LEDs I am looking forward to this because in my mind this will be a game changing concept for console gamers to switch over to the PC gaming side of the competition if there are less expensive implementations made.

    The reason I say this is because -

    1. This product is not targeted at me or the market share which most people who are on these forums fall under, which is building your computer, it's targeted at people who are not comfortable building their computer and would prefer to buy a pre-built version which is however powerful.


    2. Not everyone is comfortable building there own computer and does not want to buy one from a company such as Maingear, CyberPowerPC, IBuyPower, etc. because they do not feel comftorable upgrading it for whatever reason to play newer games so instead they buy a console for gaming and a mainstream computer at their local store from a brand like Dell or HP which they can use for things like web browsing, schoolwork, etc. With what appears to be a very easy to upgrade design with just a few connection pins to align this concept ( In my opinion, there are certainly people who would find upgrading even this kind of a computer somewhat challenging ) would draw console games into at least looking at PC gaming and seeing just how easy it is to upgrade this ( Or something similar ) to keep up with the latest games, move to a multi-monitor configuration, add additional storage for their movies, games, music, pictures, etc. such that they may see a better alternative, wether that is to be able to have their gaming device and general computer in one, play online with their friends who already, if they want to have all of their games be transferable if they upgrade to a new computer, etc.

    The components which are being demonstrated now will most likely be far out of date for the price this will most likely be sold at, so Razer will have a challenge on their hands to OEM components which are compatible and can be mass produced before they fall behind others who decide to take a chance on this fairly niche market share. Although I do see potential if less expensive versions are released either from Razer or other companies for this concept to bridge the gap between custom computers ( Easily upgradable ( Depends on who you ask, not everyone feels this way ), you select how you want it, large parts selection, etc. ) and pre-builts ( Central company with entire warranty, etc. ) as well as the between PC gaming and consoles similarly to what happened with the H220 ( Until is was taken out of the US for a patent infringement ) and CLC watercooling market.
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