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    posted a message on SignatureCraft.us - The Ultimate Signature Generator (With Dynamic avatars and Server statuses!)
    The site is too slow is hard to load it and most of the times the page doesn't load
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    posted a message on No mods for 1.8?
    And Liteloader?
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    posted a message on Presence Footsteps - An overly complicated sound enhancement mod
    Awesome! i Hope u can combine this with a MatMOS 1.7.2-10 update,

    I appreciate ur work! :D i love this kind of Mods
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    posted a message on Macro / Keybind Mod
    Hey Mumfrey, can i get some help?

    Im trying on making an auto afk answerer when pressing abutton.



    ECHO("/home lmao");


    ENDIF;}$$ -This is in the same macro as the one below, this is what allows me to be running the script below so i don't need to put it in a chat filter or onChat (for while im killing mobs with another macro at the same time)

    $${IFMATCHES(%CHATCLEAN%,-> me]);


    ECHO("Sorry but this is cn4va's automatic response. Cn4va seems to be AFK atm. Please msg me later.");


    I have tried a lot with the IFMATCHES command, but nothing seems to really answer the private messages that i receive. Any solutions to this?
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    posted a message on Macro / Keybind mod scripts!
    @Jacob0308200 Is this what you wanted?

    You have to place the clayblock in the slot 1 and the shovel in the slot 2

    $${if(claybreak);log("&2[Macro] &fExtreme Claybreak Stopped");unset(claybreak);stop();else;log("&2[Macro] &fExtreme Claybreak Started");wait(300ms);log("Thanks for using the extreme Claybreak Macro! Credits:CesarD11");set(claybreak);do;slot(1);wait(200ms);key(use);wait(200ms);slot(2);wait(200ms);key(attack);loop;endif;}$$

    Is at turbo so it will be ultra fast :D

    It only works with eff 4 or 5 shovel :D
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