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    The mob arena is so cool! And the Towny mod is really fun too.
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    Sweet, i'll check it out!
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    I hate Lydia from Skyrim
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    Hey Guys.

    I just an idea about Mirrors and how they could be added to Minecraft. I was thinking they could be crafted by placing 3 iron blocks behind 3 glass blocks to make 8 mirror blocks.
    I reckon they could be used like vines in the sense that they could be placed attached to blocks, obviously reflecting things. Also I think it would be a cool way to combat the Endermen: If one was around you could place a mirror/s next to it and if it looked into the mirror it would freeze just as if you put your crosshairs on it.

    I reckon it would be a small but cool addition to the game that could bring about new puzzles in adventure maps and make homes look better.

    Please let me know what you think! :biggrin.gif:
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