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    Hey yall Playing HERMITCRAFT PS4 edition

    Need builders and decent farmers. Building a community based hermitcraft world. Looking for people that like to build and make shops to trade. Already have two shops open! Have a villager trading depot with about 25 villagers and an iron golem farm attached to it, cuz why not. sorry but we are 100% immature adults so kids arent allowed, sorry. 18+ please.

    The world has been open for two weeks, we have an industrial district and a store district. Working towards a gaming district atm.

    server is open 24/7 with daily uploads at or around 530 est

    Leave experience and psn down below plus:

    mic required on day one

    also we respect each other even tho we make fun of each other so no dumb stuff

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    Hey had you as afriend i think but you stopped playing minecraft, i got a server been up for about 2 1/2 weeks, still building and got 3 other mature players that come on regularly. I'll send you a friend request cuz i dont like recievong requests from the ample amounts of people utilizing this forum.

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    community survival no griefing lets build something awesome mature adults only mic optional lets build

    add youonlivonce69

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    This has happened to me twice now in two different worlds, I'm fed up my friends are fed up, thank you once again sony for screwing up an easy made game. Why can't ps4 get it right? Bf4 sucks, minecraft is garbage, destiny you have to be online to play and also pay an additional charge to be online. Funny thing is there is always one friend in minecraft with all of his stuff and the ender chest is never emptied, minecraft you can shove it. This used to be a relaxing game for the family now I just want to burn it
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