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    posted a message on Add Some Danger [Mob Fixes & Herobrine]
    I yearn for new dangers throughout my Minecraft hunt!

    The current AI for aggressive mobs (wolves count when provoked) is lacking. Each biome deserves its own aggressive mob with a perfected AI where they can fufill their task properly. The Creeper is an icon...literally and metaphorically :SSSS: , however, survival and hardcore modes are beginning to loose their luster.

    Grass (Regular) Biome:
    Creeper :SSSS:
    Skeleton :Skeleton:
    Zombie :Zombie:
    Wolf (Untamed)
    Spider :Spider:

    ^ The Grass monsters deserve better AI and need to become MORE of a threat.

    Snow Biome:
    Grass Biome monsters
    Snow Golems [passive-aggressive] (Weapon- Snowballs) (Attacks when provoked)

    ^ The Grass Biome monsters already spawn in every biome.

    Desert Biome:
    Grass Biome monsters [except for regular spider]
    Desert Spider [identical to cave spiders, but light brown] (bites? hits?)

    Jungle Biome:
    Grass Biome monsters
    Ocelots [passive-aggressive] (Tamed on occasion)
    Jungle Spider [larger than reg. Spider and reddish-brown]

    Mushroom Biome:
    Grass Biome monsters
    Mooshrooms [aggressive only...they already appear evil...]

    Herobrine is a potential enemy that should be added. However, due to the "gossip," the drama, and the refusal of Notch, Herobrine should be an option or should be its own mode of difficulty. The mods for Herobrine in Beta 1.8 were entertaining and spine-tingling! Why they continue to "remove Herobrine" from the game is beyond me. Maybe to assure people that it was only a rumour? I've only "interacted" with him in a mod and I can say the feelings were...mutual. :lol:


    Think about hardcore mode! Hopping from tree to tree in the jungle with your bow as ocelots scent you from below, preying and waiting? Climbing over hill over sandy hill as the group of spiders crawl to claim you as their prize? With the perfected AI implemented, not only will the mobs fufill their purpose, but will make gameplay more thrilling and entertaining to build within! Creepers can avoid lava, however, I have wolves that can't even jump or attack properly. I know people get upset when they lose their battle with the creeper, but if you're passionate when it comes to surivial and hardcore, you'll enjoy this!

    And what about Herobrine? Make the Herobrine feature an OPTION. Whoever started that idea was pretty creative and the mod was phenominal, only with a few bugs that I could remember. Danger should lurk. Not around every corner, but at least be present at some points. Minecraft deserves to be fair as well as attractive to its "hardcore" players. Vote this up if you want to add more of a thrill!
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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    Phenominal! Your plan is simply gorgeous! With the new lighting, the glass would be in lovely colours. They need to try to unbore Minecraft and make it appear customizable and interesting. Now if players want to build a church, there can be stain glass! Your diagram makes perfect sense too, which gets your foot in the door! Vote Colored Glass up!
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    posted a message on Less Annoying / More Useful Pets
    With the observations I've made, its as if their AI was perfectly designed to attract pets to lava, fire, and cliffs. Its annoying after a while, watching countless pups and kittens innocently die because they're "stupid." Plus, tamed wolves should have saddles in which they can hold items. Pets that attack should attack, not bite one time and decide that they're going to walk away to see what's going on in the nearest body of water. Its 1.0, c'mon! :angry:
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    I like this suggestion, but that can go both ways. In creative mode, you can make your own waterfall within a few minutes. On the same note, on SOME occasions, you may see some random water pouring out of a cliff if the world spawns that way. However, I can see that having legit waterfalls would be beautiful, especially in the jungle biome. It would be easier to just have them implented into the game rather than build it yourself. Not a bad suggestion, I do hope more players see this and question the additions so far. :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Bring Back Beaches!
    I'm telling you beaches added some character to those biomes! 1.8 and prior did introduce some "realistic" aspects and, with the partnership of Bukkit, I think they could successfully reimplement them into the game. Honestly, it couldn't hurt, because look at how many players responded to this! Excellent idea and I hope they're smart enough to readd and perfect this! Keep this post alive! :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Ocean Content [8 Ideas!]
    The ocean does need some "cleaning" up. I think your ideas are pretty clever and these would be bold additions to the game. However, remember the game's structure: simplicity. Minecraft has come a long way with advances, but some parts of the game are lacking, such as the ocean. My favorite is the variety of fishes and where you could actually see them. Also, if they included a coral reef, the ocean would be beautiful.

    Props~ <3
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