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    posted a message on ✦ The World of Apollo Network ✦ || 1.16+ || Semi-Vanilla Survival || Whitelist || Greylist || Datapacks || Mature 18+ ||

    Name: Cast
    In-Game Name: MamaDragoness
    Discord Name: Mama Dragoness#5579
    Age: 27
    Country: USA
    Favorite Aspects of Online Play: Farming, exploring, building and mining, simple basic pleasures.
    Least Favorite Aspects of Online Play: Redstone, don't understand it.
    A bit more about yourself: 27yr old Graphic designer full time and digital artist part time. Enjoy Nintendo and PC games. I read books all the time and I have 8+ pet rats.
    Referral by Apollo Player (if applicable): Steph - via forum message.

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    posted a message on Eureka: A small, Vanilla, 16+, Community-Based MC Server

    1. MamaDragoness
    2. 27yrs
    3. I enjoy playing with more mature individuals who don't spam, grief, or harass others. I like peaceful vanilla servers where I can enjoy the community and it seems like this one might be one.

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    posted a message on | Wano Craft | Vanilla | SMP | 1.16.4 | HermitCraft Like | Whitelisted | Season 01 |

    IGN: MamaDragoness

    Country: USA

    Age: 27

    Discord: Mama Dragoness#5579

    What are you good at in Minecraft: I build farms, shops, and enchanting.

    Why you would like to join: Looking for a new server now that my old one died.

    How long have you been playing: Since before rain was added years ago.

    What Style you build in: I build in woody rustic to modern sleek.

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    posted a message on Zitriex SMP | 18+ | 1.16.4| Vanilla | DynMap | Whitelist | Discord | Searching for active players! | Community Focused |

    IGN/Username: MamaDragoness

    What should we call you?: Mama, Dragoness, MamaDragoness

    Age: 27

    Country + Timezone: USA, PST

    Tell us a bit about yourself: Just a graphic designer and artist by job and who loves relaxing while playing games. I joined Minecraft back before rain was added, and have played on and off for years now. I also really love dragons.

    How active will you be?: Roughly 2-3 hours during the week and many more hours on Sundays. Saturdays are a hard no for me.

    Full Discord userID: Mama Dragoness#5579

    What do you think you can bring to the server? I love building at spawn and helping other get materials they need if I am not busy.

    Any other questions or comments?: Nope.

    Show us some of your past builds or contraptions (images/videos) (Optional): I never really screenshot anything, but I've built a beautiful fountain shop.

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    posted a message on 💕Vivacity Survival 1.16.5💕 | LGBT+| Toxic Free | Claim-Survival | Quests | Dungeons | Jobs | 7+ yrs old
    1. Minecraft Game Name: MamaDragoness
    2. You have read the rules: I have read the rules.
    3. Suggestions on how we could improve/change the server: Nothing yet!
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    posted a message on 🚀 Elevate Season 3 🚀 | 1.16.3 | Vanilla+ SMP | Mature Community | Whitelist | Discord | Shopping District & Minigames 🎯
    • Username: MamaDragoness
    • Age: 27
    • What part of the world are you from: USA
    • Tell us about yourself: How active will you be?: Anywhere from 2 hours a day 5 times a week to 3 hours a day 5 times a week.
    • Have you been banned from a server before (and if so why)?: Nope
    • What are you looking for in your Minecraft experience and what can we do to fulfill that?: Fun mature community.
    • What makes your application unique and what will you bring to the server (don't stress)?: Not much, I'm just a person who likes to mine, farm and build little villages.
    • Examples of previous builds are much appreciated and go a long way with our Staff:
    • https://imgur.com/087Nrsz
    • Where did you find us?: Minecraft Forums
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    posted a message on StanSMP | 1.16.4 Vanilla w/ Coreprotect, Dynmap, DiscordSRV, and one player sleep | Growing, mature community
    Preferred name:
    Mama Dragoness

    Age (aren't too strict about this, but we are building a mature community):

    Discord tag:

    Minecraft username:

    Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your favorite building style? Why do you like SMP servers?
    Just a graphic designer (full time) who loves playing games, reading, drawing and taking care of my pets. I love building in rustic designs that hide something more extravagant. Because they offer a more traditional approach to Minecraft. Going back to the roots.
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    posted a message on StoneCraft [vanilla]{1.16.1}{SMP}{Whitelist}{21+}{Shopping District}{Java}


    Age: 27

    Minecraft name: MamaDragoness

    Discord name: Mama Dragoness#5579

    Why you want to join: Looking for a mature community to grow, build and have fun together.

    Pictures of your best builds (not required):

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    posted a message on [18+] [Vanilla] [1.16] FireBrand - A whitelisted snapshot survival server

    Name/IGN: MamaDragoness
    Age: 27
    Discord Tag: Mama Dragoness#5579
    Number of years playing Minecraft: Since before weather, not sure how long it has been?
    Big goals for this server: Help contribute to spawn!
    What's your biggest strength in Minecraft: Building, farming, mining?
    What's your biggest weakness in Minecraft: Redstone
    Anything else you'd like to share: Nope

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    posted a message on 🐟FishCraft🐟 Vanilla SMP 21+ [Whitelist] 1.16.4 - Dynmap - Datapacks

    1. Age[/b]: 27
    2. Minecraft Username[/b]: MamaDragoness

    3. Discord username[/b]: Mama Dragoness#5579

    4. Country/Timezone[/b]: PST
    5. Why are you interested in joining this server?[/b]: Looking for a mature group of individuals who enjoy vanilla Minecraft.

    6. What other games do you play?[/b]: Mostly Nintendo games, Splatoon 2, ACNH, Stardew Valley, and PC game Transformice.

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    posted a message on Ethereal Craft Modded Survival Server

    Application -IGN: MamaDragoness

    -AGE: 26

    -Where are you from: USA

    -How much will you be playing on the server?: 2-4 hours a day except Saturday and Fridays

    -Do you agree with the rules?: Yes 100%

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    posted a message on ~MooCraft~ Hosted | Small | Hermitlike | Actively Updated | 18+

    Name: Mama or Dragoness
    Age: 26
    Gender (Optional): Female
    In Game Name: MamaDragoness

    Time Zone (Optional): PST
    Minecraft Experience (#Years/Start Date): Not sure, but I joined back when weather wasn't even implemented yet. Back when to get an account was $8 or less.
    A sentence about your Minecraft playstyle (builder/explorer/etc): I love first exploring new areas, followed by setting up bases and start creating either large farms/mining scene or an extravagant houses!

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    posted a message on ~DIP Craft~ Vanilla Plus Server (Mostly Vanilla plus a little more fun!) {1.14.4} Whitelisted / Prefer 18+ [ 2 Week old world ]
    Age: 26
    Time zone: PST
    Username: MamaDragoness
    Discord username(zzzz#4444): Dragoness#5579
    How often do you play?: I try to play anywhere between 3-5times a week. I'm MOST active on Sundays.
    What is your favorite thing to do in minecraft?: I don't really have one favorite thing, however I enjoy mining, farming, and community building.
    More about your play history/experience: I've been playing since before weather came around. I don't remember when exactly, it was my old account that I got locked out of (someone hacked my email and account). But I've loved seeing the improvement!
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    posted a message on SMP Legends - WHITELISTED - 1.14.4 Vanilla

    Name you want to go by:

    Age: 26

    Minecraft IGN: MamaDragoness

    Discord Name (IE Username#1234) Dragoness#5579

    Are you willing to speak in voice? Yup!

    Why do you do in Minecraft? (Building, Redstone, Map making, etc.) I love building auto farms that can be used by the community as well as mining and exploring.

    What are some cool things you built in Minecraft? (Link screenshots) Recently it was an automatic rotating lighthouse! I wish I had a good picture but I only have one at the moment.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/buqs3cf1fn1lp5v/2019-08-18_19.31.25 copy.png?dl=0

    Tell us about you? (Hobbies, Activities, etc. | Feel free to answer this in DMs): I love creating digital art, been doing it for years. I also work as a graphic designer too lol. Well I enjoy playing Smash Ultimate and Splatoon 2 most of the time during the week, I also work and do DDR almost every day. I also ready a lot of books, currently over 100 books on my Kindle and growing.

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    posted a message on [16+] Whitelist SMP - The Sacred River of Avalon

    Username: MamaDragoness

    Age: 26

    Discord: Dragoness#5579

    Are you willing to speak in voice? Sure, I don't mind chatting.

    Why do you play Minecraft? (Building, Farms, whatever): I love building farms and other stuff. My recent build was an automatic rotating lighthouse. Would definitely do again in the future. I am currently looking to do an automatic sheep farm and other farms as well.

    Do you have any hobbies? (Feel free to answer this in DMs) Yeah, I work as a graphic designer and I love it. My hobbies though besides that are that I make digital art as well and take commissions. I play Splatoon 2 and Smash Ultimate with my boyfriend. I also enjoy swimming and reading books...I currently have over 100 books on my kindle lol..the list is still growing hah.

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