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    IP: PrimeMC.us / play.PrimeMC.us

    PrimeMC is a Minecraft Gaming Network, with many gametypes. All of the types are very simplistic and they are easy to play. The network consists of Creative, FFA, 1V1, Prison, and Free OP Soon, run by me. Our server has amazing builds and a great community. The Main Owner is MVLapps, and I am going to be the owner of the Free OP Server.


    Not just your average prison server... Start with efficiency 3 diamond pick and work your way down from
    O to Free! Not too hard to rank, not too easy to rank, it is just right!


    Not just an average creative server, you get a plot, worldedit, and then the magic happens. You can build anything you want, and be creative and let your imagination decorate your huge plot.


    Not just an average FFA server, we have a custom plugin coded by one of our devs, JavaPortals, and the amazing map by ArcherAz, apingas, and MVLapps. There is a points system with a store that has many items for few coins!


    Again, not just your average 1v1 server. With our 6 custom maps, you can choose your favorite to play on, and we have a points system for this too! Can you make it to the top?

    Free OP

    Now you are probably thinking, Free OP? No way. Well, this is not a lie. We give you op then negate some permissions from you just for the perfect experience! Griefing is allowed so beware. Donate for these ranks: VIP, which gets worldedit, and FullOP, which is... well, full OP.
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    I know a guy named MVLapps, you can see his sick builds on imclobby.mcpro.co- tell him carker sent you to look at his builds
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    We are going to have unique SG Maps, and in the arcade we will have a custom version of spleef I am currently making, I am going to get permission to use a parkour map- just a small one- and you will spleef on it while you parkour. Either you are last one left or you finish the parkour to win. Sorry that I didn't use too much detail, it was 1:30 A.M. and I was getting tired
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    Hello, I am Carker2 With the ZilephMC Network. It is a fun, SurvivalGames, 1v1, Spleef, anything you can think of, server. I am currently working with my friend EveningMC to create the best plugins for our server. Our hub server is basicly only custom plugins, we use zPermissions, zChat, Vault, and Worldedit for non-custom plugins. Our Custom Plugins are zHub and zSpawn. The (most likely) 4 server network will never disappoint, and I hope a host considers to accept my network. These are the servers I would like to have to start out:

    Bungee Proxy - 256mb RAM to 512mb RAM - Cost I would like: Free (No Paypal and No Credit Card D: )

    Hub Server - 1gb RAM to 2gb RAM - Cost I would like: Free (No Paypal and No Credit Card D: )

    SG1 - 1gb RAM - Cost I would like: Free (No Paypal and No Credit Card D: )

    (MAYBE) Arcade - 1gb RAM - Cost I would like: Free (No Paypal and No Credit Card D: )


    Hub: About a 1/2 custom server with a spawn that is pretty good.

    SG1: We will be using SurvivalGamesX until we can create our own SG Plugin. The server is going to start with the average maps like Breeze Island, Avaricia, and SG4.

    Arcade: A bunch of minigames in one server. There will be one I am coding called Splarkour - A mix of spleef and parkour. Get to the end to win or be the last one standing to win. Multiple games will be run on the arcade as once.

    I do not have a famous youtube, or am famous in anyway, but I co-own a server that is shutting down and I can get all the players to join. A few people said they will donate when it goes up.

    With most hosts (Like MCPH), It would only cost less than 30$-40$ a month to keep my network up, and the hosting company would get 100% of all donations- and I do not need the servers now- the server will not be complete until an estimated time of June 22. I hope you consider me for sponsored hosting.

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    Hello, My name is Carker2 and I would love to have a Minecraft server. Here is some info about what I would like and just about me.

    Your age:14
    Name of proposed server: CarkRealm
    How much RAM you want: 1 GB of Ram
    How many player slots: 15
    Describe your server idea: I love raiding in Minecraft so I would make a raiding server. But in the server there would be 3 Worlds. A Minigame world, Survival World, and Raiding world. In the Minigame world there would be Survival Games, Bow Spleef, Spleef, and just some parkour.
    Why you want this server: I would like to communicate with my subscribers on YouTube by making a server. I would also like to make a place where people can make friends.
    On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want the server?: I would say an 8. I could host Hamachi if I didn't get a host so that's why it is down to an 8.
    Proposed Plugins: Spleef, Survival Games, Bow Spleef, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, GroupManager, Worldedit, Factions, Multiverse Core, and WorldGuard
    Donation Plan:There will be 3 types of donations. Permission Donation where you can get things such as worldedit and setwarps. Ranks, which are bundles of permissions+prefix, and InGame Money Purchase for Eco.I would give 60% of donations to the Host.
    Do you already have a community? If so, how many active players? If not, how will you be getting players?: I have a small community of about 15 players that will be active, they
    What makes your server special? Why should I join your server instead of that other server?:
    Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server?: I cant pay because I don't have a credit card. My mom says I shouldn't waste my money, and I'm not allowed to link my bank account to my Paypal. Only prepaid cards.
    What is your preferred method of contact? Skype? PM?: I prefer Skype Msging because my Turtle Beach broke and I do not have Mic.
    What you will do for the company in return: I will give you AT LEAST 60% of the donation money. I feel like if I keep all the money People will think I am greedy. And will dislike me (I'm not greedy.)
    Thank You for Reading and I hope that I get chosen. If not, I still appreciate you reading this.
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    1. IGN (Username): Carker2
    2. Age:
    3. Skype (if you don't have Skype I need a way to contact you): I dont have skype but I'm Carker2 on enjin and [email protected] email.
    4. Do you record? (I don't): Yeah, but only times when my computer is running fast
    5. How often do you play Minecraft?: 4-6 hrs every day.
    6. Have you ever been in trouble on other servers?: Nope, I'm a nice guy :)
    7. Location ( it's ok if you don't want to reveal it): U.S.A

    I am an Admin and Owner of a minecraft server so I might only be on about 1 hr. every day.

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    Okay, Ill try
    Im Carker2
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